Chiropractic Adjustment Relieves Headaches and Migraines

– Do you suffer from
headaches or migraines? One treatment option could
be chiropractic care. One of the things we see is headaches from migraines can be caused by the joints and muscles in your neck. This is called cervicogenic. So basically, the tension
headaches, the migraines, they can all be coming
from these tight muscles right up in this area. When the muscles get tight, just from stress, being
on a computer, driving, that can cause the joints
to become misaligned and then cause irritation. That can lead to chronic headaches. How I would approach treating
chronic headaches or migraines is we would work not only
on the muscular component, and we could utilize dry
needling, acupuncture, active release technique, and then we would also do
some adjustments to the joints in the neck to help
restore that range of motion and to take the pressure off. Usually patients respond really quickly, usually within four to six
visits, they get a lot of relief, and the headache frequency will die down and it will keep improving
as we get things loosened up. So what we’re gonna do today is we’re gonna do a demonstration
of one of the treatments for that area. So we’re gonna work on the tight muscles in her upper back, and then we’re gonna do some
chiropractic adjustments to help restore the range of motion, and improve the mobility. So what we’re gonna do for treatment is we’re gonna apply some
dry needling technique to her suboccipital region, this area right at the
base of her neck there, and then we’re gonna
work some of the muscles in her upper back to
help release the tension and then once we’re done
treating the muscular component, we’re gonna do some
chiropractic adjustments to help restore the range of motion and to loosen up the area. So for the dry needling,
what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna place a
couple acupuncture needles right in the base here. This is where a lot of the
headaches originate from. So sometimes when we’re
doing this technique it’ll reproduce some of her
pain or headache in that area, and that’s also confirmation
that she has an issue going on right through there. The other spot we wanna work is in this upper back region. This is where the muscles originate, and they come up and they
attach right up here, so sometimes we’ll get some big knots or adhesions that’ll
form right in this area. This technique is very effective at loosening up chronic tension which a lot of headache and
migraine sufferers deal with. Sometimes they’ll feel just
a little dull, achy sensation where we placed the needles,
where she’s really tight. So the treatment for this
technique is very quick, we don’t have to leave the needles in for extended periods of time. Once we’ve placed them
in, we get that little bit of a reaction we’re looking for, and then we can take them out. So we’re gonna take these out. Perfect. Now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna work on
the joints in her neck, so we’re gonna do what we
call a chiropractic adjustment to help restore the range of motion and to loosen things up. So I’m gonna have you flip over, and let’s have you go on your back. So we’re gonna rotate her
head a little bit towards me. Now with this procedure,
the patient’s gonna hear a little pop or a click as
we loosen up the joints. That’s normal and safe,
just a gas bubble releasing. There we go, there it is. And same thing with this side, we’re gonna rotate towards me, okay, nice and easy. Good. Again, that release that you heard was just a release of the joint, the gas bubble in the joint fluid when the joints become
stiff or blocked up, you’ll get that loss of range of motion. Good, let’s have you sit up for me. So now that we worked
on the muscle component with the dry needling, we
loosened up those tight muscles in her upper back, and in the base of her skull, and then we restored the range of motion in her joints in her neck, now we wanna talk about posture and how to improve that so it
reduces the strain on her neck and helps prevent future headaches. So a lot of times when
we’re sitting all day long, we’re working on a computer or commuting, we tend to have bad
posture and we’ll slouch. And so what I want you to do, is I want you to sit up nice and tall, and what that does is it’s
gonna naturally kind of relax these muscles up here, and it’s gonna take the
tension off this area up here, which is gonna prevent the
headaches from forming. So this is gonna be more
of a long-term strategy. Once we get the muscles loosened up, then we wanna really focus in on posture to help prevent that. So if you’ve been suffering
from headaches or migraines, give our office a call at 703-912-7822, or you can schedule online

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