Bottling Up Your Emotions is Not the Answer

Hi. I’m Veronica. And I’m here to tell you today that
bottling up your emotions is not the answer. We often want to not feel and to just pretend
like everything’s okay, even when it’s not. But getting real and honest and truthful
about how you feel is so important. It’s really healthy. And it’s a great way to acknowledge and respect
the emotion and to process and just get it out. When you feel happy, feel happy!
Laugh, run, enjoy time with your friends. If you’re feeling sad or angry,
feel sad. Feel angry. Don’t try to bottle it up and hold it inside. What happens is it starts
to manifest in your body. You can feel that anger in your chest. And sometimes, it can feel like
“ugh” – an intense pressure. Or once the sadness starts to build up,
you can be super depressed. And what happened with me is that
I bottled all that emotion and I developed a habit of cutting. Thankfully, now, I’ve had the gift
of yoga and meditation to help me process all those emotions. And if you’re interested in that,
there are some self-help videos through HealthyPlace which you can check out at the link below. So feel how you want to feel. Get real. Get honest about it. There is nothing to be
ashamed about how you feel. It’s really what makes us human. We’re not robots. And the feeling allows us to have connection
to other people and to be who we are.

11 thoughts on “Bottling Up Your Emotions is Not the Answer

  1. I bottled up so bad for most of my life , and I'm paying for it so bad right now 😩😩 my goal as a child was to be emotionless , almost like Wednesday from the Adams family and not smile , cry , whatever ….and that lead to self harm at an early age . And recently I did the same and just went nuts and now I have scars and bruises that are slowly fading . Had I just let it out , I wouldn't have marred my pretty skin . My therapist and I called it quits yesterday . We were talking and she just out of the blue says "do you want a male or female therapist next ?" And proceeded to drop me . She says we just didn't woke out .

  2. … I was bullied and ignored by every one as a kid. Even my parents put my charmingly mean brother on a pedestal like he was a blessed child. So if people want to overlook me for being me, why should they have the option of seeing the real me? So I became devoid of emotion, fashion, and, well, I've always been devoid of love. I only show emotions to the people I care about. I don't trust anyone else.

  3. As soon as I say anything , it’s like…omg this again…you’re always unhappy ..what’s new….so I don’t want to keep hearing that because it just makes me feel worse. I wouldn’t wish this crap on anyone. I can’t even live like this and nobody wants to be around , let alone help. Medications aren’t doing anything…not looking good

  4. I wish I could bottle it up because I cried in my class in front of everyone but now I feel like I need to run to my room and cry because my family calls me names which I am not okay with so that led me to cry when I am not sad.

  5. when i spoke up to my mother about me being depressed she didnt even care… se just passed right to the next subject of the conversation… that was realy invalidating for me , cause it took alot of courage for me to actually admitt it and i was treated like it was nothing…

    i think i may have bipolar disorder but since right now i am in a more ''happy'' phase of my life i think back and ask myself if it all was in my mind afterall…when i am depressed i dont feel like talking about it and when i am hypomanic i cant be sure if i am just realy happy or if it realy is a hypomanic episode…

    how do you get diagnosed ? ..

  6. I refuse to feel sadness because i cant get out of it. I use glass when i bottle it cuz it takes 1000 years to breakdown

  7. What ends up happening my bottle breaks (me lashing out) and then I pick the pieces up and put my bottle back together and thus the cycle never ends

  8. Hey Keith Martin should see it.
    And other people should see it.

    This video is interested.
    Yeah if you feel an emotions expect it.
    Even relationship or friendship need expression.

    I feel annoying when Keith Martin bullies me. So feel like yelling at him at times. So want Keith Martin to stop bullying me around. They way he treat me doesn't get me to like him more at times. He expect me to be there for him but he always has some problems with his own issues and expect me to solve for him.
    I have responsibly these days I don't have time like before.
    I get out of my comfort zone Independent hardworking workers
    When I feel tired I rest abit. Weekend is like a day off good days to rest. Why he doesn't understand it.
    I go home tired need rest have dinner.

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