Candida Case Study 2: Susan – Chronic Headaches and Sinusitis

Thanks for checking out my case history number
two. We’re going to talk about a patient called Susan, a 39-year-old patient. Susan is not
her real name of course. It’s a real case, but the name was changed to protect the patient’s
identity. This is an Australian patient I saw not that long ago. I’m just going to read
out of my book. Susan is an Australian lady who visited our
practice several years ago complaining of a number of chronic health problems and had
been plagued with for over 20 years. Many of Susan’s health issues are typical of some
of the clinical complaints that people have when they endure chronic and generalized yeast
infections. This lady suffered from sinus and hay fever all her life and was taking
many different pharmaceutical drugs for her allergies, but has kept changing them because
they are very temporary relief. Usually, antihistamines and drugs like that, antibiotics or anti-
drugs. She had learned to live with a stuffy or perpetual
blocked nostril, postnasal drip, sneezing, itching upper pallet, sore throats and dark
circles under the eyes. She also suffered from the worst headaches imaginable since
she was 16, at times like a nail piercing her skull as she described them. These headaches
were typically worse four days before her period.
Susan went to a doctor about five years ago complaining of the headaches from hell, and
he referred her to a neurologist who concluded after an ECG, brain scan, that all was well
and the headaches were caused by stress and tension and to take analgesics. Several hundred
dollars later and none the wiser, the patient was given hundreds of tablets of acetaminophen
and various other drugs like ibuprofen to take and basically just left on these drugs.
When Susan was in her late 20s, she started to become more aware of the fluid retention
she was suffering from, including huge weight gain since her teens, over 150 pound weight
gain. After eating a carbohydrate rich meal, she would bloat, retain a lot of fluid, and
gain a lot of weight. As much as eight pounds of fluid could be gained within a matter of
a few days. Her doctor told her it’s become of salt, so she excluded all salt from the
diet only to find it made no difference at all. What she did notice, however, was that
her fluid retention was a lot worse before her menstrual cycle and also it coincided
with a lot of depression, which is probably an estrogen dominance that we commonly see.
This lady was placed on the Candida Crusher program. It had significant improvement with
this patient. She was eating all the wrong kind of foods. She was living in a very stressful
relationship. She had a terrible job that she didn’t like. Typical case, again, where
we see an unhappy person, the wrong kind of foods, poor lifestyle habits, loads of pharmaceutical
drugs, all the tests and scans come back completely normal, so therefore the patient must be crazy.
They basically get bounced from one doctor to a naturopath to a chiropractor, all over
the place, and that’s often when I end up seeing these sorts of people.
Many women I see with Candida have got terrible headaches, sinus problems, ear, nose or throat
congestion, often one nostril will be blocked, they could have facial pain, many of these
things are compounded by severe intestinal Candida, and lots of these patients also have
vaginal thrush. When they go to the doctor, they basically get put on a multitude of different
pharmaceutical medications. And, of course, their lifestyle isn’t changed. Their diet
isn’t changed. Their symptoms continue on and as they age, their health breaks down
further and further. What can we learn from Susan’s case?
What we can learn here is obviously big changes need to be made. And I implement those changes
slowly over a period usually of two to three months, so the longer a patient has been unwell,
the slower I make the changes. I prefer to have people make positive changes over a prolonged
period of time if they’re going to be adopted as permanent lifestyle habits. That’s how
you not only get well, but maintain wellness, is by making those changes long term, permanent.
This is why most diets are a crock and why they never work with people. They’re short
term. They’re a waste of time. People do them temporarily to drop a few dress sizes, and
then they go back to exactly the reasons why they gained all that in the first place. And
this is what we call “yo-yoing”. Many times, they get a severely disordered digestive system.
Here’s an interesting quote from a very well-known American doctor, Dr. Leo Galland from New
York. Actually, one of America’s leading integrated medicine practitioners, Dr. Galland. This
is what Dr. Galland says, “The intestinal tract is one of the most important parts of
the body as far as whether one is sick or is well. I’m not talking just about allergies,
but the reason we see an increasing prevalence of food intolerances is because of our unhealthy
and imbalanced gut flora. The problem may be with diet itself or maybe from antibiotics
or parasite infestations like yeast infection.” Dr. Galland was one of the first doctors to
really recognize the connection with the gut and many other parts of the body. As you can
see in this case with this lady, the gut started to break down and she started to get problems
all throughout her body. That’s case number two.
Thanks for tuning in.

3 thoughts on “Candida Case Study 2: Susan – Chronic Headaches and Sinusitis

  1. This is what I think. The brain is sore because it is creating new brain cells, neuroreceptors and new blood vessels in the brain all from studying hard. Your brain is just like your muscles if you work your muscles out they get sore until they heal back stronger. This is what I do. I eat good food for example blueberries, peaches, fish and eat your greens these are brain foods. Also get lots of sleeps brain heal more when asleep that's when pineal gland releases the hormones that make brain heal. Also make sure you'er sleeping in a dark room this will cause pineal gland to release more brain healing hormones. .

  2. Thank you for your work! I am so glad I found you, I was about to give up on ever being healthy again. I have a severe fungal infection in my sinus which has eaten away the bone in my face. I have had almost yearly flare ups of this green infection for the past 8 years. It was severe a year ago and I took extreme measures to kick it and thought I had gotten rid of it but I am once again searching for answers. I have never had so many or such severe symptoms. My question is how long does it take (of extreme measures, doing everything to kill it) to completely kill a fungus like this? I realize there is plenty of maintenance once its killed, but I just cant seem to get rid of it in the first place. is this a few weeks, months or several months before I can go back to eating really healthy and have that be enough?

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