100 thoughts on “Dance Moms: The Group Has ANXIETY over Facing the ALDC (Season 7 Flashback) | Lifetime

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  2. Turns out the yellow hoodie shirt Kendall wears in the starting is the same one I have… no one cares ok moving on

  3. Shepherd's Chapel Network !!!!!!! Pastor Murray is an Anointed Servant of GOD who teaches the Word of GOD with Authority!!!!!!!

  4. hi, everyone, I cant have a youtube channel but I wanna do a did you notice video 1. did you notice that Kalani wore the same costume for her solo swan solstice and also the group dance frost? 2.did you notice one of the candy apple dancer fell while doing her side aerial in the group dance at nationals in season 2 in the group dance the storm?

  5. The reason she has anxiety is because she’s being pressured to keep going in a sport she’s no longer passionate about but because it’s something she’s been doing for so long she can’t get out of it which is why she fails to show expression in her performances . This happens when you’re doing something for others and not yourself.

  6. This should have been a Kalani solo. The minute real life interfered with the "story arc," they should have rethought everything and hired a different choreographer who teaches something else besides how to strip for your man.

  7. They are only kids trying to succeed in the future . Give them a break of their reality of getting yelled at that’s all they’ll remember when they’re older . It’s not a good thing even for a porpoise of a show .

  8. I know exactly how Kendall feels. I have never been diagnosed with anxiety but I feel anxious like Kendall and can relate. I hate how it's so clear how stressed she is but her mom said she looks like she has an attitude.

  9. Wait so I’d didn’t watch the episodes before this and can someone explain wtfs going on like why are they vs ing there own studio or did Abby leave to another studio like waaaaa

  10. It’s so annoying how Jill is always like “oh let Kendall have a solo, LET HER!!” Repeatedly but when she does she pulls it

  11. Tbh I used to think that Kendall was a brat and was mean but now I honestly think that Kendall just has bad anxiety and is actually very nice and just does not handle pressure very well

  12. “Abby would never let us do a dance like this”

    Abby: electricity

    Btw this is no hate against Kendall and know that I love and support all the members of the Irreplaceables.

    I also know Kendall wasn’t there for electricity.

  13. These dance teachers are disgusting. All of them. These poor kids need their emotions validated not to be in constant fear of Abby. Went from one choreographer ruling with fear right to another.

  14. Kendall’s slowly becoming one of my favourite because she knows what’s right and is responsible

    But her mother is another story 😅

  15. See here’s my opinion
    Abby was of course really mean to them and didn’t always treat everyone right.But I hate the other choreographers that came in the show in s7
    Cause when Abby was mean everyone knew what was coming and she had her way of being mean but when the other choreographers would “critique” the girls it always seemed (to me) so harsh. And I always felt like they were being kinda “rude”. And when Abby and the other moms got into fights it was regular and they all were mad at each other but when the other choreographers argued with the moms nothing ever got nearly as heated at it was almost like they just put them on this pedestal but they gave them very strange and kind of “unique” (let’s go with that) choreography and helped them very very little with their careers whereas abby made all these girls who were from Pittsburgh and little dancers into huge household names, girls who are insanely successful
    And only the Lukasiaks and Frazier’s can give them any ounce of credit? And they still barely do. 😔

  16. I have bad anxiety and I can never get over it (usually) unless I tell my mam because she faces anxiety aswell, it always makes me feel better and I feel so sorry for Kendall as she has no one to go to when she has anxiety and it’s the worst thing ever

  17. Kendell: i dont want to do my solo
    Jil: umm get in there and lern it
    Kendell: but i dont ok
    Jill: ok give that solo to me i will do it my little kendell is better than that though

  18. I think Jill pushes Kendall a little to hard sometimes if Kendall doesn’t think it’s right to do a solo then she shouldn’t do it, it’s her choice not her mother’s

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