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(peaceful music) – Inglewood has suffered
quite a bit of violence, and I think it’s a result of
poverty here in this city. Walking the streets as often as I do, it really moves me to see the depths to which people have fallen to in order just to survive, and it burdens me. I wanna reach them. My name is Kevin Young, and I’m a pastor of Victory
Outreach, Inglewood. When I was younger, we moved onto a street that was notorious for the
drugs and the violence, and I recall, so I was about nine or so, there were what sounded like firecrackers. I ran over to see what was taking place, and when I turned the corner, I saw a man sitting on top of another man, shooting him, repeatedly. That moment just seared
itself into my memory. There came a time where I just, I didn’t trust the people I lived around, I didn’t even trust the police to make a difference
here in our community, and so I moved away. In Christ, I found here’s a solution to what I was searching for, and perhaps what my neighborhood needs, what my community needs. When I sensed the call of God to minister to people that are in darkness, I decided to move back to Inglewood and to live among the people that I would be ministering to. Education is a huge part of being transformed, redeemed. To go to APU, to get a good solid theological education, it’s helped me to reflect on how I might be able to engage the suffering that I see. The things that we’ve talked
about and fought about, now I’m able to do, and that excites me. For God to put us in a situation where we’re being asked to
provide some kind of a hope, to bring about a change in a situation that seems impossible, for them to be renewed. The church has been
given the responsibility to engage the world, because that’s the mission of God, and being God’s people, I believe we’ve been
commissioned to go out, finding ways that we’re
able to release people back and to a way of life that God intends for them to live. A life free from the oppression that brought them to
bondage in the first place. We provide a men’s home, where we invite men to come in from gangs, drinking, if they have
substance abuse problems. – All we really need is beans and rice, and Jesus Christ, and that’s all the spiritual food and the physical food that we need. Amen, praise God. – Hallelujah. – Hallelujah. – We help people through anger management, domestic violence, we train them in ways to land a job. A simple thing. We also reach out to
young people, children. Right now we have a vacation bible school. We started a martial arts class to teach them discipline. We feed the homeless, and nothing thrills me more than to be able to help someone who’s hungry, or someone in need. Can I say a prayer for you real quick? – Yeah, you can. – Keep him safe, Father God, and let him know he’s loved, that you have a plan for his life, and God watch over we pray in Jesus name. – [Together] Amen. – We have a place for you
if you ever need a place, call that number on that card. Alright, God bless you. There are people that come in who have spent most of
their lives in prison, in and out of prison, and by the grace of God, that cycle’s been broken. Cycles of drug addiction, broken. The cycle of gang violence, broken. We’re seeing families restored. Where there was hopelessness one day, all of a sudden, God brings about an answer and a solution. And it’s a testimony that
something’s happening, that something’s working. I feel that that’s what
we’re called to do, to make that difference, so that we see, people see, that God is alive here, he hasn’t forgotten about us. And I feel fulfilled in
doing what I’m doing, so I’m very happy about this. (peaceful music)

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