Ok “slow it down Joey, use your words” Ok…Ok let’s find out what’s inside Ah! Good day everyone and welcome to today’s video where I am going to be cutting open more stress toys Yes! I don’t know why but this is honestly just so satisfying to watch whatever is in these stress toys come out We have some crazy things today uh We have stress sausage And stress balls that we are going to be cutting open So this should be interesting Uh, a lot of few others that I’m super excited about BUT, before we get on with that I have a GREAT giveaway today So…. oh god, it’s so heavy A simple, xbox one giveaway. So if you want to find out how to win this, stay tuned till the end of the video to find out how to win it Ok, so starting off with our first one This is a virus stress toy What the heck, I don’t know Why do we need viruses made into stress toys? Couldn’t tell you Open. What’s inside you virus Honestly, like kills me or something The virus is contained in a stress toy Ok, I kinda want to cut up one of these nipply looking things (moans) Oh, it’s- it’s very jelly like Oh….Okay SO, we have learned that the nipples are solid Let’s get deeper on in there. I think we have to get in between the nipples so let’s cut this way (gasps) Did you hear that suction noise? I don’t know what’s in here. Is it just sand? Oh, no. I- We’ve had this stuff before Yeah, it’s like this weird sand thing Like, this is how it squeezes Come….on… (grunts) We need to make a bigger incision It’s some weird sort of sand I don’t know what this is But, it needs to come out Alright. Why is this so difficult? (Laughing) Come on out I feel like it’s some sort of like like creature being born Ok, come on Ew, what the heck is this? (laughing) looks like a poop Like a white poop (grunts) “talking in background- honey that dont look like a poop” (laughing) Oh my gosh Ew! This is so disturbingly weird What is this?! I hate this so much. It’s like not even sand it’s like “dough” yeah! It’s like a….it’s like a pizza dough It feels SO disgusting Let’s see what happens if we cut it It’s even hard to cut through What the heck! It’s some sort of glue sand Oh, I hate this That is…That is very odd Ok, I hate this. Moving on Get it away Ok, you know what? I feel like after that, we need to go to a classic, satisfactiony stress toy which is one of these guys (grunts) This is a green one and I can’t remember if I’ve done this color, but you can “You have” No I haven’t! I feel like I’ve done every other color….. Maybe I have BUT let’s cut this bad boy open and watch it ooze out It’s like a pimple Get ready for this guys This is a doozy one “I feel like that’s the wrong word” I don’t know! “A doozy” It’s a doozy one (laughing) ew (laughing noises and incomprehensible talking in background) Woah! Why’s it look like that? This is- I feel like this is an old one EW! (laughing) “matured, dried up” It’s like a dried up stress toy. This is so gross “granny stress toy” (laughing) Ew This is so disgusting normally it’s like really liquidy and just like oozes out This one’s like chunky but funky You know what, we are having some terrible luck with today’s video (grunts and laughing) Ok, sweetie you’ve been fired You are fired and retired Go away Ok. Moving on to one that I have been so excited to open This is like a black stress toy that I’ve nev- it just feels like so freaking good (moans) It just- I don’t know what’s inside here, it just feels so freakin’ soft I just wanna know what’s inside of it (calmer) Ok “slow it down Joey, use your words” Ok let’s find out what’s inside Ok, we’re just going to make a simple incision like always (gasps) I swear. If it’s the same freakin’ stuff. The sandy whatever I’m gonna be so- oh wait no. Oh guys this is good oh my gosh “no, pimple” (moaning) Santa’s finally….. (laughing) (incomprehensible) What the heck Oh…. this is- this is the money Oh my- “that’s a money shot” (laughing) Wow! Look at it! It’s still going Oh, this is where the satisfying action happens Oh my god “bag of pimple” “it stinks” Truly Truly something else Have you ever seen such a beautiful sight I could almost kiss the stars (trails off into laughter) it’s so perfect (gasps) wait was is this? oh my god. It’s like cement Ok wait. It’s actually like adhering to my body “I hope it bleaches your skin” What is this stuff?! It’s like gum. Oh my gosh (Noise of disgust) “Whipped cream” Ok, but How it came out was everything and I’m so- Oh here comes another one (grunts) “just another” That was amazing I need to figure out how to get this off my hands maybe I could just like roll it into something maybe it’s one of those things where in motion it turns into a solid Ok, so next one up is Uh, nice lil’ ballsack It’s called the smack sack to relieve stress You smack it like this Ok, so I’m pretty that this is just like foam but I wanna know what’s inside these balls So let’s like A little cut right here Very strong sack you got here oh there we go Alright let’s see what’s all on the inside Alrighty let’s open up this sack Oh oh it’s literally just I feel like there’s something different about this though I don’t think it’s just a basic foam ball Oh, she’s a powerful ball She’s an almighty powerful ball What’s inside of you I need to know Oh Ok Well There’s that. Go away ballsack (sigh) ok and last but not least the grand finale is the big stress sausage Yeeeeaaaahhh Squezze me out it says ok Well this is quite the stretchy sausageness it feels similar to the weird sand thing that we had but Who the hell knows I think we need to cut the top right here And just let whatever is inside come on out oh “it’s a carrot” More and more surprises let’s keep going ok this should be it (gasps) it is that stupid freakin’ sand but you know what we’re going to see if it can come out in a nice- in a nice way This is so hard It’s not coming out “cut it- do an incision along the center of it and cut it down Cut it this way? “Yes” Ok “vasectomy” (Laughs) ew “Not gonna have children anymore” “snip it” snip it Well let’s open it up “expose him” (Laughing) ew, this is so gross This is disgusting What is this It kinda looks like kinetic sand but with glue and it’s reminding me of something yeah it doesn’t come out satisfying This was the winner of the day Sadly, Mr. Sausage was not a success Ok, well that is it for today’s video I hope you all enjoyed it. If you did please give it a big ol’ thumbs up And now, let’s get on to the grand prize Ok, so like I said before Today’s giveaway is an xbox one which comes with minecraft So, if this is something that you want to win All you have to do is be one of my subscribers uh, you can hit the subscribe button down below And also leave a comment down below letting me know if you want this xbox one And also give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it So that is it for today. I will see you all tomorrow Good damn bye (outro music)

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