Children’s Trauma Counselling

Hi my name is Salomeh Mojaher and I am the team leader for the Abuse and Violance Intervention and Prevention program at Catholic Family Services and one of the programs that I am most proud of is our children’s trauma counseling program which works with children who have experienced any kind of abuse, violence or trauma within their lifetime minds lifetime. With a trauma lense and we believe in a holistic model. So we worked
with the child mom and dad in creating greater safety In creating greater support and creating greater capacity for that child to able to move forward in their life. And we believe in doing this work because we work with adults as well. Who often talk to us about if I had this type of counselling when I was my child age then I would have greater self-esteem, greater body image I wouldn’t struggle with anxiety and depression the way that I do I would have a greater sense of what healthy relationships are I would have greater sense of what a relationship generally looks like what to do with my feelings and anger. What to do when I want to get what I want without being abusive. And to do all of thos things which are things that we are seeing right now in children we are talking 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 years
old and also with the older children who are 14, 15 16 17 who are able to articulate their feelings express them in an appropriate way. Be able to deal with
extremely stressful situations without resorting to violence or abuse. So that is incredibly important to us and we love to be able to continue to
support this population because we are also an incredibly unique program. Because we will
work with moms and dads and there is no custody or there is joint costudy. Or they are currently in the courts. As long as there is safety in place. We believe in creating greater safety for our community. by working with children now. Because we believe we will see greater success in the future. We will see less abusage of our health care system, of our justice system and of our courts of our r social welfare system if we
support this population now. I believe in the saying that says it takes a village to raise a child. well I am calling the village. I am calling each and everyone of you to step up to support the children of our community. So that we can see real and effective change down the road by starting here today, and now with this population

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