BayCare Clinic Minute: Botox for migraines

Hello and welcome to the BayCare Clinic
Minute. We’re talking about Botox for migraine treatments Dr. Wilkins thank
you femi botox for migraine is the treatment that’s used for people who are
basically at their wit’s end migraine is very debilitating for a great many
people in the United States and people who have at least 15 days a month of
headaches that lasts for at least four hours or more each time who have light
sensitivity hearing sensitivity nausea vomiting people who have tried at least
three or four different medications without success
who really have felt that there’s nothing else left
Botox we administer in clinic it is through injection and it is every three
months and it allows people to maintain and get better quality of life and get
back to to basics okay thank you that’s our time we’ll see you again soon

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