Billy Madison (2/9) Movie CLIP – Billy Mocks a Third Grader (1995) HD

C-H? – Correct!
– I am the smartest man alive! [Laughing] He gonna have a stupid party
every time he passes a grade? Whee!
[Carl] Everybody’s having
a good time but you.Spoiled snot!
Get outta here. Let me ask you
something, Carl. You started here, what,
25 years ago? Night bellboy at
the Philadelphia Madison? After all your hard work,
how would you feel… workin’ for some punk kid
like Billy? Could be worse. Whee!
That’s nice. Man, I’m so nervous. First and second grade
were easy,
but social studies, division. This is gonna be tough! Man, I’m so nervous. First and second grade
were easy,
but social studies, division. This is gonna be tough!
Relax, dude. Jackpot! Good morning, class. [Together]
Good morning,
Miss Vaughn. We’re gonna start today
by reading together… a short story entitled,
My Sister, Fanny.[Laughing]
Quiet!Let’s all open up our
Reading Is Funbooks…to page 69.
[Laughing] Class, say hello
to Billy Madison. [Together]
Hello, Billy Madison. Billy is a nuisance.
He will be gone in two weeks. I apologize for
this inconvenience. – Geez, what’s up her butt?
– What was that, Billy? I said,
“Reading is good.” Can we start
the story now? Dan, you may begin. “On-Once… “th-th-there
w-w-was… “a g-g-girl… “who wa-wa-wanted
Kid can’t even read. Cut it out, dude.
You’re gonna get us
in trouble.“Air-air…p-p-p-p…” To-To-Today, junior! Ha-ha-ha-ha. [Giggling] Ow! You’re tearing
my ear off! Making fun of a little kid
for trying to read! Are you psycho?
Do you not have a soul? I’m sorry, I can’t hear you.
I’ve been physically abused
in the ear. You keep your mouth shut
for the next two weeks,
or I’m gonna fail you. End of story.I see
your lips movin’.But I can’t make out
the words. I’m deaf! Oh, Veronica Vaughn! # So hot
Want to touch the heinie # [Howls] You know that girlie
I’ve been chasin’?

100 thoughts on “Billy Madison (2/9) Movie CLIP – Billy Mocks a Third Grader (1995) HD

  1. Do You have a soul yes I do because I believe in God but what makes me mad is when the girl abuses him in the ear😂😂😂😂

  2. I am the smartest man alive


    69 hehehehehe

    I said reading is good, can we start to story now ?

    pff kid can't even read

    to to to today junior hahahahaha

    aww you are tearing my ear off

    I am sorry I can't hear you, I have been physically abused in the ear.

    I see your lips moving but I can't make out the worlds, I am deaf.

    oh Veronica Vaughn so hot, want to touch the heinny, howlll.


  3. Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought teachers can't put their hands ok other students then again this was a old movie so that law might not have applied but that's either assault or abuse again CORRECT me if I'm wrong

  4. Spoiler alert:
    There are a lot of things that are unrealistic in movies. Sometimes, Star Wars shows unrealistic outer space scenarios, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings have all sorts of creatures and magical spells. However, the most unrealistic thing I've ever seen in a movie is Adam Sandler ending up with that teacher after all of this sort of stuff.

  5. I don't know why any of you finds this funny at all.
    Billy was making fun of a third grader and Ms Vaughn was right for throwing him out. She should've gotten him suspended for this.

  6. I think Billy wanted to kiss her more than touch the booty. He should have gotten some tic tacs in case he starts kissing her. Cause she would have wanted to kiss him since he was well known by his dad. I'm sure she would have let him do whatever.

  7. y'all remember when Billy gets the Valentines card from the principal? or when the principal humps Billy at graduation?

  8. Anyone else realise that Carl Alphonse is Larry Hankin who plays Charlie Butts in Escape from Alcatraz?

  9. One of the guys is from Alcatraz who failed to escape. Like the comment if you know what I'm talking about

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