43 thoughts on “Can Microdosing Marijuana Reduce Stress, Anxiety, & Manage Pain?

  1. Keep in mind different strains do VASTLY different things. Indica makes you sleepy, calm etc. Sativa wakes you up, gives you energy and even clarity so that education is really important as well.

  2. How do we reach out to the moms In this part of the episode to thank them for risking everything to help others and use this show as a platform for help credit their experience with cannabis micro dosing? BTW this YouTube video helps me refer back to the info to help me be more confident when talking about how cannabis helps me. Thank you.

  3. Cannabis can exaggerate mental conditions!!!!

    How can you recommend it for anybody!!

    There is no enough research for this!

    And if someone will depend on it for stress relief then increasing the dosage and perhaps addiction is on the way!

  4. Google US Patent 6,630,507
    US Government holds a patent on the plant but have it as a schedule 1..Talking out of both sides….Talk to the hand…

  5. Just to clarify for some people: First few seconds in the video: Is Marijuana microdosing safe? It is a general misconception to believe microdosing is some kind of medication recommendation! First of all it is a common method to scientifically locate and evaluate the measurability and use of a new medicine. I fear a lot of viewer might think this is kind of a discussion to justify the general consumption of marijuana. The last thing you should be thinking is that smoking marijuana has no consequences for your health. Smoking marjiuana still means for a lot of people using tobacco which is scientifically proven to harm you and your surroundings. Cheers 🙂

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  7. Well believe it or not pregnant women in Jamaica, South America and Africa use it to cure all of the issues that come with pregnancy like nauseousness, inflammation, digestive issues and heartburn Etc.. there's research on it as well as research on the advanced cognition of their babies! I'm not condoning this I'm simply informing do your own research and come to your own conclusion.

  8. Mental illness pills do not work been on them 13yrs straight tried them all im bipolar need relief my body dont feel relaxation legalise weed alabama need real medicine

  9. What pioneer!?! Pot has been around for thousands of years!! It was illegal only due to the government saying it would make you crazy. Only cause they couldn't tax it. Our ancestors used it the same as they do now.

  10. How can Nita Landry, MD. OBGYN advise pregnant Mothers to "stay away" from micro-dosing Cannabis because of "low birth weight, behavioral problems, brain development" while also deriding the lack of research? Has she or any of the panel guests conducted any?

  11. I don’t need your stupid studies to tell me that it works for me and helps with chronic pain we don’t need big Pharma involved they were disaster from the beginning

  12. I don't think these Dr's understand that cannabis has been used as medicine for 3000 years and that their questions don't matter

  13. This should also be the way people start to use edibles or smoke in general. If you've never smoked pot or have anxiety you could reduce the risk of panic attack. Pot heads should support this idea as well because it's not good PR for national legalization when people are checking themselves into hospitals because their asshole peers thought it'd be funny to give them too much thc. I've seen people do this to their own friends and intervened a few times. Tolerance is not an excuse to play with peoples minds.

  14. Micro dose is a much better way to consume considering the strains are modified to maximize thc. In the 80s and 90s the strains averaged 5 % thc max w a equal ratio of cbd or less. Today a common strain average is 15% thc.. almost zero cbd,.. thanks millennials..

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