[“We Wish You A Merry Christmas” plays] Irritating Stick, for PlayStation. Irritating Stick? Who puts the word “irritating”
in the title of a video game? Does that make you wanna play it?
I don’t even know what kind of game it is. But I don’t care! I’d rather go out in the woods and
play with an actual stick. Who buys a game called “stick”
when you can get sticks for free? But that bright, bold font tries to sell it the best it can,
like this is gonna be the most exciting thing you’ll ever see! “See it for the thrill of a lifetime! One night only!
Irritating Stick!” The comic-style zapping effect seems like it
desperately wants to emphasize how irritating this stick is! As soon as you touch something with this stick, zap! It’s so obnoxious, it fills the entire background! There’s no room for any other artwork.
It’s all about the electric force of this horrible stick. The original game was similar to Operation, or the
wire loop game, where you need to avoid touching anything,
or else you get an electric zap. But the word “irritating” doesn’t describe it too well. It’s just a bad choice of word. Kinda like when
Nintendo had a console called “Revolution”, and they changed the name to “Wii”. It’s not even like a sword, or a spear.
Instead, a cheap, plastic lightsaber. You know, the kind that light up. Except this one hasn’t even been lit! Yeah, the batteries are dead. Movin’ on to the hands. It looks like the crappy
in-game graphics of the time. Did they know that on the cover to the game, you’re
allowed to make the artwork more realistic? I guess it doesn’t matter when you have a stick that’s
so irritating, it emits lightning. It begs attention. And I’m givin’ it.

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