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hi everyone welcome back to transform2bliss searching for a perfect life manual on
life coaching then you are at the right place and at the right time because you
cannot expect any better life coaching manual than shrimad bhagwad gita today in
our this video we will be discussing chapter number 2 text number 9 and go text
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understand the meaning of this text number 9 to 22 and then we will take the
nectar out of these texts from the life Sanjaya said having spoken thus Arjuna
chastiser of enemies told Krishna Govinda I shall not find and felt sad, o
descendant of Bharata at that time Krishna smiling in the mid of both the
armies spoke the following words to grief-stricken Arjuna
the supreme personality of Godhead said while speaking learned Words you are
mourning for what is not worthy of grief those who are wise limit neither for the
living not for the dead never was there a time when I did not exist nor you nor
all these Kings nor in the future share any of us cease to be as the
embodied soul continuously passes in this body from boyhood to youth who
would age the soul similarly passes into another body at death sober person is
not bewildered by such a change o son of kunti the nonpermanent
appearance of happiness and distress and their disappearance in due course and
like the appearance and disappearance of winter and summer seasons they arise
from sense perception post kind of partha and one must learn to tolerate
them without being disturbed who best among men Arjuna the person who is not
disturbed by happiness and distress and is steady in both is certainly eligible
for liberation those who are seers of the truth have concluded that of the
non-existent there is no endurance and of the eternal
there has no change this the seers have concluded by
studying the nature of both that which creates the entire body you should know
to weaken indestructible no one is able to destroy the imperishable so the
material body of indestructible in measurable and eternal living entity is
sure to come to an end therefore fight o descendant of Bharata neither he who
thinks the living entity the Slier nor he who thinks it slain is in knowledge
for the self slaves not nor is slain for the soul there is neither birth nor dead
at any time he has not come into being has not come in to being and will not come
into being he is unborn eternal ever-existing and primeval he is not
slain when the body is slain O partha how can a person who needs that the soul is
indestructible eternal unborn and the kill anyone or cause anyone
to kill as a person puts on a new garment giving up old ones the soul
similarly accepts the new material bodies giving up the old and useless one
first of all we need to understand that why God is saying that the people like
Bhishma people like Dronacharya Acharya are not worthy of grief we have
already discussed this in Chapter number one text number forty that society where
women are not worshiped and women are exploited that society is bound to
destroy the destruction is inevitable for that society and here God is also
giving a message that the people who see the exploitation and do not counter
that and do not try to even save that exploitation they are also equally
responsible and they are not at all worthy for the grief well the key
learnings that can be derived from understanding these extra shrimad
bhagwad gita are the leadership qualities communication skills
self-realization mindfulness science and spirituality when it comes to the
leadership qualities or the communication skills we are on the
second chapter and till now krishna was only in listening
what Arjuna was saying single word that’s quality of the spiritual master
or teachers whom we connect with the prime quality of them is also that they
are good listeners they listen first you open your heart in front of them they
will listen and then when communication skills come the decorum of communication
comes that when they speak you should not interfere them in between so as far
as self-realization is concerned let’s first understand what science has to say
science is that there is a complete transformation of the cell structure
over a period of seven years that means the person you are right now is not the
same seven years ago now take out your photographs from your
childhood and go in front of a mirror see the photograph and see yourself are you
the same person no you have changed physically altogether your feelings your
emotions your beliefs values might not get changed that much that’s why you
emotionally feel yourself inside that particular body but you are not a same
person scientifically also that’s what text
number thirteen of Srimad bhagavad gita is being transformed from child to boyhood
and then to manhood and finally the period of death your body is changing but
your soul is same now let’s understand what scriptures are saying the scripture
says that when you die there are three things that accompany you your intellect
your mind I’m not calling about brain I’m calling about MANA and the third one
is your ego the ego is a true ego the self realized
ego not a false ego not an arrogance so these things accompany you with your
soul and transformed into the next life and there have been many substantial
evidences for past lives you can read the book of dr. brian wiess he has given a
substantial evidences of past lives so

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