Be angry as fuck! (But please, abolish hate) | Instastory Experiment | IRENE LYON

– Hey Instastory, Irene here. I want to share an email that
I got from a colleague today. It will remain anonymous but it, it dives into what’s going in
the United States right now, and I’m in LA as I do this. A lot of people are emitting hate. This isn’t good. And hate, very different than anger, and feeling intensity and being sad and grieving and disgusted. Very different, very different. So, here’s what my colleague
said, she’s also American. We were just chatting about just of these stuff that’s going on. So, “Yes, it’s rich and
fertile time right now, “like when the market crashed in ’08, “it was an opportunity
as well as a disaster. “It was just a matter
of how people perceived, “responded to what was happening. “Trump is the same opportunity. “The fear and concerns
for safety, his presidency “and actions evoked is a prime opportunity “to support people in fostering
and knowing genuine safety”. And finally, “And, of
course, safety with action, “very much unlike World
War II and Holocaust, “safety with action”. I think, one of the reasons why this is bringing up so much right now especially in the United States is that this country has
been bred to not feel safe and it isn’t just from the last 12 months. So, what it might encourage you to do, no matter where you are in the world, is to feel your feet on the ground, feel your heart beating, know that there’s air coming
in and out of your lungs, feel that base level safety, please. And in many ways, this is
all we have control over, how we feel our feet on the ground, how we connect to ourselves,
our emotions, our sensations, how we be, how we are just with the people that we love and care about, and an even yes, being empathetic to those
we want to fucking throttle. We have to, we have to
rise to a higher level. (upbeat music)

3 thoughts on “Be angry as fuck! (But please, abolish hate) | Instastory Experiment | IRENE LYON

  1. Hate big in world, some symptoms are a Trauma some a symptoms from abuse and hate directed at ones being, so symptoms broadly speaking are trauma yet some are from hate crime bullying and interference if not worse. world increasingly toxic. and this effecting absorption and safe spaces to heal. I have also interestingly thought lot about holocaust, about people helping others though wish could help each other not against others.. Quite afraid right now in honesty!! Its like a quiet holocaust is happening an invisible to many war. a war against women, and gaia. Ommmm ph.. Omg.. Just saw you use Matrix..

  2. Good point about the difference between anger and hate. Unfortunately all we have been seeing in the past few years is a lot of hate and intolerance from the party that claims to be for tolerance and diversity. It is not a good situation at all and being a centrist, I am tired of both sides because neither are living up to their stated ideals in any honest way.

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