Burst of Anger During An Anger Management Class [The Return of Superman Teaser/ENG]

– Holding hands like this /
– Right ~ (There are new friends!) (Where are we?
Why are we here?) (Are we here to eat?) (He’s unusual.) What are you saying? What is your brother saying? I don’t know… Isn’t he saying it tastes good? (WHAT?) (HEY, STRANGER!) (I WASN’T SAYING THAT!) (I’m upset!) Today, we will control our anger. (This is an anger management class.) Tell us your own stories
when you were upset. I was once upset
when Gunhoo didn’t listen to me. (Were you talking about me?) (I have been upset many times!) (Nobody stop me today!) (Gunhoo, you shouldn’t get upset here) (Hey, this song is…?) JUMP! (Let stress leave my body!) (Why did the song end?) (I was dancing like this!) (I didn’t even start!) (PUT THE MUSIC BACK ON!) I will stop him. NOPE! (I told you “no”.) Don’t. DON’T! (You don’t remember?) (8 months ago.) (He was upset when the music stopped
while he was dancing.) (No (Nooooooo (Noooooooooooo (Nooooooooooooo!) (You are doing it again!) Don’t! Don’t! (You can’t stop me today!) You guys are here to relieve your stress… (((You can watch the full episodes.
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100 thoughts on “Burst of Anger During An Anger Management Class [The Return of Superman Teaser/ENG]

  1. Is this what Anna was talking about in her ig post?

    I do agree that the production team's way of editing Gunhoo and Naeun sibling fights just to make it more interesting for the audience led to some people bashing either of the siblings

  2. I'm getting sick of the producers of this show as well with how they keep portraying the siblings and the other children in this program. It's understandable from a parents point of view to get angry when their children are viewed as fighting often and one with anger issues when really it's just them growing up like the rest of us and because it's entertainment I understand why they would edit it to be more interesting but these are kids. I miss the early days of the show when it used to literally be the dads at home taking care of the kids and really just exploring the dynamic of their relationship with an outing here or there. It's recently become all about making the kids do something new or odd all the time with over editing at times. Gosh, at times it's hard to watch now because they over do the editing and at times make it seem as one kid or the other is at fault for a certain situation.

  3. TROS and the critics bad-mouthing Naeun don't deserve this family or the other TROS families. The way they heavily edit for entertainment, and the stupid critics believing all they see on the show to be true (especially bad badmouthing a 4 yr old) would make me support this show ending for the sake and well-being of the families, especially the children.

  4. Just change name of this program to 'Naeun and Gunhoo' 😑 KBS….no hate, but I do not feel the old time vibes anymore. And it is so not fair about this kids screen time. This family got most screen time than other kids.

  5. I think both parties exaggerated on these situation. Producer seems to make Naeun as responsible siblings when she always said 'No'. And how the editor make Naeun seems a bit 'bossy' also at fault.
    And here we only see adorable kids that soothe our stress.
    Of course, the producers will always interfere in their 'normal' life to make the show entertain to the audience.
    I really hope they can discuss these misunderstanding as the fans still want to see Eden and Aciel on the show.

  6. I understand why Anna made that ig post by this episode and some of that scenes they made to look that GunHoo and NaEun is always fighting they edit it so well to the point that it will made them always fighting … Hey KBS what wrong with you… Because of this Anna is felt so bad…

  7. I understand why Anna made that ig post by this episode and some of that scenes they made to look that GunHoo and NaEun is always fighting they edit it so well to the point that it will made them always fighting … Hey KBS what wrong with you… Because of this Anna is felt so bad…

  8. They have to work on this hitting thing. I got into disagreements with my siblings when we were younger but we never hit each other

  9. I was happy when I saw that they were actually putting Gunhoo in an anger management class, but it looks like they're still just making light of the entire situation. This is something that needs to be taken seriously; that kid needs to learn that he can't just scream and hit people, especially Naeun, when he doesn't get his way. It's also disappointing to see that neither of their parents are here. Again, this is something that they should be taking seriously to improve their child's bad behavior, so it's sad to see that it seems like it's only being played up for entertainment and not something for the parents to be involved in.

  10. Finding out that Anna had to make an ig post clarifying that the kids get along and don't fight as often as the producers are making it seem, smh, that's sad that she has to that, kbs I expected better ☹️

  11. Oh look, there goes people (who are not even parents) try to give ‘opinion’ and judging a 2 min clips of normal KIDS bickering with their siblings and act like their a saint when they was a child once🙄🙄🙄this siblings especially naeun is 100 TIMES much better at this age than most other kids especially you guys who criticised gunhoo(a TWO YEARS KID!!) and naeun as well. Just shut your mouth and stop your LOW HUMAN BEING ATTITUDE WHO JUDGING KIDS (EXCEPTIONALLY WELL-MANNER PARKS SIBLINGS). Don’t like don’t watch, thank you😤😤😤😤😤😤

  12. Between Anna’s clear disapproval over the way their kids are sometimes edited by production AND the fact that their kids get a lot of screen time and might just get overexposed and face inevitably some backlash, I’m wondering if these kids will be pulled from the show by her. I honestly wouldn’t be terribly surprised if next year they’re gone from the show. These kids are super cute and will grow up to be very special in their own way, but TV just isn’t for everyone and every family. Who knows though

  13. They need to just let the music play and let Gunhoo dance until he gets tired. That's why he gets so frustrated. People can't understand him yet when he talks and he can't control anything because he's still so little. Even something as simple as a book goes at Naeun's speed because she's older and can be understood when she talks. Clearly there is a dance party inside him just looking for a chance to come out, so let him dance until he's exhausted and then maybe that'll relieve some of his stress.

  14. TROS slowly changing to Gunhoo's show. Producers, stop giving too much screentime to these kids just because they have more fans than the others. Also, stop evil editing all the kids in TROS.

  15. I think Knetz or some conservative parents have many things to say coz the way anna raise her kids is different from them. This kids are not pure asians so anna have her own ways and i think it cool. You can see how brave, independent and responsible they are. They should stop criticizing the kids or the mom (base on comments i've read) if they have different ways to raise a child. Everyone is different. Mind their own business and repect them.

  16. I don't mind the edit as long as the production team did it with positive feeling. However, the comments Bashing either of the children are stupids. Like, that's how siblings normally behave when they reach that certain age. Seriously, Some people should refrain keeping their immatured opinions like duh! 💆🏻‍♀️ Also, I understand Anna here. She's a mom she probably read the comments and end up getting hurt because of some stupid feeds 💆🏻‍♀️

  17. I think most of us will get angry when you are enjoying then someone will cut it off…I feel you gunhoo. kids wil not be able to control their anger because they are just kids. Naeun is a very understanding big sister, she doesn't fight back when gunhoo hit her.

  18. At the end of the day, I'm sure those criticizing the fact that the siblings are fighting are those who don't have children or have zero to minimal experience with being around those who have siblings or even close cousins. At that age even heck till now, siblings fight. I come from a family of 7 children total, can you imagine the number of fights we've been in. LOL chill. I'm sure Anna is hurt as a parent, to see her child talked poorly about from netizens. Especially when it's pitting one sibling against the other, how can you not want to speak out.

  19. I'm finding it funny that people are taking this show so seriously. It's so obvious that the show is trying to make things entertaining, regardless of how they edit it. You're not supposed to take it to heart because it's for entertainment purposes. I don't get why people are going against Korean tv shows left and right these days. This is a TV SHOW. Of course it's not going to show a child eating or just looking out the window all the time. Why the hell are people taking a show so seriously? So damn sensitive to every little thing. If you're that bored to find the time to scrutinize a tv show, get a hobby. Goodness gracious…

  20. Yeah TROS editors always tend to go overboard with editing the show. When the triplets were still on there was also an issue on how they edited a certain episode because it was too obvious how they arranged the clips to present the narrative that they want. In the end it's these kids and their parents who end up being under scrutiny of viewers who don't know any better. Not surprised if, like the triplets, the Park siblings also won't last more than two years in the show. It's the producers' fault. Naeun is such a good child and the producers keep on wanting to frame her as bossy when she's, like Gunhoo, she's also a kid and is also learning herself.

  21. I'm sorry but like my siblings and I have really bad fights. I woke up to a fork in the wall and my brother and sister crying

  22. I think its normal to fight with the siblings that what makes the bond stronger…it was my day to day routine to fight with my siblings 😂😂..we fight with each other in so many things, but it does not bring any hatred towards each other,,there's always love ,support,caring in between..it has always brought wonderful memories in present days…now i always laugh n cherish those past memories with my siblings,n thats the happiest moment for me😊😊😊😊☺

  23. stop exaggerating plzzzz it’s a show! People always looking for something to complain about. What did you expect?? they edit the video just to make it more entertaining to the viewers. It is wrong? Yes but it’s a show and their parents knew it. So stop overreacting🤷🏻‍♀️

  24. I think despite the portrayal of them fighting all the time, as long as we understand that this is normal occurances in every siblings I think it is fine. We have seen different sides of their relationship so it is not too overally one sided i think.

  25. Bruh what ?? This ain't no fighting, my brother and I used to literally grab each others necks, almost close to chocking 😭😂😂😂

  26. I find nothing wrong with this episode, it's just normal for the siblings to act that way and there's a time also that they are sweet to each other, I find it realistic anyway.

  27. What the hell was this teacher doing? He keep talking bulshit while gunhoo making trouble here and there, he look so stupid.

  28. siblings fight is normal, right? but as an adult, we need to tell them that fight is not the right things to do. i think the adults that's on the screen with naeun and gunhoo should tell that what they do was wrong and they need to love each other more. this is the way they learn.

  29. When i fought with my siblings, usually there will be some tools like hammer or something to scare them since i am a girl living with 3 brothers.. Sometimes when my parents were working, we even fought with knives.. Luckily no one get hurt

  30. As for me this show helps me in analyzing how kids under go development 😂 and how normal their actions and reactions are as part of growing . This people who criticize the park siblings are so immature to see only the outside they only believe what they select to believe

  31. Halah halahh rame bener ni komen, emaknya mereka kan udh jelasin, masih ae pd ribut 😒 bodo pd kaga ngerti gue ngomong apaan

  32. Regardless of Anna's post I feel bad for Naeun. She has such a big responsibility to take care of Gunhoo. She also wants to play, enjoy the activities and we know that Gunhoo is too young to understand the situation and sometimes get angry. And there's Naeun who control his brother when the cameras are rolling and when her parents are not present.

  33. I have seen other kids like the triplets, the twins, William and Bentley, etc but the producers doesn't cause that problem. But they always show park siblings fight. I think since their parents are not there always, the producers use them like this

  34. Dang these people saying bad things about these siblings. They're children after all💁‍♀️. If you think this is worst then I'm glad my parents haven't seen this. Because if they happen to see this, you'd gonna see them comment that their children are wayyyyyyy worst than that. But Is it just me? I like it when Gunhoo teases Naeun, No offense but I like seeing them fighting. And Gunhoo tries his best to make them understand that he's really angry.

  35. Naeun almost to cry when gunhoo hit her🥺 but this is how siblings is . Me as sister that have older brother also like this . The way they editted naeun being "bossy" and make them look like always fight eachother make me sad . They're so cute and lovely towards each other . Gunhoo is so lucky to has older sister like naeun ❤️❤️ remember when the first episode naeun is the fairy of kissing ❤️ she love to kiss gunhoo❤️❤️

  36. this rlly just proving anna's point about the editing of this show naeun just trying to help the producers film the episode and ends up being portrayed as a mean big sis 🙁 wtf tros

  37. Do Koreans genuinely think all of these scenes are happening all at once without cuts? lmao believe it or not, reality shows are often more than boring when unedited. Kids aren't entertaining 24/7 lol those who genuinely believe that this is what happens on and off screen have never taken care of children or grew up with kids around them.

  38. for all you complaining about the producers editing the scenes to make it look like they're always fighting, the producers aren't telling the kids to act in front of the camera. These are actual stuff that the kids did, its not like they told naeun go tell gunhoo "No" and then they tell gunhoo to hit his sister. NO THATS NOT HOW IT WORKS WITH KIDS! You cant solely blame the producers and YES the original purpose of this show was to show children with their father but Park Joo Ho is a soccer player and currently K-League is in season so hes not home most of the time. Meaning they dont have much content to show the viewers with the kids and their father so the producers have to work with what they have. Because if they start showing less of these two children people complain. While they are trying their best to show viewers naeun and gunhoo more they get hate saying its edited to make them look bad. Well then Anna should just take them off the show for everyone's sake. Or the producer can stop putting time and effort into giving these two children more show time and only show naeun and gunhoo when Park Joo Ho is with them, which is rare. And yes I would rather much go back to the old days when international fans weren't nosy about every little thing and trying to change how another country works. No country is perfect and just because your country has different cultures doesnt give you the right to change or criticize how another country works and its culture whether you agree with it or not. So for all those annoying international fans just FUCK OFF NO ONE NEEDS YOUR ATTENTION ITS ANNOYING AND YOURE ALL UNAPPRECIATED HERE

  39. Tbh I find this harmless and cute. It’ll get better when he’s able to talk and Naeun will grow to let go of some stuff.

    By nature boys are a lil more rebellious and playful

  40. Show always exaggerated thwir scenes so I don't know why people critics the kids for that (not just Naeun and Gunhoo but the other kids too). I don't take the editing seriously (despite been disliking most of it since years ago) and others should do that too before start complaining about that kids. I understand why Anna made that post and I hope they can discuss about this together.

  41. I'm not gonna be shock if this kids will no longer on TROS because of the producers and editors .. they're making the children look so bad !! For the sake of rating they'll do dirty !!

  42. Naeun kept saying “NO!!” and yelling at her brother coz the producers asked her to do that as they can’t jump in front of cameras to control Gunhoo. So, she can’t enjoy like the way other boys and girls do since she was told to watch her brother.

  43. Um, yeah it’s being edited unnecessarily, but can we talk about Gunhoo maybe having autism? He’s showing so many signs for it and it’s not just the editing.

  44. 우리나은이~정말 예쁜나은이 동생잘챙기고 .배려심.아빠사랑하는 마음.예절..어느한군데도 빼놓을때없는 나은이..건후야~누나말 잘듣고 착하고 건강하게 잘자라거라 너희들이 대한민국의 기둥이다~

  45. Now I understand what Anna was talking about on her ig post. She didn't even need to explain it: Gunhoo loves dancing and running and talking, obviously he wouldn't be able to just sit like an older kid and listen. They're not even fighting, poor Eden is being portrayed like the annoying sister and Aciel like a angry baby. We all know that's not the truth

  46. I'm not really sure why people have an issue with Na Eun and Gunhoo fighting… It's normal, come on. I'm the older sister (by 4 years) and I've definitely had my hair pulled by my brother, and I have scratched my brother's face when we were kids lol. Compared to that, this is nothing. Na Eun is a kind older sister, and Gun Hoo will understand that once he gets a little older. There's nothing wrong with either of them for fighting, each have their own personalities.

  47. If you have a sibling, it is never possible to get along well all the time.
    I hope people critizing this understands that 'bickering' involves feelings, meaning, if they did not care for each other, there is only indifference.
    Get off your high horses.

  48. They are so cute and the sweetest sibling i’ve ever seen! ♥️♥️

    A cute ‘fighting’ is a normal in sibling relationship. It is one of the process to grown up. It’s ok for me as long as they didn’t hurt each other physically.

  49. Why people are defending the producers. Even their own mum isn't happy how they edit and portray the kids image in the show. 😶

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