HOWARD: FRUSTRATION…CHAOS..A ND DISORGANIZATION. THAT’S WHAT MANY BRUNO MARS FANS FELT TODAY AT ALOHA STADIUM…MANY OF TUESDAY. THEY SAY, STADIUM OFFICIALS SHOULD HAVE HAD A BETTER SYSTEM IN PLACE. JENN BONEZA SPOKE WITH STADIUM AUTHORITY LATE THIS AFTERNOON. SHE JOINS US WITH MORE. JENN? JENN: I’M HERE AT ALOHA STADIUM WHERE DIE HARD BRUNO FANS ARE WAITING EAGERLY TO GET THEIR TICKETS WHEN THE BOX OFFICE OPENS AT 10:00 A.M. TOMORROW MORNING. RIGHT NOW THERE ARE ABOUT 1000 PEOPLE WAITING IN LINE FOR TICKETS. THINGS ARE CALM RIGHT NOW, BUT IT WAS A MUCH DIFFERENT STORY EARLIER. HPD WAS HERE WITH BACKUP SWAT TEAMS TO HELP KEEP THE PEACE. I WAS ABLE TO SPEAK TO SCOTT CHAN WHO HOPES THINGS WILL CONTINUE TO REMAIN PEACEFUL THROUGHOUT THE NIGHT. HE SAYS IF IT DOESN’T…HE’LL SHUT THINGS DOWN. A NUMBER OF PEOPLE WERE ALREADY ASKED TO LEAVE THE STADIUM FOR DISORDERLY CONDUCT. SCOTT CHAN, STADIUM AUTHORITY: i am disappointed in behavior of guests in line. we tried our best to confront that SCOTT CHAN, STADIUM AUTHORITY: our staff needs to get back to assessing the event altogether to evaluate what we could’ve done better. some things may have contributed to providing a better outcome for today SCOTT CHAN, STADIUM AUTHORITY: we’ll bring in the necessary manpower we need to try to keep law and order and control SCOTT CHAN, STADIUM AUTHORITY: and we need to learn from that and hopefully the next time we have an event like this magnitude we can incorporate some of the changes that we need to make JENN: CHAN IS ADVISING ANYONE WHO WAS THINKING OF COMING DOWN TO THE STADIUM TO JUST STAY HOME AND TRY TO GET YOUR TICKETS VIA TICKETMASTER. JENN: HE SAYS…THEY WILL LEARN FROM THIS EXPERIENCE AND HOPE THAT EVERYONE COOPERATES SO THAT THINGS CAN WORK SMOOTHLY TOMORROW. AND AGAIN..THINGS MAY LOOK CALM NOW BUT IT WAS A DIFFERENT STORY EARLIER TODAY. FROM THERE. “Shut it down.” “Everybody go home.” What started out as an exciting time for Bruno Mars fans earlier this morning quickly turned into this — fans threatening to leave the premises, some being asked to leave, and extra police being called to help keep the peace. Kimberlee Speakman: Aloha Stadium: Emotions are running high here at the Aloha Stadium due to what many people say is a lack of organization and enforcement from Stadium officials.” Alaina Davis, Bruno Mars Fan: “They’re aware of the situation where people in the back of the line are cutting off in the people in the front. And no one has been, there’s been nothing that’s been done about it and that’s what’s disappointing.” Fans say there have been incidents with cutting, mis- communication with lines inside the venue and people making their own systems to decide who got into the venue first. They tell me that the stadium didn’t do enough to make sure the process of purchasing concert tickets went smoothly. Geri Aranaydo, Bruno Mars Fan: “They should have been more prepared knowing that more people would come down and buy tickets since online isn’t working for everybody.” Mealani Mitchell: “This was supposed to be a family event where Bruno is coming home to his hometown and his family gonna represent right, right now we’re not representing right.” Ticket sales open tomorrow at 10 a.m. Stay with KHON2 for the latest. Kimberlee

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