Chandramukhi | Chandramukhi scenes | Nassar gets irritated by Rajini | Nayanthara curses Rajini

Don’t You may be a modern girl and
might want to see what’s up there But in such matters, it is
prudent to listen to elders Come down Who is that? You? What are you doing here at this time? I couldn’t sleep so I thought
I’d come here for some fresh air Love? – Are you in love?
– How do you know? It is obvious
from your face That day when your father asked
you to come and see your fiance… …you were unperturbed and calm
I knew right then you were in love Tell me, who he is? Viswanath! Dance professor
He lives over there – I see! Good selection
– Do you know him? I know him, I also know you
made him stay in that house – Have you professed your love?
– Yes – What did he say?
– He asked my father to meet him – Didn’t you tell your father?
– I am scared Then how will
your love succeed? – What’s your father’s name?
– Kandasamy Your daughter is in love
and you are fast asleep? – Hey Moustache!
– Oh God…don’t – Why are you here at this hour?
– Nothing…fresh air Fresh air?
Get lost – Why are you here at this time?
– Alliance – Alliance?
– Okay, research – Research?
– Love 1st this doctor should be
driven out of the house, isn’t it? I said this on the 1st day
You are late ‘He is interested in that girl
My wife is saved’ A bachelor has a single worry
but a married man has 1000 worries Look here
1001st worry What an aim! Grandpa, it’s 9:00 a.m
and no one has come as yet – They won’t come
– Why not? Bommi is here
Where are the others? The uncle who
scolded you yesterday… …he gave us money and
told us not to come for class He asked us to go
and watch a good movie Until he goes back it is better
not to conduct music class Durga! Because you didn’t
like me teaching music… …you stopped them
from attending the class? You can only give them money
and send them to watch films But can you buy music
with your money? I already did! – My harmonium?
– I bought all these instruments Except this box Your grandpa gave it
free of cost Music is like Saraswathy
It should be inherited Arrogant people like you will not
understand its importance ever You will never understand! – Look here, Darga
– Durga! Don’t curse me,
it might come true – You can take it
– This one? I’ll never touch this harmonium
after it has been given to you!

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