Bowfinger (6/10) Movie CLIP – Daisy’s Topless Scene (1999) HD

All right, people,
are we almost ready ? Now what areyou seeing ?
Areyou seeing the fireplace ? We should light
the fireplace. This is a good mark ? Ah, Daisy, my sweetness. Hi, how areyou ? Hi.
Areyou okay ? Doyou wanna relax first ?
Doyou wanna shoot ? You wanna shoot ?
You have such a good work ethic.
l so admire that. Here’s your mark.
These marks are a little small.
Will you be okay– [J iff ]
Mr. Bow_nger ? We have a vey
important scene. This is one of
the hot scenes that
is about heat and, and– – [ Whispering ]
– Chemisty. Oh, so it’s
the artistic portion
ofthe film. Right, so give her
a little room, react normally,
be sensitive above all because in this scene
Daisy’s gonna take off
her blouse. Okay, all right.
There’s your mark. You understand the scene.
You’re not sure
ifyou still love Keith, butyou’re offering yourself
to him in order
to save the planet. Jiff. right up here.
We’re starting here. Pan up. And roll sound. All right, let’s go. Mark. butyou want
to save the planet,
and… action. Keith, l don’t know
what’s right anymore. All l know is l have feelings
that make me needyou. Need you now ! [ Snickers ] Awesome ! [ Whispers ]
You’re doing great ! You’re gonna be a star. And… cut.

45 thoughts on “Bowfinger (6/10) Movie CLIP – Daisy’s Topless Scene (1999) HD

  1. I like how his eyes keep looking down waiting for the boobs to come out…one of my favorite Eddie murphy characters…

  2. This movie was hilarious! I watched the AVI award be presented to Steve Martin yesterday. He deserves it he is so funny and so talented.

  3. I love this movie, Murphy and Martin are a great comic duo in this film…=) I think Graham boobs are amazing, i really love this pure american woman.

  4. EM is perfection as Jiff…pure funny…his talent is incredible…this movie is a cult fav as relevant today as ever…the "pull out weiner" issue is Harvey Weinstien and the Hollywood freak show…S Martin was WAY ahead of the curve here!

  5. I still can't get over the fact that even after all these yrs i still walk around my house saying 1:53 exactly in that tone to my kids.

  6. I saw this at the movies and was bored out of mind until..this scene and the one where he runs across the freeway and I busted out laughing so hard. I just kept on laughing and laughing

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