Awakening from Depression – Beyond Depression & Anxiety – A Call to Awakening with David Hoffmeister

I find that that’s been my joy over these last few decades, is I have progressively cared less, and less, and less about this world, and cared more, and more, and more, and more about my connection with God. And, and that connection is a connection that cannot be broken. It can be blocked in awareness, but it can’t be broken. Maybe you’re concerned about food and diet. Maybe you’re concerned about exercise. Maybe you’re concerned about your income. Maybe you’re concerned about the environment. It doesn’t really matter, you know, it doesn’t really matter what the issues are. And I will guarantee you, as you get more and more focused at being a miracle worker, and just being of service to Spirit, and you’re in that, ‘Use me Spirit. You use me.’ That’s the prayer of the heart. Then you will start noticing that these concerns and worries that you had, these anxieties that you were so concerned about, you’re gonna start to notice them fading away. This is the time to yield. This is, that’s like a prayer of your heart. ‘I yield to the light.’ ‘I yield to the light of love within me.’ ‘That it may radiate in me and through me.’ ‘That it may radiate everywhere. That there is no spot of darkness that can stand this light.’ ‘I will not hide behind littleness any longer.’ ‘I will accept my calling.’

13 thoughts on “Awakening from Depression – Beyond Depression & Anxiety – A Call to Awakening with David Hoffmeister

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