Bulletproof (6/10) Movie CLIP – Please Take That Out of My Ass (1996) HD

# My darling, you # # Bittersweet # # Memories # # That is all I’m taking # # With me # # So good-bye # # Please don’t cry # # We both know # # I’m not what you need # [Falsetto]
# And I # # I will always # # Love you # # I’ll always love you ## Will you shut up?
Shut the hell up! Keats, you’ll always be
my bodyguard. You know that. [Grunting] Ow! Let me guess.
You dropped the soap? Please take that
out of my ass. I want you
on the bed now! [Panting]
Hey, Charlie. What’s up, Chuck?

100 thoughts on “Bulletproof (6/10) Movie CLIP – Please Take That Out of My Ass (1996) HD

  1. Gotta love a lil homo erotic humor 😛

    God I just cant get over that ass! it's so big, round, jiggly,and beautiful!

  2. Archie Moses: 🗣Will you shut up? Shut the hell up!
    Archie Moses: [😫Screaming]
    Rock Keats: Let me guess. You dropped the soap?
    Archie Moses: Please take that 🔫out of my ass.
    Rock Keats: I want you on the bed🛏now!

  3. hát igen adam sandler meg akart lógni az ablakon a golyóálló cimü filmből és damon wayans pisztolyt nyomot a seggére.

  4. im going to do this to my husband one day in 2am when he sleeping i will be singing this song just like him lol boy my husband is going to be so mad at me lol

  5. I don't think I have ever laughed that hard to Adam Sandler. I can't believe I haven't seen this movie!

  6. Adam's got a real nice butt. All wet and soapy. Mmm…
    Also, what was Archie gonna do? Escape and run out in the woods butt naked? LOL

  7. 😅 Underrated movie and scene. I was 9 when this came out and yes, I saw it in a theatre with my parents.

  8. People saying Adam Sandler isn’t not funny no more, he still is. He’s funnier back then and he’s still funny to this very day. Give the man a break if he’s not funny to y’all at least he’s trying.

  9. Best part of all the movie 😂😂😂 his face when he hits that high note is fuckin' hilarious

  10. I can listen to this for 10 hours straight and not get sick of it, this is one of his funniest momments

  11. I was really going to think that Moses (Adam Sandler) was going to say, "No, I am not going to shut the hell up because I love to sing this song so (falsetto voice) and I will always love you." as he finishes his shower

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