Boss Shim’s gradation anger [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2020.02.09]

Is that her company motto? It seems so. Hyunmoo, please read it for us. It means, “Without thinking far ahead…” Yes. “One cannot achieve great things.” Basically saying that you should see the big picture. (Pleased) (Good motto for the New Year) There’s her trophy. Perhaps she carries it around. (Rookie Award, Shim Youngsoon) It must be heavy. Wherever she goes, the trophy follows. Yes. But it’s too big to fit in a handbag. (Ms. Shim’s food research center) We haven’t seen them in a while. Indeed, it’s been a while. It’s Chef Maehwa. Yes. (Is it a special occasion?) Everyone is wearing hanbok. We held a kick-off meeting for the new year, 2020. It was Ms. Shim’s wish, so we all wore hanbok. Do all of your employees have to wear hanbok? For the kick-off meeting? Not until this year. Yes. But now, any year could be my last… There she goes again today. So as long as I’m alive… I want us to uphold tradition by wearing hanbok for the new year’s kick-off meeting. It’s a good idea. It’s lovely. – Yes, it’s lovely. / – Those employees… Who usually wear ordinary clothes look as pretty as flowers in hanbok. Sales figures for 2019 and sales targets for 2020… She’s lovely in hanbok. (Beauty of hanbok) She should write with a brush. (Don’t be mistaken, this is a food research center) (A rather serious mood…) There she is. Ms. Shim has arrived. (Bursting into laughter) Did she bring her trophy? (With her Rookie Award trophy) She’s showing off. She’s worthy of the Grand Prize in entertainment. Congratulations. I had to show it to the employees. It was their first time seeing it. Happy New Year. – Happy New Year. / – Happy New Year. Let’s stand here for a minute. Everyone else can sit down. Since it’s the New Year, please give us a few words of guidance. It’s so funny she brought her trophy. I was told that your hard work in 2019 allowed our company to grow. As for me, I worked hard in my job and received this award at age 80. (Bragging at the start of her address) She’s right. Whenever I go on TV, I’ll be counting on you to pray that I won’t misspeak, that I won’t be criticized by viewers, that I can prompt laughter, so that next year… I mean this year, I can win the Grand Prize in entertainment. (Doubting their ears) So I can win the Grand Prize in entertainment. (Startled by her ambitious plans) – We had our doubts… / – As expected. She has big dreams. She’ll skip the awards in between, winning Grand Prize right away. I don’t care whether I skip them or not as long as I win something. To win again this year… But she specified the Grand Prize in the footage. (Dreaming of the Grand Prize in 2020) (Trophy in the interview) I should do well, of course. But winning the Grand Prize will depend on the effort made by the two other hosts. She doesn’t want us to win with her. But it matters how hard we work… She wants our help to win the prize herself. If this show becomes really popular, reaching 30% viewer ratings or higher… It’d be mean not to give me the Grand Prize. Don’t you think so? Grand Prize of the KBS Entertainment Awards… (KBS Entertainment Awards 2020) – They edited the footage. / – Thank you. (We hope you’ll win this year!) (Picturing it makes her happy!) I was so happy in 2019. I think 2020 will be an even happier year. So work hard. As the saying goes, slackers don’t deserve to eat. It lets you know that cooking for others is the worthiest profession. Being president isn’t worthy at all. – Understood? / – Yes. Cheers to 2020! Cheers! (That ended the kick-off meeting) (Employees gather in the office) – Come in. / – The mood feels different… With all of them dressed in hanbok. Everyone, please come in. (Come in) (Why did they gather after the kick-off meeting?) Ms. Shim promised New Year’s cash gift to those who give New Year’s bow. So I dashed to the office to give her a bow. They’re fighting to give her a bow. We’ll bow to you first. (Ms. Shim’s daughters bow first) (Please receive our bow, mother) We should bow to Ms. Shim today. We should. We can get New Year’s cash gift. Even if we have to pause the shoot. (Pleased) (Bowing their heads properly afterward) (We have to bow our heads too) Nurture your children well this year and serve your husbands well. (Sharing words of blessing in return) May the research center flourish too. I hope you will bring joy to many people in this new year of 2020. Thank you. I wish you many blessings this year. Along with good health. Yes, sure. There’s no follow-up action. Shouldn’t she hand out cash gifts? She cut the flow with her response. (Only I get to give words of blessing) (The two daughters give her cash gifts) Here you are. They give her cash gifts. You expect me to give cash gifts at my age? We should call off the bow. We should focus on the shoot. We should focus. No bows. We should watch the footage. (Goodness) Did you fill it with enough bills? (Elders don’t usually receive New Year’s cash gifts) It’s our family tradition. When we bow to elders on holidays, whoever earns money gives a cash gift to their parents as they bow. Whoever has a job gives a cash gift as they give a New Year’s bow. That makes sense. – Make it short. / – Now, everyone… Let’s start with married employees. But it doesn’t apply to employees. – It doesn’t. / – For employees… She should give cash gifts. Family traditions are fine… – But not with employees. / – Right. (Will the employees get New Year’s cash gifts?) What a lovely sight. (Huh?) Is she bowing twice? What’s going on? – A second bow? / – She shouldn’t. – That’s wrong! / – Stand up. She’ll be scolded. You should bow your head. – She didn’t bow her head. / – Good. Then you can sit down. – Happy New Year. / – Happy New Year. Thank you. Seeing everyone in hanbok is such a lovely sight. You should visit your parents wearing hanbok, saying, “Thank you for birthing me.” Give them a deep bow, not a normal bow. Raise your hands and give them a deep bow. (Long speech) She won’t cut it short. (Droning on) (Sudden lecture mode) Is she about to throw up? (She hasn’t changed) She’s getting dizzy. (Passion still aflame) Tell them, “Thank you for birthing and raising me.” – That’s your human duty. / – She getting angry. Suddenly, she’s angry. You’re not beasts. How dare you be so careless… People don’t change easily. (Is her self-reflection really over?) Are all adults sinners or what? It’s time for words of blessing. (Goodness, mother…) (Time for scoldings instead of blessings?) Understood? – Yes. / – Yes. You’ve worked so hard during the past year. You aren’t like homemakers of the past since you also hold jobs. It comes with such hardship. – Playing them hot and cold. / – But… That is life. Why hold a job if you’d rather not work? – A second burst of anger. / – Why is she angry? This is part two now. Stop worrying, “What should I cook for dinner?” “What should I cook for breakfast tomorrow?” What a pointless question! Just prepare whatever you cook best and serve a warm meal. Families should eat whatever the mother cooks. Even young pups refuse to eat what they don’t like. Is this a scolding or a blessing? – It’s her third burst of anger. / – Really? (Does anyone know why she is angry?) She has never-ending anger. (Legs growing numb…) Her legs are growing numb. What a funny expression. (I’m reaching my limit too…) Their legs are growing numb. (Embarrassed) Chef Lu, I’ve never seen you laugh so hard. What’s so funny? I’m sorry to say this, Ms. Shim, but you’re talking too long about things young folks hate to hear. I get so many negative comments online. So the production crew edited everything out. That’s the pared-down version? They probably cut out everything that might raise criticism. It’s shocking to know it was longer. (Ms. Shim, boss of frustration) Now please stand up. Well done. They can’t stand. A few are about to collapse. (Finally over…) – Please go one by one. / – She prepared it. The New Year’s cash gift. Hurry up and receive your gift. You asked for $10 each, right? Yes. I liked your modest request, so I’m giving out $50 each instead. She prepared the envelopes. Giving is such a pleasure. – Happy New Year. / – Happy New Year. Another group bowing to receive the gift… (What is she doing?) Who is that? You gave a man’s bow? Do it again. Start. That’s good. (Senior Staff Taeyeon, learning how to bow) – A normal bow since she’s single. / – Good. Stand up slowly. Bow your head. Good. What an ordeal to receive a bow. – Happy New Year. / – Happy New Year. – I hope she won’t tell them… / – Be healthy. To get married and such. I heard you have a girlfriend. No, I don’t. – You don’t? / – They broke up. – They did? / – Really? (Oh, dear) (Silence… Oh, dear…) (What is Ms. Shim’s advice?) Why did you break up? (Oh, no…) Rough language in the new year can drive away evil spirits. Isn’t she overdoing it? She wants him to move on quickly. (The scolding is worse than heartbreak) Chef Lu, you can press the button. – You can. / – Whatever seems amiss… Laughing brought tears to my eyes. (Tears from hearing her rough language) To avoid hearing that, people shouldn’t break up. (To avoid harsh language, don’t break up) You should be careful. (Flinch) (Lengthy words of blessing are over…) At least he gets $50 after getting chewed out. (Handing out New Year’s cash gifts) (Thank you) Now then… I’ll cook rice cake soup. Enjoy it before you go. – Yes. / – Yes, thank you. Let’s go.

16 thoughts on “Boss Shim’s gradation anger [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2020.02.09]

  1. Jesus. I wish they would replace her- she's not even neutral but really annoying to watch. She isn't entertaining at all, with an unwatchable personality. On the other hand, I can't wait for the clips of the new chef (Chinese restaurant) ♡

  2. Wow, I'm one of the people who respect the elders (but this lady way is too much)… At least, I do hope she pay those poor employees really well (who on earth is she to say, SERVE your husband well, or mess in some others lives and relationships, and to treat disrespectfully others)… ain't the fact that she is an elder, is the fact that she's the type of person who believes has the only right answer (even with there isn't a question).

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