6 thoughts on “Daily Catholic Mass – 2020-01-11 – Fr. Joseph Aytona

  1. AMEN. AMEN. Thank you so, so much for a beautiful and truthful Homily. God bless you, and protect you Father Joseph Aytona. I truly loved and appreciate when a Priest says the raw truth. We must profess and confess the truth. Sending my respects and apreciation from DC.

  2. Father gave a much better homily today than yesterday.

    Now he and others in the Church need to tell us how to get rid of men who have abused their authority. Not just abusing Children but also those who teach falsely by either words or actions. We need to encourage and pray that the Fathers of Mercy will take this task on and remove these wicked men from the priesthood whether they be fellow priests or bishops. Only than can we renew the Church and true healing can begin.

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