23 thoughts on “Colorado antique store owner under fire for racist merchandise

  1. how about you repay the taxpayers for the expenses that your parasitic and violent race has caused
    then I'll worry about your "feelings"

  2. So the Black 'Dr', wears a t-shirt that said 'eat the rich'..
    Why are Blacks still allowed to be cannibals…??
    Maybe she goes back to Africa to do that.
    I think it highly offensive to wear it and I'm not even rich…

  3. People are right when they say don't give people like that your money but also stop perpetuating this racial crap and calling history when your still doing it!

  4. LMAO and if they were all white it would have been racist too SMH. How you going to go into an antique store and not expect to see something like that? They must get offended when there McDonald's order is incorrect 😂

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