Miguel Monteiro!!! What are you doing, Miguel Monteiro? What are you doing, Miguel Monteiro? Playing LOL? What are you playing, Miguel Monteiro? “PretoSexy”? Who’s PretoSexy?
A new account, so you won’t be banned? – Miguel Monteiro!
– You know? This has no effect at all. Why, Miguel Monteiro, tell me why? Because now I’m super-glad about the new house and this… – We had agreed upon this
– I’m gonna stop! Why are you happy? Watch it, Antonio! Look at the cheek, lots of beard Oh, so handsome! How to irritate a LOL player #8! Wait a minute 0-0?
The game hasn’t started yet! – Miguel! The game hasn’t started, Miguel!
– Hey! Watch out! There’s some kind of problem with your eye… Let’s go to the doctor – Let me see your eye, Miguel Monteiro
– Stop it! – Stop it, man! – WTF, kid?
– I thought you were happy! Touch, touch, touch Miguel Monteiro, that’s aggression!
Aggression, Miguel! I’ll get even… What’s this? A tennis shoe? OMG! Now it’s a pie, Miguel! Now you’ve had your revenge, Miguel Monteiro! What do you mean, revenge?
What have you been up to? You’ll see it in the future, don’t be hasty Don’t be hasty, Miguel!
I’m gonna steal your PC Now I’m gonna play LOL
Look at me playing LOL What an incredible game! Oh! It turned off!
Sorry Miguel! Why did you throw this at me, Miguel Monteiro? – Kid, are you dumb?
– It’s chantilly! Please don’t do that!
No, Miguel Monteiro!!! OMG! Miguel Monteiro Kamehameha, universal ball! Miguel Monteiro, you’re gonna suffer Come here, Miguel Monteiro
What are you doing? Come here, play in the living room! – Miguel Monteiro, you’re stinking
– Watch it!!! You need a bath OMG! You broke the broom, Miguel You hit my watch
You broke my watch Now what, Miguel?
Take this, Miguel Monteiro! More fruit, Miguel Monteiro More oranges, Miguel Can I give you a compliment?
You have a dustbin head! Miguel Monteiro where are you going? Miguel Monteiro! Where are you?
I know where you are! What? You’re not in your bed?
Where are you then? Then why is your bed made? Miguel Monteiro!
I swear I stopped recording Fast! Open the door!
I need to pee really bad! Help me Miguel! OMG! This is for you to stop bugging me!!! You’re gonna have your revenge, Miguel Monteiro! Stop annoying me, man! See your phones? The Razer ones?
He adores his Razer, does he? My new fishing rod! Magnificent! Miguel Monteiro! – Stop that sh*t!
– Look at your new phones! Look at your new phones, Miguel Monteiro!
Go get them! Stop this, KID!!! They can be fixed, Miguel
Just take it to the the shop The water is so nice
Look at this – Do you think it’s cool to do this sh*t?
– Miguel Monteiro, don’t be pissed off! Sorry, Miguel Monteiro, sorry
Sit here, let’s talk – You can still be hit by a pillow, Miguel
– Stop it!!! No, not that! iPhone X, no! Miguel! – No! Sorry, sorry!
– You wanna play? This is waterproof! Subscribe to Miguel Monteiro’s channel
He’s really pissed off This is not funny, man! Wait! Let’s make up! Guys, subscribe! He’s almost reaching a million! Please forgive me, Miguel
Here, take this flower – Hey, don’t drop it!
– You’re making fun of the situation! Hey! What’s that over there? Where are you going, Miguel Monteiro? Come here, Miguel Flour?!
Miguel Monteiro! The black turned white again!? You didn’t just do this, kid!!! I can’t walk in here This is all dirty! It’s Miguel Monteiro, Malacueca! This doesn’t end here!!! Miguel Monteiro just bathed in flour – Just look at the bathroom!
– Seems like it’s on fire! It’s on fire! Who’s gonna clean this, Miguel?

100 thoughts on “COMO IRRITAR UM JOGADOR DE LOL #8

  1. espero que voçe dark traga mas um como inritarumjogador de lol mesmosabendo que o miqueu nao ta jogando o lol

  2. Isso não vás graça aou pi nem mim ge coitado passou muito porquausa de ti mas ainda gosto tô teus vídeos 👌

  3. Coitado do Miguel Monteiro Eu tenho muita pena do Miguel Monteiro e não podes irritar se tu não ouves nada ao Miguel Coitadinho do Miguel eu tenho muita pena dele😍😍😍😘😘😘😗😗😗

  4. Ele virou uma piada de sí mesmo apenas por views…. O Youtuber que eu tanto respeitava que fazia vídeos de terror se rebaixou a isso apenas por views…

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  7. nooosaaa irita cada vez mais ele vira um demonio mas e emgrasadokkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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