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  1. I am beginning to think that I have c-ptsd rather than "just" ptsd. it would make more sense although ptsd definitely makes sense and is the diagnosis i have, as well as anxiety and depression. there's a curious hole in my memory that I have known about since 3rd grade and i am 56. the only memory i have of my first stepmother is the huge shouting match that culminated in her leaving my father. that's odd because I can remember a wedding I attended when I was 3. i do tend to isolate a lot and i do have a huge problem wiht anger and self-harm. i also have a great deal of dificulty trusting people and have since I was about 14. I do ear abandonment and crave intimacy even if it is unhealthy. maybe I'm just an emotionally immature freak who has a lot o growing up to do.

  2. How do people develop BPD other than experiencing chronic trauma? It seems to me that CPTSD is an indicator of BPD. But if so, then why do only 24% have it diagnosed?

  3. Brilliant informative video. They can be quite nuanced.

    Whats the most effective ways to deal with both of them?

  4. OMG I have 7 out of the 9 for BPD . oh I taught in order to have BPD I taught something traumatic would have to happen to me

  5. I kept getting urges to cut myself and I did and intrusive self hate taughts and I'm suicidal . I had a 3 week episode of rage . 3 months depressed and two month's of mania now I'm up and down alot like 9 emotions a day

  6. I had c-ptsd and I was diagnosed with bpd, because I also had dissociative disorders because of incest during my childhood. But many of my problems were also because of my giftedness. Can you make a video about this topic? People with really high IQ can have lots of difficulties making relationships too. Thanks so much!

  7. I see you've been doing your homework. Thank you! This is a big step up from the video I saw a while ago on CPTSD that you did in 2015. But we (people with CPTSD) still won't get the proper diagnosis because CPTSD isn't in the DSM, but you know that. I've been struggling with CPTSD for years, and my symptoms only worsen while waiting on the field to catch up. It just adds to my frustration. I sometimes wonder why I keep holding out, but I tell myself that's my evil inner critic talking. I would rather just be left alone, though. I don't feel like putting up with people, and I don't expect them to put up with me. Most of them wouldn't understand my world anymore than I understand theirs.

  8. If your trauma has been relational and or you have been abandoned I don't see how it is unlikely that you would have a fear of abandonment without even necessarily having BPD

  9. To Katy Morton: The way you explain the "conditions" and symptoms and treatments are the best and most easy to understand that I've seen yet. Thank you. Also, I am surprised to discover that some of the descriptions in some areas of my very own childhood fit ME! I have been researching to try to cope with and hopefully get help for a family member. I probably shouldn't be so surprised because these "disorders" obviously "run" in families with a kind of domino effect. Hopefully the "psych – buck" will stop with me… doing the best I can to get the help we need. So much.
    But that's the MAJOR problem!!! Just how in the world do you get a person into therapy that thoroughly believes there's NOTHING wrong with them???
    that absolutely everything is everyone else's fault???

  10. What if the fear of abandonment stems from actual abandonment? My whole family abandoned me. Besides my one aunt. Now I have a genuine fear of abandonment. Grew up in the system because of this. Is there a difference between having a fear of abandonment because you were abandoned or just having it.

  11. Just a thought from personal experience. Prolonged abuse and trauma leads to cptsd. People love to put things in categories At times it had presented as borderline, bi-polar,
    narcissm, co dependent, OCD etc.
    Process trauma learn to re regulate you'll be on road to recovery

  12. reader not a liver …… The DSM-5 is not even valid, it is only valid in fake illusion life, to act superior . We teach you, you don't tell us! Normal reactions being defined as disorders…. How shallow and debilitating!

  13. Pretty sure I’m either BPD or CPTSD. I definitely want to be left alone. Human contact for more then an hour starts to trigger anger within me. I attract on narcissistic or emotionally unavailable men, so I’m single. I’m depressed 60% of the time and angry 40%. I hate life!

  14. Trauma can induce plenty of injurious behavior and self image problems. As well as suicidal ideation and fear of abandonment.

  15. I've been diagnosed with PTSD and BPD, but I'm being reevaluated shortly. I suffered abuse and neglect throughout my childhood years, which begs the question for me. I don't remember the vast majority of my childhood. I self harm. I fear abandonment because of being neglected, so it's not "imagined." That doesn't mean it's BPD, right?

  16. Hi Kati, both my father and sister have BPD undiagnosed. My father was misdiagnosed with bipolar during our childhood and never got the treatment that he needed and it destroyed his marriage and my sister and I went through a lot. My sister has shown symptoms of BPD since she was a young teen. She has been through a lot and has put our family through a lot. She recently physically assaulted me, she has many times, but this time was pretty serious. I want her to see a therapist, but she refuses to acknowledge or accept that she can’t control her rage. She doesn’t realize that she misinterprets what people say and do and she’s always jumping from one crisis to the next. She has horrible romantic relationships that are abusive and violent and she abuses alcohol whenever she can get it. I know she’s suffering. I wasn’t able to help my father when I was younger because I didn’t even know what BPD was, but now that I know and I know they can get help and get better, I feel obligated to save my sister. She also has a a young 11 year old daughter who struggles to cope with her mom too sometimes. My mom has had them living with her and provides for them both, so my sister is as stable as she could be, but I know she has more trouble ahead for her in life if she doesn’t get help. I want her to be happy and at peace for her sake and for our family. She’s so against treatment and can’t see what’s going on, she has such a distorted view of reality sometimes. I love my sister. I know her rage is part of her illness and she can’t help herself at times. I just don’t know how to help her. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  17. Hmmm.

    I feel like I have both.

    I fear abandonment and I usually punish myself.

    But I also lash out when triggers from my past traumas happen.

    Maybe I have both.

  18. Can a person have cptsd and bpd? In the case of cptsd you said bpd individuals have a chronic fear of abandonment while cpst individuals do not…. but what if part of the trama was having a parent frequently threaten to leave them from a very early age…could that then be a symptom of cptsd and not bpsd?

  19. When I have my sessions I described it as pop ups that come up. I start talking about something then I get amnesia or brain fog and dissociate or I have these Pop ups where I can't dive deep in a topic. I jump from one thing to another.
    I am pretty sure that I have CPTSD. It's so much all at once.
    I already talked about it.

  20. Thank you for spelling this out… it's only recently that i've come to understand that what i've been working to control all my life through self-analysation and logical processes, have been commonly experienced by many others too… so much so that they are part of the psychologists' modern day acronym soup!
    And even now at 53 after all the hard work i'm one of the calmest ppl i know, yet when i'm a bit tired and my guard drops, i'm still finding that my symptoms cause problems with the uninitiated…
    Your vid has helped me see why i do what i do, what i already instinctively do to cope and heal, and what i will never stop doing but can continue to self-manage and this gives me direction, hope, and belief & security within myself.
    Thank you again 🙂

  21. Can fear of abandonment refers to entirely avoiding having intimate relationship with anyone and not trusting your parents or friends enough to share emotions?

  22. I was diagnosed with bpd, but I'm almost certain I have c-ptsd as well.
    I can't remember much, but I know that I've experienced repeated bullying and either sexual harassment or assault in the past (which was never addressed), and am currently in what I'm almost certain is an abusive relationship with my parents and romantic partner. I've spent multiple hours watching videos and reading articles on narcissistic and emotionally immature parents, and have related to almost all of the points and topics. My issue is that I'm currently a minor, and no one will listen to me because my parents come off as nice people in public. I really wish I didn't doubt my feelings and experiences as much as I do because of the constant invalidation, but I can't seem to avoid it. If anyone has advice, I could really use it..

  23. i’m diagnosed with ptsd but i’m pretty sure i have cptsd after this?? maybe my doctors aren’t aware of cptsd?

  24. Treatment –
    CPTSD: healing/processing trauma
    BPD: resolve injurious urges + manage emotions

    Emotion dysregulation –
    CPTSD: emotional sensitivity, reactive anger, poor coping skills, substance abuse
    BPD: suicidal, self harm more common, inward anger before outward

    BPD: fear abandonment unique

  25. Okay but a fear of abandonment can be caused by repeated abandonment aka trauma so what about in those cases? are they then BPD because of that specific trauma?

  26. Omg. What therapist? What doctor? What treatment? For PTSD there isn't treatment. Wth, that's what I've been led to believe for a long long time now.

    Seriously, lol like write about that in the comments, I promise you wouldn't have enough time to read it.

    On a point scale- how desperate am I at this point?
    Easily 8, maybe even 9 though.
    That's pretty desperate.
    But I'm pretty sure it's always like this. Yep. Everytime I try online to get a counselor therapist match I end up with someone many hours away. I'm talking far away cities and states too.
    Okay I hate complaining so I'm done. It's just life but after almost 20 years I just can't get accustomed to this.

  27. Thank you, Katie.
    I was going to share my awesome life story, but instead I'll stick with a truly sincere thanks.

    Ps. I'd love to hear your take on narrative therapy.

  28. I'm quite confused. I am diagnosed with BPD but I do think I have PTSD. I am in therapy but it only makes me really angry because it's not helping and, if anything, getting worse. I think I need treatment for the PTSD in order to move on 😞

  29. Please help me cuz today I’m doubting myself very hard ! Do I have borderline I was never diagnosed but people who don’t know about me being abused by 2 narcissists first my father then my ex suggested that ! Or do I have PTSD or NVS ? I feel so angry at my both abusers !

  30. I was diagnosed with CPTSD along with BPD and chronic depression . Is it possible to have CPTSD but not meet all the criteria ? I meet all the criteria besides 1 or 2 symptoms .

  31. When you have all symptoms of BPD. fml…
    But on a happier note. It has become more bearable now that I know exactly what it is.

  32. I'm starting to think I need to talk to my doctor about this I think I may hat this and not anxiety disorder

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