Chiropractic Headache Relief  Northbrook IL

– Hey, it’s Doctor Greg
with Align Wellness Center. A chiropractor in Northward Illinois. Today, I wanna talk with
you about the expense that headache can wind up
assuming for you and your family and the people that you know. Now I was really amazed
by this, but last year, headaches accounted for over
thirty-six billion dollars worth of expenses. Now that’s not only the
one you’re treating them. It wind up being over
nine thousand dollars per individual to treat headaches. That’s a lot of money. And if you or someone you
know has had headaches; you might not exceed all of it cause your insurance company
may take care of some of it. But nine thousand dollars is
a major impact on any family can wind up handling. In addition, it wind up being
that wind up taking them way longer to have problems and that nine thousand dollars included: decreased productivity at
work, missed days at work, as well as, it wind up resulting in,
miss days with your family. Now I got some kids. I’ve got a seven and a four year old. And I gotta tell yah;
everyday that I get to spend and hang out with them
is absolutely amazing. I’m blessed to not have
headaches, but I couldn’t imagine what the experience would
be like to have to manage with a headache or a migraine
and trying to spend time with them. You know, they require a lot
of energy and a lot of focus. And if you or someone you
know is going through that; in trying to manage your
kids and your family, as well as trying to manage headaches. Well, the methods that you
may have been guided through; whether it’s taken
over-the-counter medications. Whether it’s taken
prescription medication. Whether it’s receiving injections or the proposal of some
kind of a surgical procedure for your headaches. Unfortunately, they usually
don’t solve the cause of the problem. If you’re frustrated with
that, I can understand. If you’d like to see if
there’s a natural, nonsurgical way to wind up managing those headaches. There are some great ways to do that. As a chiropractor, that’s
what I specialize in. Helping the people find
the cause of the problem, correct the problem so that
they can wind up moving on to a life that’s a lot
healthier, a lot activer. With a lot less medications involved. Now for many people that have headaches; they get concerned about chiropractors. Wondering if it’s right or not. I gotta tell yah. The first step that we
always introduce people with, is a complimentary consultation. We look to talk. We look to learn about
your health history, because you may not be a
candidate for chiropractic care. We’ve had two of them in
the last week that we’ve had to refer on to other physicians
and other types of care, because chiropractic
would not benefit them. But if it is, we know that
we’ve got…you’ve got to get the help that you need. Because unfortunately,
our body doesn’t have the inefficiency of
medications or lack there of. Or a lack of over-the-counter
medications either. What it usually have is
a lack of connection, and chiropractor really
help with connecting the brain to the body, so
that it learns what to do and it knows what to do. If you’d like to see
if that’s you, go ahead and reach out to us. Once again, I’m Doctor Gregg Gerstin with Align Wellness Center. Thank you, for letting me,
be apart of your health. (music playing)

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