Bahu Begum – 27th November 2019 – बहू बेगम – Full Episode

You are here? What was happening here? Nothing, Mom.. I was.. I was just thanking my friend. If she knows how to spoil
others mood.. She also knows how to set
the mood right. Ma’am, everything will be
fine now. Noor.. You remember
what I said, right? You love to break things,
isn’t it? That’s why you are breaking
the logs? Or should I say, you are
venting your anger on the logs. You can’t break them, right? What do you mean? I want to know
the reason of this anger. You. You are the reason for my anger. And you are ruining
my whole plan. Whenever I think about you,
that I shouldn’t think.. Whenever I try to suppress
the feelings I’ve for you.. But you are going on increasing
my problems. Adil, please.. Let’s not talk about this..
– Exactly.. I can’t even talk to you
about how I feel. Whereas, I can understand
what you feel even without you saying it. You love Azaan, I made you
realise that. But now I regret it. And now it has become difficult
to stay in this house. Whenever you come
in front of me, Noor I become weak. Then leave. What you are doing
is not right, Azaan. I know, Mom, I know I was
a bit hasty. But Noor explained to me and..
– I am not talking about that. Then? Azaan, friendship is a
very strong relationship. But friendship
cannot replace love. Neither in your life nor
in the life of Noor. There is nothing like that, Mom. I know you are stressed because
of the business and.. I said the same thing
to Shayra too. And I am telling you the same. If there are ups and downs
in business it makes no difference. But in relationships, there
shouldn’t be ups and downs. I just want to say that
there should be a little distance between friends
otherwise love will feel bad. You are intelligent
to understand this. Mom, nothing like that
will happen as Shayra knows very well that.. What is the relationship
between me and Noor. Shayra is my heart and.. Noor is my life. And if you have
to choose between both of them? Mom, please.. Please don’t ask me such
a question. Son, I am your mom,
I will listen to you. But if life asks you the
same question, then what? Whatever you choose choose wisely. If you’re finding it difficult
to stay in this house then leave. Because staying here will not
benefit you in any way. Whether there is a benefit
or not.. I will not stop trying. And I will not accept defeat. Shayra and Azaan will also not
accept defeat. Now why are you dragging
Azaan and Shayra into this? I am not. In fact, someone else is trying
to come between them. What do you mean?
– Nothing. I was simply informing you. You care a lot about
Azaan and Shayra, right? Yes, because they are
constantly fighting. That’s it.
– So, what’s the problem? After all, fights make
the love grow stronger. There is a difference between tiffs
and serious arguments, Noor. Sometimes,
big fights are necessary to bring life back on track. And don’t you worry. Shayra and Azaan
will solve their fights as well as their problems.
– Really? And how do you know that? I keep a keen eye on everyone. Oh, God! Noor suspects me. And that’s what I wanted. Dilruba, what are you doing? You know that Azaan
likes the tempering with ghee then why are you using oil?
– Ma’am.. Move! Please leave, Dilruba! ‘You will give me
the medicines, daily.’ Shayra. Shayra, Dilruba had used ghee. I see!
So, he tattled on me to you! Wow! Very good!
Go tell Azaan as well. Go!
– Shayra. Why are you behaving in
this manner? – Please move. I have to make Khichri
for Azaan. Please.. What’s wrong, Shayra?
Why are you so grumpy? Even Azaan has become irritable. After all you want this, right? That Azaan yells at me
and hits me. Don’t you? – How could you
even think of that? I just want to help you.
– I don’t want your help. This is our personal matter. We will solve it.
Azaan loves me and I love him. I have all the rights over him.
You don’t. So, don’t interfere between us. Go from here. Get lost! Leave, Noor! What’s the matter, Adil?
– Shayra and Noor were together. Then Noor went to
her room crying. I think something
happened between them. I don’t know
anything more than that. I’m sorry, Shayra.
I’m sorry. How do I make you understand? Azaan is yours alone. And I.. Though I love him like crazy I can’t claim my right over him. Because you have
the sole right to him. But yes.. I love Azaan immensely, Shayra. Noor. Ma’am.
– Noor Azaan is your oldest
and closest friend. But friendship has its limits. Friendship shouldn’t
come in the way of love. And you are taking
Shayra’s rights from her. Do remember, Noor. Shayra is Azaan’s wife but you are a mere friend.
– Ma’am.. Swear on me and say that you
think of Azaan only as a friend and nothing more. I’m sorry,
I cannot lie under oath. I regard Azaan as my true love. I love him. I’ve compelled the investors
to back off. I’m going to ruin your business as well as your personal life. I’ll take away
everything you own, Azaan. It’s too much fun
being a bad boy! Noor. It’s true, Ms. Razia. You want to create a rift
in Azaan and Shayra’s relationship? When did I say that? Yes, I am clumsy
and a little crazy. I’m a horrible person
but I’m not that bad. First, I was obsessed but now I’m in love, Ms. Razia. And true love believes in
giving, not in taking away. I would never come in the way
of Azaan and Shayra’s love. You may not have done anything
consciously, Noor but your proximity with Azaan has already distanced him
from Shayra. You can hide your feelings
from Azaan but not from Shayra. Because Shayra, is a woman and women can read faces. Ms. Razia, I’ll learn
to mask my emotions. I have never come in between
both of them and I never will. Azaan is not distancing himself
from Shayra because of me. It’s happening because Shayra and Adil..
– Noor! Perfect! Bull’s eye. This is what you call
hitting the bull’s eye. Ms. Razia I don’t mean to say that Shayra has feelings for Adil but that’s what Azaan thinks. If there’s any
such misunderstanding in Azaan’s mind it can be cleared, Noor. But what you’re doing what’s the solution to that? Love is not an ailment that can be treated. Then it would be better
for you to leave this house, Noor. Ms. Razia..
– No, Noor. I won’t take no for an answer. And neither will apologising
help this time. I wasn’t about to apologise,
Ms. Razia. People apologise when they make
a mistake. And falling in love
is not a mistake. But falling in love with
a married man is a mistake, Noor. Only if I would try
to make him mine. But I’m not going to do
anything of the sort. Don’t you worry, Ms. Razia. I decided to leave this house long before you asked me to. That would be best, Noor. I’ll go far away from
this house and from Shayra
and Azaan’s life. But only after I have resolved
their differences. Shayra! I need to speak to you. In case you want to ask
why Azaan is upset with me I honestly have no answer. Answers need to be sought,
Shayra. Have you tried to
find an answer? Shayra, relationships
are like threads. It doesn’t take much for them
to get tangled. But it takes effort
to sort the tangles out. No matter what you feel,
good or bad you must share it
with each other. How do I speak to him,
Mother-in-law? Azaan gets anxious
the moment he sees me. And even Noor told me.. Azaan is your husband, Shayra. You do not need Noor’s advise in order to
discuss something with him. What’s the matter,
Mother-in-law? It’s nothing. Go to Azaan. He needs his wife, Shayra near him at the moment. All right, Mother-in-law. Oh, God! I had neatly folded
these clothes with much effort and you ruined my effort.
He’s good for nothing. Keep quiet.
I’m already quite stressed. Stressed? Are we sharing the same thought? Do you think Ms. Shayra and Adil
are up to something? I will slap you so hard
that your cheeks will turn red. How many times I have told you that we shouldn’t always believe
what our eyes see? Swear on me that this thought
didn’t cross your mind. Every time we are around them something or the other
keeps on happening. The other day in the corridor Mr. Adil said, ‘I love you’
to Ms. Shayra. Every time we see them together we get to see a new thing.
– You get to see it. Maybe someone wants you
to see them. Yesterday at the hospital Adil was giving flowers
to Shayra. Maybe he wanted me to see that. In fact at one point of time both of them were missing
from the hospital. Shayra said that she went
to the shrine. So what?
– It means that Shayra was telling
the truth. She did actually go there.
– You mean.. Do you also think that between
Mr. Adil and Ms. Shayra.. Nothing is going on!
Nothing at all. I don’t why
but I have this feeling that Adil is making a film
in real life. And just like fools
we are being his audience.

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  4. I wonder why you some people are pairing Noor and Azaan. What wrong did Shayla do? Me I will always be team Shayla and Azaan.

  5. I wonder why you some people are pairing Noor and Azaan. What wrong did Shayla do? Me I will always be team Shayla and Azaan.

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