Controlling Temper – 3 BADASS steps

I used to be a person who gets triggered very
easily. I have to agree on the fact that I did have
anger issues. I used to always fight with my sister, give
back answers to my parents. Basically I was getting angry on some really
very silly matters, especially with my family members. But now, I believe I have become way better
than I was before. I no longer fight with my sister, neither
do I give back answers to my parents. Instead I am just so goddamn thankful towards
what they have done and given me. To be honest, I am not boasting or something,
but nowadays, I don’t even get angry at all. Even in negative situations. Wait that will sound totally wrong because
we are all humans after all. So let me correct it. I never burst out in anger. I have got full control over it. It has reduced from 100% to just 10%. There are a few tips that I can give you if
you happen to be facing the same problem. First tip, you can paaking never win an argument,
even if the other person is absolutely wrong. He will not agree on that fact because it
will affect his ego. He doesn’t want to look like a loser. So why are you doing this? Screw it. What are you going to get by winning that
argument? Will you get a medal or something? Just paaking let it go man. Just become a loser in front of his eyes for
a few minutes. What are you going to lose by that? Absolutely nothing. It isn’t going to affect you in any manner. So the point here is that never try to win
an argument. But in case if you happen to be wrong. Then thank him for letting you realise it. Also, there could be sometimes, when you are
being blamed for absolutely nothing. You will keep blaming it on him, he will blame
it on you. Blah blah blah. Instead just apologize for no reason. It isn’t going to affect you in any manner. You may look like a loser there, but who cares! You are actually winning. So deal with it like a boss and get over it. And the best advice that one can give you
is to simply shut up. If someone is scolding you, don’t raise your
voice, don’t utter a word, don’t act like you simply do not care. Just listen to them. And incase, if you hadn’t done anything, yet
you get scolded and criticized. And you deal it with the way that I mentioned
above. You, my friend have reached a whole new level. It will keep killing them from inside. They will want to apologize so badly but they
won’t. And trust me, this is the best way to do with
it. And to be totally honest and realistic, even
if you apply all these above mentioned things. You will still raise your voice, you will
still shout at someone or scold someone because that’s something that we have been doing for
so long. It’s not that easy to like completely quit
it. So the best solution is that whenever you
are about to kick-start an argument or start a fight or when you are about to raise your
voice over a certain level. Just stop yourself and tell yourself to shut
the paak up. You need to shut the paak up. So to conclude this, all you have to do is
3 things. First, shut up. Second, calm down. And third, think of the best way to react. Otherwise what happens is, especially with
me. If will shout or scold a someone and then
I will feel really bad. I will go, apologize and repeat the crap all
over again. This is something, which I really hope will
benefit you in some manner. If you are interested in self improvement,
subscribe to my channel and have a great day.

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  1. The points in this video are so accurate in today's world:

    Since most people don't like to admit the truth, they won't listen…😑

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