Can You Hypnotize Anyone? – Marisa Peer

– Hey, I’m Marisa Peer. I was voted best therapist in Britain, and because of that people
would write to me and go, “Well, I can’t be hypnotised. “I’ve never been able to be hypnotised. “I’ve really tried.” Or they’d write in and say,
“Can anyone be hypnotised? “I’ve heard that only one in
10 people can be hypnotised.” No, that’s not true. (uplifting music) Everybody can be hypnotised. Hypnosis is actually a natural state. You know, if you drive the
same route to work every day, and you happen to be going
the same way to an event, you’ll often find that
you drive straight to work without thinking about it. If you’re driving home and you take the exit off the freeway
without thinking about it, if you’re deeply watching
a movie and a bell rings and you jump up like
that, you’re hypnotised. When you go to the
cinema, you’re hypnotised. When you do things on
autopilot, you are hypnotised. So everyone can be hypnotised. One in 10 people are
powerfully suggestible. They usually become actors or
artists or creative people, but everybody can be hypnotised. In 33 years, I’ve only had two
people I couldn’t hypnotise. One was so rude, I actually refused to work with him and sent him home, and the second one just
had a lot of issues. So when I began my
first ever RTT training, a lady called Jackie called me and said, “I’ve been to nine hypnotists
and I can’t be hypnotised, “but I actually want to train with you “and hypnotise other people. “What if I can never, ever be hypnotised?” And actually people come
on my course and say, “I can’t be hypnotised, “but I still want to learn the technique. “I want to be a hypnotist. “I’ve heard it’s a great career. “You work your own hours. “You make your own living, “but will it matter that
I can’t be hypnotised?” I tell them what I tell Jackie, you can be hypnotised. It’s a natural state. In fact, there are many times you can’t stop yourself being hypnotised, and there is a technique
to being hypnotised. When Jackie came on my course, I took her in front of the whole class and I showed them how to hypnotise someone who is convinced, has a fixed belief, I cannot be hypnotised. Some hypnotists, sorry to
say this, are not very good. Some are amazing. Some have, just don’t really understand where they’re going with it. So there’s a way to get into hypnosis, and I’m gonna show you what it is. If you roll up your eyes
like that, keep them up, and keeping your eyeballs
up, close the lids down, you go into an alpha brainwave. If you’ve ever seen a little
kid about to go to sleep, they start to do that and the parents go, “Oh, yes, they’ll be
asleep in five minutes.” I remember finding my daughter
on the stairs one day, and her eyes were going up, and I knew she was going into sleep because going into hypnosis is almost the same as going to sleep. Your eyes roll up. The eyeballs set and the lids come down, and if you do that, you can’t stop yourself
going into hypnosis. In fact if you go to, you can actually see that in action. We have the brainwaves
alpha, beta, delta, theta. Alpha is the brainwave that
helps you go into hypnosis. Theta is the one where you are
able to accept suggestions. If I said to somebody who wanted to speak in public,
don’t think no, I can’t, I’d love to give a speech
but I’m so nervous, and I’m worried I won’t know what to say. I’m scared I’ll go bright red. I’m anxious. I’ll forget. I’ll look a fool. You see, when you go
into alpha then theta, the critical part of the mind that says you could never do that, shuts down and the mind
starts to get excited. Wow, I can give a speech. I can give a pitch to my boss. I can get a raise. I can sell my products. I can my monetize my skills because the mind is
excited and not scared. The critical part shuts down. The person says, “I really
want to go up to that person “and go, ‘Hey, I’d love
to have a coffee with you, “but why would you want
to have a coffee with me?’ “You’re gonna say, ‘No’, and
I’m gonna feel like an idiot,” will go, “Hey, I can speak to that person. “I’ve got a lot to offer.” So that’s why it’s so
exciting to go into alpha and get that state that
takes you into theta where the mind that says
you could never do that, you’ll never amount to anything, you haven’t got a degree, you haven’t got a six-pack, you’re not wealthy, you’re not educated, you’re not tall, shuts down and goes, watch me. I can anything because I am
just a ball of potential. Anybody can be hypnotised. Everybody can by hypnotised, and hypnosis is wonderful. It’s exciting. It’s thrilling. It’s deeply reassuring. It’s incredibly relaxing. It doesn’t send you to sleep, but it absolutely wakes you up. Wakes you up to your potential. Wakes you up to the
fact that you are here, you matter, you’re significant, and you have something to offer the world. You may not know what
it is, but you have it. I work with many, many angry teenage kids, especially boys. You go, well, I’ve got nothing. I am nothing. I don’t have a dad or I
flunked out of school. And most of those have gone
on to do something amazing that they love because I allow them to believe in themselves, and hypnosis is a gateway
to phenomenal self-belief, to extraordinary self-confidence, to incredible self-esteem. It’s a gateway to getting what you want and having the life you want, and not the life you don’t. And if you can understand
how your mind works, you understand that
your mind works for you. Your job is to show
your mind what you want, and your mind’s job is to go and get it. If you’ve been told, “You
can’t be hypnotised”, which is simply not true. If you feel you haven’t
got the results you want, I understand that. I’m gonna invite you to try again. Click the link below, and look at these amazing audios that will put you into hypnosis and give you what you want allow you to live with confidence, to give up addictions,
to move away from fears, to find love, to smash your wealth blocks, your love blocks, your health blocks, your career blocks, your happiness blocks. We have blocks. They can be dismantled
and shattered and erased, and as you get rid of the blocks, now you instal in their
place wealth wiring, love wiring, success wiring, health wiring, happiness wiring, you name it. Hypnosis unlocks your potential. You know something? Your potential expands
as you move towards it. You couldn’t possibly know what your potential is because as you move towards your potential, it moves, and it moves again,
and you know what else? When you move your mind
to a new dimension, it never, ever goes back. It’s like stretching out a rubber band, and as you stretch and
stretch and stretch it, it doesn’t go back. It keeps going out, and as your mind expands
to that new potential, it cannot, will not,
does not ever go back. And remember something else, the mind learns by repetition. So listening to an audio is very exciting. It can change everything. When you play that recording
over and over again, the changes wire in. They last. I have people write to me and go wow, here’s a job I thought I’d never get. The promotion, the partner,
the life, the body. Here’s me on a plane when I
thought I could never fly. Here’s me, I just passed my driving test, my motorbike test, and
it’s all thanks to you. Here’s me able to sail through exams ’cause you told me on that recording that I could concentrate. I could understand. I could assimilate. I had incredible powers
of retention recall, and I just listened to that. When I went into the exam, I sat down, and as I read the question, I found the answers in my
head just like you told me, and that’s not me being a genius, that’s your mind being a genius. If you say to your mind, the minute I read that exam question, the answer formulates
in my head like Google, and it stays that I write it all out because you have a brilliant mind, a genius mind, and when
you have a brilliant mind, here’s a choice you get
everyday of your life. Rationalise why things are going wrong or talk yourself out of it. Rationalise why things are so bad or change the way you think, and the audios change the way you think. Not for awhile, forever. So remember, if you think
you can’t be hypnotised, you’ve never been hypnotised or you’ve tried it and it’s
just been so wishy-washy, you’ve been to the wrong hypnotist. You’ve looked at the wrong product. Go to and see what this is. We call our hypnosis, skipnosis, because it skips all that wishy-washy. It’s so powerful. We have won 13 awards for
our audios, for our content. Take one of these audios and watch how when you rewire your mind it changes everything. After all, don’t you
upgrade your software? You notice that when your
computer’s got bugs in it, it slows down and you upgrade it. What about up here? Don’t you think you could upgrade up here? Get rid of the bugs that slow you down, that slow down your potential. Be phenomenal. Be amazing. Be outstanding. Be awesome by finding a product that tells you you are,
wires it in, and keeps it in. Go to,
and that will be yours. (gentle music)

53 thoughts on “Can You Hypnotize Anyone? – Marisa Peer

  1. I agree. Psychopaths and narcissists are outstanding at it even if you are actively resisting it. And I think better cons (narcs, psychopaths) can hypnotize other less experienced cons. Although I have heard a true psychopath can’t be hypnotized 🤔🤷‍♀️.

  2. I learned that eyes up from you briefly on a video, and I've been doing it on my own for a deeper relaxed state for Meditations. I can't be sure of the effects, I've only JUST started or thought to do it. But, the times I have done it 🤔… There's a God chance I passed out on those ones. Huh. Curious thou. 😊Thanks Marisa!

  3. Hi Marisa, I have recently finish your uncompromise life program with mindwalley, and I can say that is rapid and tranformational. The changes in every day life are impressive, thank you very much. ♥️

  4. I wished I could have one session with marisa, I've seen 3
    therapist and didn't feel they were any good. I felt it was just for the money.. Well two out of the 3
    … I wished I was loaded
    She is great

  5. Hello Marisa. I have been following you for a year now and i know that RTT is the best form of therapy. I want to become an RTT therapist in France. I know that there is a market for it. In the meantime, if you need anyone to translate your material into French, please contact me. I can do it. 😍

  6. I massivly admire and aspire to the way you teach and release your gift on the world.
    Thankyou. You are a true blessing on this planet.

  7. @Marissa… is the pink silk shirt your handle or naw?!!!!

    Still love you but the only reason i ask is to be as successful so I’m trying to uncover your secret’s

  8. I adore this. xxxx I was sceptical about hypnosys, but since I found Marisa I think differently. I would be gladly hypnotise by her or her coleagues. 🙌 Nobody helped me the way she did. I supose that people got hypnosys wrong because it was probably presented in a wrong way through films and tv series – like someone wants to get control over you, making you do some evil things you wouldn't normaly do. That acctualy can not happen. Thank you for you wonderfull Fridays reports and help that you are giving here. 💜💜💜💜🌼🌼🌼🌼💪💪💪

  9. As always ur videos is an added value and is teaching us something new to try and discover the potential of our brains.
    Ur love for sharing and helping others is reflecting on you and you are glowing. Ur face is shinning 🌟. Thank you Marissa.

  10. Thank you Marisa! I'm so excited for RTT! I can hardly wait to be apart of it!! I dream about the people I will help!

  11. So you're watching a video on hypnosis? Would YOU like to be hypnotized? People watching this video should ask themselves about the moral implications of watching a woman like this online.

  12. I listened to one of your videos on the mind valley channel last night and the first time I cried because of the psychological damage my family, especially my mother, did to me was paramount. I listened to it again. I got up earlier this morning than usual, gutted 2 kitchen cupboards and instead of saying to myself, I want to lose weight, I need to lose weight because of a, b or c. I thought I'm going to lose weight and its going to be easy for me and I'm going to become a successful yoga teacher and help others like myself who have disabilities or doubt themselves that they can't practice, anyone can! The course is going to be a breeze and doing a practice every day is just going to be part of my routine. I just kept repeating these things to myself all day. The sense of achievement I had today is the most I've had in 4-5 years. My spinal problems got worse 8 years ago, our daughter walked out and has had no contact with us in 6 years and our dog passed away at the age of 4 3 years ago. It's been a very hard time and I've really struggled especially when Kashmir died. I saw a mental health nurse and she gave me coping with distress information! I really can't thank you enough Marisa, that video was obviously the right one for me because I woke up today feeling like a different woman for the first time in years. You're amazing, really appreciate all that you do xx

  13. Its interesting in self improvement that you can have the knowledge but not be able to put it into practice as you have old habits getting in the way. Like knowing the correct answers in an exam, but getting them wrong in the exam due to other factors getting in the way. And upon seeing the correct explanation in the reviews realise you knew the answers. In a quest to expand my mind to THINK IT POSSIBLE to get 100% in an exam, I was still stressed by the time constraints and came up with another strategy.

    I told myself that my mind knew the answers and could work them out. However if it was not obvious upon reading the question, that I would trust my subconscious to work on it, while I went to the next and come back after all the rest were done. Doing a second pass over them in this way got all the easy ones out of the way, freeing up what time was left. Trusting my subconscious actually made them more obvious the next time. And then I achieved finally my first 100% in an exam. Most of it was formulas in electrical trades second year. I was doing it 8 years after failing it as an apprentice with messed up attitudes and issues. As a mature aged student, I was stretching my abilities, by realising that I NEVER GAVE 100% at school and just got by. I wanted to know how far I could extend to do things I used to think impossible.

    The funny thing is, that in 2nd year all those years ago, the main subject that undid me was drawing. It was like tech drawing of a house with 3 parallel lines within 3mm for the walls of a blueprint… and then to draw the places for the wiring of the lights, switches and power points. However I had issues from Tech Drawing at school and this shut me down. As at school I was always being marked badly for not doing perfect corners. Any how… after all those years, the universe had shifted to my need and made the whole subject to be what my hobby had been for over 10 years! Free hand drawing of circuits and wiring them with spring terminals in the practical laboratory. It was so fun and easy for me, and it only had to be pass or fail mark, that I didn't consider it as a problem. I was so focused on getting my 100% in the FULL THEORY exams, the main subject of the course, that I didn't realise till the teacher pointed it out, that I got 100% in the WHOLE SUBJECT of Drawing!

    So a few lessons learned. Growth occurred, and I was once again ready to expand some more… … …

    We are fully programmable. What we believe with no doubts defines our perceptions of reality. What seems impossible is often a perception that can be changed. Do you want to?

  14. Thanks so much for the awesome video Marisa🔥 This will definitely help me improve my Mindset, Business, and Life!! Keep it up! 💯💯🙌

  15. Love your videos, but I absolutely cannot be hypnotised. I've been to shows where hypnotists manage to hypnotise audience members open to being hypnotised. I have even been to the best private hypnotist in our country for personal reasons and he could not hypnotise me. I've always had a huge problem trusting people or losing control, which is why I've never had alcohol or drugs. I wouldn't mind learning personal hypnosis though – that must be amazing to be able to relax oneself in that way.

  16. Your talks induce a state of relaxed focused attention. (Hmmm. That is the definition of hypnosis.) Your remark “Click the links below” IS a post hypnotic suggestion.

  17. personally, i would find hypnosis to be an extremely frightening experience. i would certainly never wish to be put into such a vulnerable state where i could be made to forget my own name, not able move my body, speak or read, or even unable to recognize my own face in a mirror. as opposed to being a positive benefit, being made to act so foolishly and irrational would be very disturbing and embarrassing so i would resist it to the best of my ability.

  18. Marisa peer I’m a 16 year old boy who has seen your work and I think that you are so great and your work is fantastic. All my life I’ve been insecure and felt inferior to everyone I’ve had low self esteem and low confidence so I started listening to affirmations at night to go into the subconscious mind. They had worked but slowly declined and messed up my life. Right now I’m back to normal and getting help but I want to know how I can gain back all my positive beliefs, my confidence and felling powerful and on top of the world. Can you give me advice ?

  19. but i felt light, and relaxed, some of memories didn’t harm me anymore, it like they didn’t happen, i am scared if i do again , it is powerful 😭

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  21. I love her voice ❤ to me it's almost like ASMR ❤ and yes it s true what she says about hypnosis. My SO is a magician/mentalist and Ive seen some great stuff!

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