Dancer Audition Gone Wrong – Hypnosis Las Vegas

: Hey this is Marc Savard.
I posted on our Facebook and our Twitter that last night’s show we had a new assistant that
came in and we’re trying out some new ones because we’re hiring a couple of new girls
and we still got a few more that we got to try out. This particular girl, Liza, walked
on stage and maybe the depth perception wasn’t quite on and got hit by the watch. You guys
wanted to see the video, here it is.: Ladies and gentleman, please welcome the star of mesmerize, Marc Savard.
: Alright, how’s everybody doing?

4 thoughts on “Dancer Audition Gone Wrong – Hypnosis Las Vegas

  1. It wasn't quite the crash I thought it would be. I'm glad she's ok. She recovered quickly too. You might consider giving her another shot.

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