CBD Gummies Do YOU NEED these to help ANXIETY?

in this video I’m talking about CBD
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gummies for five days and yeah that I had a rather interesting result let’s
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below and give me a cheeky follow on Instagram so in this video we’re gonna
be covering what is CBD what is CBD used for why make CBD into gummies how
much CBD are actually in these gummies we’re gonna look at the smell taste and
texture of these specific ones I’m reviewing today also I’ll be assessing
what effect they had on me do I prefer them to like CBD oils and how can you
get your hands on some of these okay so this is the main event this is the CBD
gummies they are a greenish grape flavoured gummy which is comes in a
pack of 60 but you take one a day so you got roughly about two months in this
specific pack I found them very very interesting the box is awesome I love
the color of these and I love the packaging I just love really neat I just
love really neat packaging look at this I just Oh God so good I love it okay so
what is CBD? let’s get into before we look at the details in the raw kind of
urgh let’s talk about CBD what is it so CBD is a cannabidoil but it doesn’t have
the psychoactivity that THC has coming from the marijuana plant so CBD is
higher in the indica plant I hope I’m pronouncing this right part of the of
the cannabis plant because I think there’s male and female cannabis plants
so the indica don’t which one it is but so indica is high in CBD so they use
the indica plant to take the CBD out which is how they
make things like these gummies and the oils and like creams and stuff like that
and the cool thing about it is that it has no psychoactivity which is
more normally associated with cannabis and marijuana so this is why CBD is
legal in most countries it’s legal here in the UK now it has been for a couple
of years and I know it’s legal in that most of the USA and part of you know
Europe and things like that I’m not sure if it’s legal everywhere in the world I
know that Australia are having an issue with it even CBD oils so I’m just kind
of lucky that we live in a in a country where this is actually legally allowed
so what is a CBD used for and that’s a great question a lot of people use CBD
for things like aches and pains it’s it’s an anti-cancer supplement as well
look I don’t know the science behind the specifics of it but they do use it a lot
of people use it for you know like a cancer prevention thing just like eating
healthy and things I got like a food supplement it’s also used a lot for
things like arthritis and fibromyalgia being on the autism spectrum I know that
fibromyalgia is very common within females on the autism spectrum
so CBD oils are used a lot there to help with that but one of the main things
that it’s used for and one of the things I’ve used CBD for is anxiety now having
Asperger’s syndrome it comes with a whole host of crazy stuff and one of the
things is extremely exciting anxiety about kind of all kinds of crazy stuff I
get anxiety social anxiety daily anxiety anxiety the postman poster through the
door and that if people phone to me picture my phone thing like oh my
goodness you know like you know all this stuff really really freaks me out so I
take CBD to try and feel a little less anxious and more relaxed in my day and
I’ve been using the CBD oil but I found that I have to take it as and when I’m
feeling anxious rather than a daily supplement because it tastes really
nasty and the oil is kind of it’s a bit it’s a bit potent when you put it in
your mouth so that begs the question is why make it gummies now the reason
people made CBD gummies is because again the oil tastes a bit nasty and you’ve
got to take like a quite big dab on your tongue and you know the the oil tastes a
bit rubbish the oil is very very expensive and this is
not fun you know you don’t get there davon oil and tabacky or your throat and
especially say you’re out and about you’re traveling or you travel for work
and you you’re using as a pain relief you don’t be like opening this like
pipette in the middle of the office meeting just like dabbing in some oil so
I would say that the reason CVD always existed because it’s a more convenient
way to take it and like it doesn’t like sweets or candy if you’re American you
know like sweets are just great you know you just like punk hey I can give me
anyway you’ve been laying in the park be like hey man what’s going on I’m having
a great day in the pack sunshine and a feeling about anxious clunk let’s take
one of these TVD gummies I’m feeling pretty fly and that to me is way worth
it because before I knew that they made gummies I was always kind of like oh
I’ll try mix it in with tea so I used to drop the pipette in sysm tea and drink
with teas to get rid of the nasty taste and then I’d kind of like put it into
all all kinds of stuff to put into food you know if you don’t like a yogurt or
something or smoothie but you know it wasn’t as effective sticking and on the
in orally directly into your mouth rather than mix it in with something
else but when the goes– were released I thought what a great idea and the lovely
people are yummy nutrition actually sent me these to try I’ve worked on them
before and I did a video on melatonin does melatonin help people with autism
sleep I will leave a link for that up in the description above here so you guys
can check that out as well but this company is really really nice that these
are all like this is a vegan product as well which I really really like and this
is the product we are talking about today so these are the yummy nutrition recover
and destress a CVD 16 gummies food supplement take one a day these are
great flavor and it sounds you in a back here what it’s got in it so it’s got a
bit of vitamin E vitamin C and the cannabis kind of at all which is a CBD
has 10 milligrams per serving one serving is one CBD gummy so let’s let’s
get them or another look they smell phenomenal these things smell
amazing so this is well this is what they look like um these are just like
these the little green kind of gummy sweets you know there’s nothing amazing
about the look of them I know a lot of people kind of make see me to gummy
bears and gummi whatever but little gummies like these these things so these
are really cool and a bit more grown-up as well you know you take it like a box
of best weed still like your meeting again you look kind of a little bit
childish maybe I don’t know but I just feel like this is way more like
professional slick unlike grown-up and stuff like that they smell amazing the
texture it’s really really gummy like this in capacitors just like a normal
sweet that you’d buy like any other sweet the smell is really really great P
and I really like it Anna yeah so it’s really chewy it’s full of
flavor and this is something I noticed when I did the the video with the
melatonin gummies they were strawberry flavor and they absolutely tasted
exactly like strawberry these are such a good flavor so this is the CBD gummy pack as you can
see there it’s got all information on the front and then it has all the
nutritional information on the back and you can also reach out to the company on
social media they’re really really cool and I tweet them all time on Instagram
them and stuff like that so please check them out on social media is all because
they’re super super awesome if you’re interested I did a video on the CBD oil
for Asperger’s syndrome and autism and I’ll leave that in a cat above as well
if you want to go and check that out because it’s obviously related to CBD
goes– to the CBD oil so I thought you might actually want to check out ok so
now we’ve gone over the idea the ideologies the taste of smells the
textures the type of sweets these our type of comas these are
what fact did they have on me so like i said i have been using CBD oil for about
a year and i used to take it daily but the taste was so nasty that i used to
take it like every other day and then obviously now i just take it as and when
i’m feeling anxious and it takes a little while to get into your system and
then it you know it takes a while for it to kind of just kick in and it’s it’s
annoying that i can’t just take it in the morning but it’s nice to have it
there as backup now i’ve been taking these i k told you
this is the fifth day taking these the CBD gummies and i gotta tell you that it
is the best like relaxer I guess I’ve had ever so when you when you don’t when
I don’t take the CBD I feel kind of like on edge a bit like I’ve tie in a bit
worried and anything can trigger me at any one time but when I take the CBD
gummies it kind of just chills me a little bit more than usual but it also
makes me not like stress out about the the smaller things that would really
take me off here in a day but like the small things that would take me off tuna
today it doesn’t trigger those things but something I will make you aware of
it’s not a cure for anxiety or a cure for being stressed what it does is it
gets rid of most of it yeah so with autism there are gonna be things
that are going to trigger you and cause meltdowns but this will eliminate I
think I would say good 80 to 90 percent of it I have to tell you that these are
the best things I’ve ever seen I was so excited when I seen these
sweets so I reached out to company and said hey look I’d love to do a video on
them and they were kind enough to send me this bottle of of them which is which
is absolutely amazing and yeah I find that taking them in gummy Pharma is when
accident taking of an oil former and so to me yeah the effects yeah it
definitely helps was like aches and pains I still wake up with like really
numb hands and my my feet and hands ache a lot but now having the CBD gummies I
actually haven’t had those aches since taking them because I’m taking them
during the day every day and it’s been like consistently not for five days so
I’m feeling pretty awesome when I wake up and I’m feeling super more children
laughs and this make me a bit more productive with my work and things like
that I’m doing for YouTube so while the side effects of CBD
that aren’t really any side effects and CVD a lot of people say that it can make
you a bit more drowsy bit more sleepy and I’ve experienced that with CVD but
only when I’m already feeling a bit tired during the day it’s kind of like
if you’re feeling a bit tired and then you take like a sleepy tea or some more
milk you’re gonna feel way more chilled and way more tired because it’s making
you bit more sleepy so CBD is kind of like that if you’re feeling really tired
anyway and you take some CBD there’s a potential like you could feel a little
bit more sleepy I’m not like dangerously sleepy you’re not gonna fall asleep in
your desk alright the wee little car but I’m just saying that like you know that
it could be a side effect it’s not really a side effect
so do I prefer CBD gummies to CBD oil yes 100% and I think I’m going to get a
subscription with this company to actually have CVD gummies every two
months get a bottle of these and just this is this is awesome I love it I
can’t believe how good this is I just awesome so if you don’t know where to
get your hands on your very own tub of CBD gummies like this I will leave a
link in the description below so I will leave all the links for that in the
description below so you can get your hands on these very CBD gummies if
you’re really interested in it I’m pretty sure these guys ship worldwide
but don’t hold me to it make sure you check out the website
first and all the small print but yeah awesome I highly highly recommend these
and I highly recommend the company they’re a manchester-based UK company
that make fantastic supplements peace

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