He’s not like the others.. He’s so strong.. And muscly.. And hot! Mikasa! It’s a titan. It’s literally a giant, dickless Ken doll with an emo haircut. Well you guys talk shit about girls all the time. Why is it that when i talk about a guy suddenly it’s not okay? Yeah! those are human, women, not titans! No one here wants to fuck titan but you Mikasa! A giant ravenous woman bent on the destruction of mankind? Speak for yourself Connie. I never said i wanna bang a titan! Doesn’t matter. You fantasising about the titan is just wrong. Oh yeah? Well it’s not like i’ve got many options. Tell me. What’s a girl supposed to dream about? You, Connie? With your little dwarf biceps? Or.. Armin!? YES! No! The Bangmaster! NO! Just look at him.. that chiseled chest.. that rebellious face. Oh yeah! Look at that! Maybe if you’re real naughty emo titan will spank you with that ratty scarf. Oh my god, yes that would be so hot! Wait, Mikasa. when’s the last time you washed that thing? Mikasa! What?! When was the last time you washed that scarf? Never. What?! I feel like a dirty little vacuum cleaner. You’re telling me for at least the past 5 years you haven’t washed or changed that scarf once?! It was given to me by someone special. Now shut up i’m trying to mentally picture something. Jesus fucking christ! Can you imagine how dirty that thing is? It must be crawling with every kind of bug possible. Ruffletrump! It warms the darkness of my soul! Got anything like that Connie? No. but at least i’m not like captain smallpox blanket here walking along with my dirty rags like some mangy fucking dog! How many kids have you killed from scarf-disease? That scarf’s propably saturated with their dead skin cells Mikasa! Please! Let me get a wiff. Both of you fuck off! I have fantasies to think about. But Mikasa! Face it Armin! None of us are getting what we want today But… but… I AM A STEAMING CAULDRON OF SEXUAL NEEDS AND DESIRES RIGHT NOW! Shut up Armin i’m trying to fucking concentrate! And what about me? I came here because i want you! And i want that titan! And i want a wool sack! Oh shit. Did i just say that out loud? I knew it Mikasa. You do want to fuck a titan. You know what Connie? Yeah, i do. I wanna bang that titan so hard and i want you to watch. Just so you can see what you’re missing! You say that like it’s a drawback. Go fuck yourself! *click* *inhales gas* oh look at me my name’s Mikasa and i can’t control my raging ovaries Okay i’m done. Say one more word goddamnit I will fucking kill you! Say one more word. That’s what i thought. Bitch.

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