Chronic Headaches and Pork Tapeworms

neurocysticercosis is the infection of the human central nervous system by pork tapeworm larvae little baby pork tapeworms invading one’s brain has become an increasingly important emerging infection in the United States and it is the number one cause of epilepsy in the world it’s the most common parasitic disease of the human brain and used to be only found throughout the developing world with the exception of Muslim countries of course but that all changed about 30 years ago and now it’s increasingly found throughout North America besides seizures the pork parasites may actually trigger brain tumors caused in aneurysm or psychiatric manifestations like depression but who wouldn’t be depressed having worms in their brain can also result in dementia but the good news is with deworming drugs it’s often reversible only rarely do you have to open one skull and extract the larvae surgically once they get into your eyeballs though you really do have to remove them dead or alive I’ve talked about pork tapeworms before but what’s new is that we now know that they may present as chronic headaches either migraines are so called tension headaches even when the worms in your head are dead what they think is happening is that our body tries to chip away at their calcified bodies and it may release bits of them into the rest of the brain causing inflammation that could be contributing to headaches now it’s still rare and even if you live in an endemic area you can avoid getting infested with an adult tapeworm in the first place by cooking pork thoroughly but what does that mean exactly well first of all it’s found in some parts of pig carcasses more than others and you can freeze the little suckers to death no matter how and fast that the muscles are by storing pork cut up into small pieces for a month subdural zero temperatures and then cook the meat for more than two hours that is one well done pork job the New England Journal of Medicine recently featured a case of some kind must have had thousands of pork tapeworm larvae wriggling through his muscles see how those little white streaks each one is a baby tapeworm but that’s why you know you can get infected by pork since they get into the muscle so cannibals might want to cook for two hours – not all parasites are associated with meat though and anxious but healthy 30 to two-year-old physician present it to the family medicine clinic with a sample of suspected parasites from his stools which had been retrieved from the toilet that same day and here they are looked to be about an inch long he had previously traveled to India had Chinese food the night before who knows what they were maybe it was hook worms the sample was set to the sent to the microbiology laboratory for analysis later that day the microbiology physician called to report positive identification of Vigna radiata previously known as phaseolus aureus in the stool sample or in common parlance a bean sprout they were being sprouts the patient was called and gently but firmly informed of the diagnosis given the nature of the identified specimen the information was presented in a non-judgmental respectful manner so as to not offend the sensibilities or sensitivities of the patient their parting advice to fellow physicians in cases of this nature would be as follows as comical as the findings might seem try not to laugh you you

3 thoughts on “Chronic Headaches and Pork Tapeworms

  1. The CD; C lies; not one stool sample really gets tested; I am dying from a large tapeworm and the medical community does nothing;; try drinking a bunch of real fresh squeezed lemon juice; the parasites hate it and you will feel them rebel; good luck america as we have been duped here!

  2. I got all those symptoms. Seizures, eye floaters, depression, psych meds etc etc. Going raw vegan and doing urine therapy helped a lot. No drugs.

  3. For the past 3weeks
    My sister having really
    Bad severe headaches..
    She went to the hospital
    2times already..and they
    Didn't find
    What's causing her
    Headaches?!! Human
    Pain are mysterious

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