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Hey everyone Avelina De Moray here, how you guys going? I know its been a while, life has been busy So I’m just gonna name this video like a little “life update” I’ve just got a whole bunch of things to tell you, and I feel like my hair Is like, on steroids or something since my last video? I don’t know if it’s just because I’ve bothered to straighten it And I usually don’t but it just seems SuperDuper long which is nice And you can tell that I had the angled Bob And I have not cut it since so I’m gonna give you some updates on the bags and what’s been happening? And just like a health update with me if you guys follow me on instagram. You know that I’m suffering at the moment from like formic migraines like every fucking day Migraines I don’t know what’s going on there. I’ve had an MRI done hi steel I’ve tried all types of medications I’m not ready to be picked up sweetie. I’ve just started my video, I think It’s not really I don’t know where it’s been he calls it any kind of lolly now trick or treat And he’s super excited for Halloween you’re so cute Can you please go out mommy’s filming? Can you go say hi to Daddy? Okay You come pick me up later. Okay. I’ve had an MRI done I need to book an appointment with an ear nose and throat Specialist because I’m fairly certain its sinus related and every time the pressure pops in my nose the headache either gets better Or worse I can wake up and it can be there, and then I’ll get the pop and it will go away And it’s it’s been there for like on my calendar. We’re close to like five and a half six weeks now I had one back in May June that went six weeks And this is the second one that’s been as long so obviously I’m not feeling up to being as productive on anything a lot of the days I’m just sleeping and shit like that a lot of you have suggested that I get I don’t know how to pronounce a bit of Death death if an ear-piercing that is supposed to help so I might consider that it’s just I had one when I was 16 and It was an absolute bitch to heal and I love sleeping on my side so anything that prohibits Good sleeping is not something. I’m really looking Forward to yeah on top of that Steel’s sleeping. I don’t know what’s up with him like he’s just turned 3 He was such a good sleeper. We put him better like 8:30 at night And now he’s just waking up all the time, or he won’t go to bed at his bedtime He kept pushing it back later and later and later until he was up later than Vaughn and I which is crazy could be like midnight still she was pleased and Yeah, that’s not healthy for Vaughn, and I because we’re trying to work on you music plays angels leave And then even when we do put him in his bed, he’ll wake up at like 3 or 4 a.m. In the morning and then want to come in with us, and you just doesn’t want to sleep in his bed anymore I don’t understand again. We had him in such a good routine So that’s been very disruptive so yet haven’t been as active as I’d like to be and also around the house I am filming in a new area, which is my walk-in wardrobe on just finished the wallpaper today Which is super exciting we got a new for me to walk in wardrobe as soon as it’s finished, which I just need to Probably put one or two chandeliers and just to kind of spice the lighting up a little bit I’m gonna do that’s or I’m gonna do a little jewelry cabinet tool tour that I promise and of course my bedroom sewer which is looking pretty fucking epic if I do say so myself and Yet, also now that the weather’s just getting warmer in Australia. I’m just feeling like motivated, and I bought like this awesome new course Holy moly I feel like I end up talking about my breasts you know in every single video apologize So that’s been going on London was chronically sick as well. We’re kind of giving it back and forth to each other you know I don’t know if this happens to everyone else But I get so motivated and so like enthralled with my projects and then something clicks And I’m just like you know what I’m fucking over it. I need to step away from it for a while and I lose Complete interest like not a little bit of interest like I fucking abandon everything I abandon ship, so that kind of happened with Handbags and stuff like that I’m just like I need to do something else and then the migraine came along and like you know I couldn’t do anything else Like fuck I didn’t mean have a migraine for six weeks That wasn’t my idea of fun, but some exciting news is that I would be coming to LA with my best friend Lisa So I’m super excited to meet up with some of my collaborators Who are in Los Angeles so the first one that comes to mind is lured fuck? She’s such a babe I can’t wait to meet her her bag Is to fucking die for it is my current go to a handbag that I use every day. It’s not a clutch. It’s bigger It’s not like a fully blown handbag, but it’s not a clutch you See you can fit a lot more stuff in there, so I have been using it everyday Hopefully I will be meeting up with her. I’m also going a message Alison once I’ve looked in the dates and see if she can come over Maybe tee that up with some esoteric Performances, I think we’ll chatting about that and yeah just hang out and get Universal Studios or Disneyland or whatever and just shopping oh My god. Oh my god. It is so much shopping It’s just my bestie of me say that’s gonna be awesome Excuse me, and you’ve got impeccable taste little ones, but you’re not wearing my rhogam wolf cough which is fucking awesome Please don’t touch the fire update on the bags lurid fucks I can’t remember if I mentioned this in another video, so I’m just gonna recap very quickly Her first sample was made. We’re making a few tweaks Just to get it a hundred percent right we are fairly close so so I think I might take some promotional photos and release what the Exterior is going to look like because all of the changes We made were internal so it’s not going to make a difference This is the first bag that will be available with both Gold and silver hardware because I know a lot of you babes out there to prefer Gold over silver and the interior of her bag is baby fucking pink so I do Adore her baby pink looks with both silver and gold so yeah, that’s gonna Be really nice the goblin queen Allison we had her first sample made this new company that made the goblin queens bag also made lyric foxes bag And I was just lucky I got on to a really high quality Company I could see there was some problems with another company that I tried that oh I’ll tell you about in a second Allison’s came back And it was it just wasn’t her enough like as soon as I saw it. I’m like It’s to like new and shiny looking and I’ve said this before on Instagram I love that kind of Vikings like old vibe that she’s got mixed in with kind of trad golf anyway So I’ve decided to change her bag to a faux leather and the leather design is called Crazy Horse And it’s really old and textured. I was inspired by the Vikings I’ve been watching a lot of motherfucking Vikings at the moment and when I showed Alison the other day She said the same thing she’s like she looks like it just came off the set like a bag that lega thought would be carrying or something a little more classy So we just made it look a lot older And it does have some fake fur on it which was really short so we went from much bigger I don’t know how to say that just a bigger fur like that You know when you buy a fur coat and that the hair is kind of crazy looking so it’s not like short and neat More kind of messy, and I just added a bunch of studs. It just it’s more her and we’re also making it bigger It’s like a it’s going to be a messenger bag Not a fully blown one, but the first one was kind of like a cute little mini messenger bag So it’s just making it bigger Just take a bit more shit in it because a lot of you have been messaging me saying please make bigger handbags And you know the reason that I haven’t straightaway come out with like full boring handbags And I want to he’s just the cost so this company also made a sample for a dre remain But unfortunately that club isn’t going forwards anymore, but the backpack sample was fucking epic so that was like my base model design I spent a lot of time on that backpack so I’m going to be kind of reinventing the wheel like what I did with the clutches where it was kind of like a trademark shape But I would change the exterior and the interior The design in general and all the hardware and things like that and I think the first person I will be doing this with is either direct Macon’s or Black Friday I’m not sure whose will be out first so this brings me to the next company that I had Make some samples to me The only way I can compare companies is if I get them to make the same bag So I had one make Dre Rene in sample and the other one was also supposed to make a sample But because that collab fell through I quickly changed it up and had it restyled for drag Macon’s. That’s so good, but the sample I’m sure if you guys follow me you know where I’m going with this it had open air yellow in Syria I might actually grab the bag, so you can see it was supposed to be fucking rad I don’t know why they went with yellow, but yeah, they fuck that up a little bit And this same second company, also did the first sample form a half soon. I was so Excited to see her sample, but they just fucked it up on so many levels warning bells are ringing I should not be working with them. What are you doing? Ah? So this is the sample I had made for a mini backpack for Trek Macon’s it is So far removed my original design. It’s it’s yellow It’s not supposed to be yellow, and it’s supposed to be a mini backpack like I mean it’s still small, but yeah It was supposed to be like three inches smaller than that it might look fine like to a lot of you. It was fine I have had so many comments on Instagram of people wanting to purchase it But there are at least probably ten design points that are different for example This is supposed to be metallic silver not white there is supposed to be like twelve rivets here. There’s like thirty It’s just overkill the internal like the thing that says direct makings But that’s that’s they did really well on that studs on the side here my straps were supposed to be studded It was also supposed to come with a removable long shoulder strap So you could wear it as like a sight bag as well. They just didn’t bother with that Sorry still supposed to be asleep, so it keeps interrupting me I keep losing my train of thought and that can’t be enjoyable for you So I apologize and the same company did my first mahasin sample now this Also is so different from my design I will pop up my design, so you can see what it’s supposed to look like that I wasn’t sure if I was gonna show you guys what am I gonna fuck it whatever. It’s It’s interesting and someone might want to purchase it off me. It’s like obviously a one of a kind bag, but yes it hurts checking Have seen that these look like nipples, and she’s like oh I’ve got a nipple bag and dreck has the banana bag and again. This is both from the same manufacturer this symbol here That is a cross was supposed to be an ankh like it’s a pretty big difference These were supposed to be like small and silver these little rivets here was supposed to be tight little undisputably unstated There’s supposed to be a makeup mirror and like the tag that says like my half soon by Emily Dinsmore a is supposed to be up here and Sorry, I’m yelling the internal part of the bag supposed to be black satin. I’m like fuck if I can’t get all of that ride What hope is there and then they put these stupid rivets? I don’t like those rivets. They’ve got no edge Why would I want like the spike cut off flat top rivets and like the length isn’t even right? Oh, so so frustrating. I just noticed that that looks like a little coffin. That’s cool actually, yeah Keep that and go with that a little bit more. So yeah samples are happening is just one company that I went with was a Complete disaster, and they’re really trying to get me to come on board for them to make the second sample But I’m like I think I’ll go with the company They made the Fantastic Four sample for dry running again that one’s been cancelled so I might sell that back They made a fantastic first sample for Lord Fox and also the goblin Queen so now things that I’m just changing our little Aesthetic changes that you know would happen anyway? Oh, I apologize if I sound a bit nasal I’m still really really clogged up. I did my nails yesterday myself I did acrylics it took me like I did let’s clarify. Mm-hm. I did acrylic over my natural nails These are my natural nails. I’m loving and they’re slowly growing into fucking cause it’s Bf ones like you know you started at four o’clock, and it’s like eight o’clock. I’m like shut up It’s a skill and my left hand was really easy to do but my red hand just looked totally fucked so I was filing that shit out for ages because it’s So hard I’ve really been a late bloomer for like nails and things like that and because I play guitar Obviously don’t know at the moment But when I used to teach guitar obviously always had to have short nails so through my entire 20s I have not had nails And now I’m just like loving how fucking sexy they are yeah a lot of the girls that I follow on Instagram nails It’s just like a massive pot if they look, and yeah, I think it’s a lovely way to express yourself I know I’m going to get comments what I’m wearing today These earrings are by the pumpkin coven, and this is a matching necklace I think you would have seen that in my last gothic jewelry haul, but just in case you missed it They are too fine, and my cut is baroque and Wolfe also mentioned them as well I find I’m always coming back to the same pieces of jewelry, but they’re just so pretty so yeah, that’s about it from me guys Hopefully my headaches. Will you know dissipate? entirely one would hope And then I can you know do more frequent videos But um, I guess I should also give an update on the Black Friday and drug makings back They’re both being manufactured and the ETA for them is the end of October so that is when they should be finished If there’s absolutely no delays and then they have to ship to me, and then I need to prepare like 300 bags And I’m one person to be mailed out so you know over the next week that will start to happen November the end of November is kind of when um anyone that’s reordered one of those two bags should start to expect For them to arrive, which means you will have them before Christmas Which is so exciting the other few bags that I’m working on hopefully will be available for pre-order very soon And I expect the other three bags that I’m working on hopefully will be out before the end of the year And it’s always very exciting for me to have new bags released but I would like to start working with some new people so if you have any suggestions on who I should work with or If you want to email me yourself to it message me Let’s do something wicked. That’s pretty much all I had to say I find it very Calming to just kind of talk to you guys and let you know where I’m at and what’s been happening, and yeah I’ll see you in the next video You

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  2. I love the direction of your new bags. They're stunning. I would buy either of the reject bags too. Both are cute! I hope you get your migraines sorted out soon. I used to suffer from them badly when I was younger, so debilitating. Sending well wishes your way โ™ฅโ™ฅ

  3. I preordered your Drac Makens bag and this update made me feel so excited! Now I just can't wait until the end of November. And I normally really dislike this time of the year.. don't like autumn except for Halloween, I guess. But thanks to you I have something epic to look forward to. Can't wait to have that bag in my hands.

    Btw I struggled a lot with migraines for many years, but it has gotten better since I regularly visit an osteopath. It's some kind of alternative medicine, someone who knows the human body exceptionally well and how everything works together. They helped so much more than any doctor I visited; doctors usually prescribe you some pills and off you go. That only treats the symptoms, not the cause of the migraines.

    Hope you get well soon, lots of love from Germany <3

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    By the way I think that backpack is a nice size. Most of the women I know who use a backpack over a handbag, do that in-order to carry more things.

  6. Ugh Migraines are the worst. Hope you get it sorted soon. The mini backpack looks great even with the yellow. Which isn't my fab color but it still looks good. Not sure how they got red and yellow confused though LOL!

  7. Sending prayers that you get relief from your migraines soon….they are crippling ( I get them as well but not as often now that my neurologist put me on medication) you look stunning…..your new wallpaper is to DIE for!! Your hubby did a fantastic job….your little guy Steel is adorable,you can tell he loves his mommy so much….his sleep patterns will get back to normal again….when my kids were his age they were to busy exploring the world (their yard lol) to sleep,they would get so tired they would just eventually pass out ….all the hand bags are jaw dropping!! You do such an amazing job on them…..I'll pre oder one of Black Fridays larger bags you are desinging sight unseen ^^0^^ โ€ฆDid you ever consider designing men's wallets ?… Like one named after Mattihas (Black Friday's husband ,couples collaboration on wallets and bags) …my husband is goth…..he has such a hard time finding a nice trifold wallet…best wishes ….can't wait to see the house tour videos …be well ^^0^^

  8. Oh darling Iโ€™m sorry about the migraines! Iโ€™ve suffered my whole life; now like you nearly all month, every single day. I got daith piercings on both sides in May so theyโ€™re almost healed. Saw a little difference straight away, then none. I have tiny ears so they nestle inside, donโ€™t bother me when I sleep on my side. But donโ€™t let my experience discourage you, Iโ€™ve heard so many success stories! Check every avenue, even have your hormones checked, eyes, they can stem from so many different things (Iโ€™m an old bat so mine changed and became hormonal, ugh!) Iโ€™ve been through every test imaginable, refuse to see another neurologist! Sending hopeful vibes… the bags look great, canโ€™t wait until thereโ€™s one I can stuff all my junk in! Be well!๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’š๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽธโšก๏ธJet

  9. Avelina, that piercing can go terribly wrong and do the opposite of what you want. Your little boy is so sweet. Bless you and your family.

  10. I'm super excited u put a video up, it's been forever! Ur so beautiful and ur style, is amazing!

  11. Iโ€™ve had migraines for the past 3yrs. I havenโ€™t found any help for them. Iโ€™m waiting to get into the headache clinic to see if they have any other solutions for me. I hope you figure out whatโ€™s causing your migraines ๐Ÿ˜•

  12. OMG #momlife. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ As a mom with a small child, I related so hard to this video. Wishing you strength to deal with the new sleep troubles as well as your health. The bags look gorgeous!

  13. Not sure if you've had this checked, but your prolactin levels could cause it. It's the presumed cause behind my mum's migraines. Hope things improve soon โค๏ธ

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  15. Too bad I wonโ€™t have the bag in time for my event. Itโ€™s not a big deal. But I will cherish it either way.
    I really hope you feel better soon!!! Sending healing vibes from Ohio. ๐Ÿฆ‡๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ’€ you are so beautiful!

  16. Really glad to see you post again, sorry to hear about the migraines though. Really hope you can find out the cause and get it all sorted out. You are Superwoman though lol, being a Mom, business woman, wife, musician, etc. you're truly inspiring! I do not know how you do it all but you are amazing and always look beautiful! Sending you much love and well wishes from Ohio!

  17. I suffer from migraines as well I've had them for a period of a month or longer I've taken migraine medication or tried natural remedies my friend swears by taking a handful of pumpkin seeds with coconut water in the morning no mater what I take for my migraines I don't get over it fast enough if I don't put some balm around my forehead & temples behind ears & behind neck I'll use Vicks because of the camphor in it helps or tiger balm or pure peperminnt oil I hope you feel better

  18. I can tell you're enjoying your longer hair it looks great on you very pretty oh & I actually like the size of the backpack

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  21. Dear Avelina,
    I love seeing what you come up with, I hope I can purchase one of your creations, too. ๐Ÿ™‚
    As further possible collabs I would suggest Angela Benedict, lilachris and Manic Moth

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  25. hi from another ozzie from the gold coast i love your talent for design i love this month because it is my birthday on friday the 13th black friday i was also born on one and the hole gothy time with halloween i will check what bads you currently have on you site and you don't have to be young and goth to love your bags and lifestyle i'm turning 50 this year so give me a shout

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  27. When you said make it bigger i was moving my laptop closer and it made it bigger in front of me. Then i could type and wrote this. I don't usually write things on here but its pretty fun to, like playing telephone. You sometimes cant feel the intent of some things written so that makes it more difficult. Hmm headaches… hopefully its just growing pains or something you can take stuff for. You said you tried that i would recommend some lemon balm tea.

  28. Avelina, we need a Type O Negative inspired green and black bag!!๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ–ค

  29. I really hate to hear you have been ill. I understand illness, I have lupus and I sick all the time. I really enjoy your videos, so you are dearly missed. But, please take care of yourself. Migraines can be hormonal, I don't know if you have tried that route or not. Sometimes having children can set it off. So, that is always another route you can take if the others don't work out. Beautiful little boy! Take care! Love your look beautiful as always!

  30. I love the studs and rivets on those bad boys. Iโ€™m more all of an black bigger bag girl but these are gorgeous.

  31. i used to have migraines daily and nothing helped.. they put me on the tablets u take daily helps break the cycle i dont get them im aussie too sandimigraine it really helped

  32. Those studs on the Mahouson (sp?) sample look like bot fly larvae bumps under the skin to me, & thatโ€™s pretty gross. ๐Ÿ˜„ What were they thinking?

  33. Review your food, stressful activities, do you get enough sleep? Did you have a full blood test? Medications usually do not heal but mask symptoms and have side effects.

  34. In regards to your headaches, I know you said you hate coffee, Trust me I do to. However if you take medication like tylenol and/or ibuprofen ( they can be taken together) or even a prescription medication, take them with a small amount of coffee say 4 – 6 oz or so. I was told to do black I tried all I can say to that is YUCK. It worked but still YUCK. I found a creamer that taste just like an almond joy candy bar yummy! It comes in many flavors. I must caution you that it is sweet, but it made the coffee go down so much easier. Theres something about the caffeine in the coffee that makes the medicine work so much better. I was also told if you have something like phenergan ( it's a prescription drug for nausea) it will also boost the effects of the medication, and reduce the nasty nausea symptoms that come with migraines and may even help you catch some much needed Z'sss. Just a thought. As I too suffer from bad migraines. The pain is almost intolerable let alone getting up and doing everything else that you need to do in a day. When the only thing you want to do is curl up and die. Oh and since I have found a store bought already prepared just pop the top and drink coffee it's the vanilla flavored starbucks frappuccino. Really really good and works just as well. Caution again its addictive. As I've always said it's worth a try. Anything is better than the pain but then again I don't do pain well.

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