24 thoughts on “Can’t do a PUSH UP? Feeling FRUSTRATED?! Here’s how to get there! (ft. The FLASH)

  1. Another intermediate exercise I've seen is the "shoulder tap" where you're in push up plank and then you pick up one hand and tap the opposite shoulder

  2. I’m 16 years old, and at school I get mocked because I can’t do a single push up. I hope that with these video my situation will get better. I will keep you guys informed

  3. Hi. I can do planks and incline. Don’t know what negative push ups are. But i cannot do push ups for the love of God! 😣

  4. Trust me this works I did 100 knee push-ups and split them up to 10 randomly and after a month I could do 5 push-ups now I do the same thing and I finally reached my goal 40 push-ups!!!!

  5. I’m starting from the very beginning with the plank. Is there a certain amount of sets I should do everyday to start start seeing results or do I do it once a day to failure till I can move on to the next level?

  6. im trying to figure out to do one for the test at school? i forgot what its called but youdo a push up on the beeeeeeeeeep. Can you do video how to run faster too?

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