Changing Your Life with SMITH-Technique Migraine Surgery

My first um meeting with Dr. Smith obviously was over the phone because we’re in California. We came here to Houston just before my surgery literally. So I saw him and met him actually at the surgery center…for the first time and I was just…amazed by you know his bedside manner. I dealt with so many doctors…and he just has this…true love of wanting to make sure people get taken care of and the joy that you can see in him…even today at my follow up appointment…to the joy that he saw when I came in and I told him that I had not had a migraine at all this week and that i was so excited. He was just so happy to hear that. It’s an amazing feeling to know that there is a doctor out there who that is what he is working towards that’s what his goal is. Is to make sure he can help as many people as he wants Contact the Smith Center today to schedule your appointment.

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