Chiropractic Headache Care Services Northbrook IL

– Hey, I’m Dr. Gregg with
Align Wellness Center and if you’ve had headaches and migraines, you’ll want to see what we do that’s different and
unique to help stop it. I’m a chiropractor in Northbrook, Illinois and I’ve been working with people to help them achieve the life that they want for almost two decades. Today, what I want to talk with you about is how does the relationship start and how are we a little bit different than many other places
that you may have gone to to try to manage those
migraines or headaches? So for us here in our office, we know that headaches come
from one or two things. They either come from a
structural abnormality or they come from a chemical abnormality. On our first visit, we look
to turn over every stone to try to understand your health history and what you’ve done in the past to try to manage those headaches, your health history to understand what may have occurred in the
past to get you to the points to having these new
headaches and migraines. We’ll then go through
and look to understand if there are any other health conditions that are going on that
may also be impacting and affecting those same things. We’ll go through and
do a detailed postural, neurological, chiropractic, physical and palpatory exam to understand all of the structures and
dynamics on how you stack up. We’ll also look to have
a lifestyle conversation about the things you do in your life that may be supporting your health and reducing these headaches or maybe causing them more often. Lastly, if needed, we’ll use some digitized X-rays and digital images to understand what’s going on the inside to understand how the biomechanics
of your spine stack up, to understand if you have a normal spine or an abnormal spine
that’ll be contributing to those headaches and migraines. If you’ve had a problem
with headaches or migraines or you know someone who does, please make sure to pass this video along because the approach we take
is different and unique. And the results we get are
also different and unique. And if you’ve had this problem going on for awhile, you deserve answers. We help to turn over the
stones to find the answers to helping your health
develop and explored. If you or someone you know
needs help, reach out to us. We’d love to help. I’m Dr. Gregg Gerstin
with Align Wellness Center and thank you for letting
me be a part of your health. (upbeat music)

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