AUTISM GI Disorders – Linked to Social ANXIETY?

Autism and IBS is very linked let’s
find out welcome guys so basically today we’re
going out I don’t if you noticed this over here but yeah it’s something you
come in oh and if you’re new around here if you want to join the most accepting
family on YouTube smash that subscribe button boom so basically today we’re
gonna go on a trip to my old room which is a place on the island of Anglesey
where we live but it’s the oldest identic seven minutes in Sai was seven
years old but probably my uncle owns a shop there
but I don’t know and I’ve never been there so we’re gonna go and try and find
it but because obviously I have Asperger syndrome
I have to plan out the trip on my mobile phone first which I’m actually doing
right now and I’m gonna have some breakfast and
then we’re gonna make some food because again having Asperger’s syndrome I have
to take free to me because don’t like certain fusion so it’s actually so go
take them all with me and you know the type so yeah let’s see how this goes
let’s go okay so we just finished a breakfast it
was actually Incredibles 97 green tea and I’m basically looking at the weather
because I want to know that the weather is gonna be good there – another thing
on a long I would take with me like if I’m taking like a coat or like a jacket
whatever so I think the weather’s gonna be pretty decent there so I should be
able to do pretty good stuff so I’m just gonna get download the the postcode of
the area to see my phone just so I can get my Google Maps to take you there so
that’s this but now I’m gonna go and crap some food for for what we’re gonna
eat when were there so just some roasted vegetables I think it’s going to be the
choice of today let’s go okay so we made it we’re here and like
it was actually a lot you did to get see that I thought it was I was actually
thought was gonna be difficult to get to because I don’t mean here for so many
years but but anyway we’re here so I guess the idea now is just kind of walk
around and it really feel that you know void if I haven’t been some over in like
15 years more than up maybe 20 years wow that’s interesting let’s walk up here
without that we can go to the beach giggles Beach but yeah I really want to
find my uncle store if it’s still here buy them up it’s still here it might not
be here okay so we’re actually on the beach just
chilling out how’s it going on the good we’re enjoying the view here in Moira
which is like weird because I feel like I don’t know I feel like I didn’t see
it’s not long to get here but it’s it’s taken me 20 years of time to get you’re
not actually the distance so yeah that’s interesting anyway we’re gonna enjoy
ourselves a little bit more on the beach here now just hang out you know okay guys sorry for the confusion but
I’m home now we have to cut the the trip short because no sooner be in there I
have like super bad IV s and we just had to come home because I was like really
really sick I think we realizes every time I plan to go out to do like a day
out or to go anywhere that’s further than say you know a local convenience
store or supermarket um I guess super bad might be a so I got
excessive stark cramps and we don’t know why but it happens every single time I
go anywhere that is relatively new to me and stuff like that which is really
annoying because obviously that’s the last thing you want to happen if you go
somewhere new and you don’t know the area and stuff you don’t wanna be like
sick around that area but um but no we pointed this out and she said that this
happens every single time we go anywhere like new or anywhere like quite far and
stuff and she believes that it linked to the anxiety and so I’m getting anxiety
about the social anxiety about going somewhere new and then that causes the
IBS now I know that a lot of people on the spectrum do have IBS issues and this
is super common with people on the spectrum so I’d love to know if you guys
experienced something similar because I’m it was very very interesting but um
yeah I just it was just horrible so I’m yet to figure out a hack for this
so if you’ve got any tips or tricks and if this is happening to you let me know
because I’d love to know how I can deal with this bit better okay so most of the
time I only work with runs that kind of I feel would fit my product or brand or
whatever I’m doing and so I only work with selective brands on a kind of phone
or the email or we talked about working together so the guys at shear were
really kind enough to send me this awesome box right here which is just
full of awesome goodies so we’re gonna get cracking get straight into it see
what’s going on I’ve no put the box yet I haven’t looked inside so you guys are
gonna be as interested as me into your pencils get inside it see what’s wrong
how come you think the you the prey
more than the rain incompatible inside so here okay so all this stuff that I got from
Shia and basically this is go through it we got the pancake mix or the flour
throwing up I think I’m a farmer you can make friends with it we’ve got some
chocolate fingers which are basically like Twix put the gluten-free version
they also sent me a little bit book of coupons which is really really nice of
them and this is a product guide so basically you open this out and you have
a look at what products in the store that you want to buy from which section
to start and it’ll tell you if it has like eggs wheat or whatever in it and I
think that’s very very interesting okay so they sent me these these posters
right and these posters are a listen to your gut guide so basically it’s this
huge huge guide that tells you if it see you next to these food intolerance on
there’s a bunch of other stuff is huge I don’t know if you can see this this is
just massive okay so I know the question on everybody’s faces that do we taste
any good I did make a mistake these are biscuits not like twists these
are more like Cadbury’s chocolate fingers I guess if people haven’t had
those so without further ado let’s try them okay so what it looks like and you
can see that but basically it’s like a chocolate finger yes all right I mean because the
chocolates not branded chocolate there’s not like a distinctive taste but tastes
pretty good and if you’re looking for a gluten free alternative to shackled
biscuits this is it so what did I learn in this video well basically I learnt
that maybe the IBS symptoms are on the upset stomach that I’m getting is due to
the anxiety of going somewhere new so it’s something I need to work on but I
really want to talk to you guys to see if it’s something that you guys are
familiar with also the other thing is that you can actually have some really
good tasting chocolate biscuits without having to have them gluta Faiz so they
can be gluten free and really tasty and I really highly recommend getting so if
you’re interested in gluten free stuff if you’d like to learn more about autism
and Asperger’s please make sure you hit that subscribe button above here and if
you’d like to see my last video it’s over here and I will see you next time
guys peace

100 thoughts on “AUTISM GI Disorders – Linked to Social ANXIETY?

  1. comorbidity of medical conditions happen all the time to individuals both Aspies & NT's.nobody is exempt.

  2. What helps you reduce anxiety and what could help you feel more familiar could be two good questions to help yourself I think. 🙂

  3. Thank you for this video! Might be tmi but my toddler has always had GI problems. When ever he has therapy especially with a new person he will have a bowel movement. He has sensory problems with bowel movements and will withhold as long as possible. Makes sense the anxiety from the social involvement of therapy is causing his bowel movement. Distracts him from withholding.

  4. Check out Dr John Bergman on YouTube. He’s a doctor in California that talks about GI bacteria & a link to Autism. Not exactly what you are talking about but his insight has been eye opening to me.

  5. I try to find my home away from home. It could be your car or the person that you’re traveling with. Someone or somewhere that you can retreat to when it gets a little too much. Even just going to the nearest toilet stall for a time out is a good way to calm down. And having someone you trust and who can be there for you in those moments can really make a difference. Its not perfect, but you work with what you have.
    And yes, being prepared is important. Having food and drink and anything else you might need does reduce your anxiety. There’s nothing worse than needing something and not knowing where to buy it in a hurry. You’re not going to be able to ask for directions when you’re in the middle of a panic attack.

  6. Yes I get it when I suffer from anxiety or when I am rundown. What I have to help my digestive system is a yoghurt drink called kefir , bio natural yoghurt both are organically produced which is better for the environment.

  7. I don't have IBS, but I do throw up a lot. I'm not sure if it's ASD related and it doesn't happen from social situations in general, but I often throw up when something upsets me. Also, certain smells, images, and textures will make me throw up.

  8. I have been diagnosed with AS at 6 yrs old and as far as I know I
    Haven't experienced IBS systems. In stressful situations where in his case going somewhere or trying something new I have anxiety and upset stomach but interesting it resides after I have an understanding of how things work ( for example a vacation to an unfamiliar town)

  9. Yes this happens to my son all the time. Any type of anxiety and or stress results in stomach issues. I feel so bad for him because even though he is on the spectrum,he loves to be around people and socialize. Thank you so much for sharing your story. You are helping so many people in all different ways😁💙.

  10. I don't know if it's ibs or not but I definitely need the toilet a lot more frequently when I'm anxious about something. Thankfully it's no where near as bad as a few years ago. I guess you just have to assume you'll be confident enough to deal with the new place or situation or people and have a "if things go wrong they go wrong" kind of attitude.

  11. I have always had what I call my worried tummy. But when I was diagnosed with autism my ibs was linked to it. As anxiety makes it worsen. …..

  12. Dairy can mess with IBS, So is best avoided (for that and many other reasons), regardless wether you are Vegan or not.

  13. I think the issues are multi lateral, but related. When I go to a new place and seem to be overwhelmed, if possible I will sit down at a cafe and eat something. Moreover to prepare, I will eat before leaving home, medium chain fatty acids and fibrous foods. Also I will make sure to have plenty of bowel movements before departing. But maybe the easiest way to deal with in the moment nausea and cramps and gas is simply eating or drinking something with real ginger in it. So biscuits or tea with ginger should do the trick. Exposure therapy approaching the new environments help. Approach, retreat and advance. Find something in the environment you can relate to or admire and hyper focus on it, then resume. Sometimes consuming spicy foods (which normally would wrench our guts) has a paradoxical effect on anxiety induced gi issues. And finally, get a hold of some high purity honey or candy made from it. 1 tablespoon will cause endorphin release , as its so sweet. But ultimately if your guts are happy and occupied, there will be less intrusion by anxiety. None of my gut issues made sense until the last year, but all those food recommendations had helped myself in the past. I'm blessed to no longer be particular about food, I can eat almost anything. So having a wide pallet has been very helpful for me. Micro and macro nutrients are just as important as fats and proteins, so when a persons diet is limited, so are the macros and micros.

  14. My boyfriend goes through this at the same times. Love all that you’re doing in defeating the hardships of ASD. Sending you all the vibes!!! 👊

  15. given all the data re: healthy gut flora and it's impact on over-all physical health (poor physical health can impact mental/emotional health and vice versa); given current evidence of genetic components of ASDs, given data re: compromised immune systems (and links to IBS, RA, diabetes, psoriasis, Psoriatic arthritis, Crohns, gluten problems, casein issues; and now Parkinsons and Alzheimer's- and prevalence of co-morbidity of these disorders, particularly in the presence of an ASD dx)…is it any wonder that a large number of doctors & researchers (across many specialities) strongly believe that the cure to most of the disorders I listed will be "found" once we understand the gut-ASD connection….cure/prevent/mitigate ASDs = definitive increase in QoL, life-expectancy, etc.

  16. Hmmm i dont think ive experienced that in regards to anxiety but i do experience really bad constipation all the time regardless of my fiber intake, which sucks but been this way most my life. Keep up the good work!

  17. My son, who is autistic with severe sensory processing disorder, has been like that since birth so there's definitely a genetic component. I have a genetic inflammatory disease linked to some of the same genes as some forms of autism. Both conditions have also been linked to gut health. I also have been diagnosed with IBS. But there's also a form of Crohn's and also celiac linked to autism that starts young. My son is intolerant to a lot of foods. Removing dairy was a huge help for him so I did the same and it also helped me tremendously. He's also sensitive to too much white flour products, barley, rice, and fruit juice. I've tried gluten free but he's sensitive to a lot of the ingredients in those. I would just slowly eliminate foods and see how you feel… but start with dairy. But I will say that I am not diagnosed with autism but possibly should have been. But I do have social anxiety and I will get so anxious that I get sick. It can certainly cause stomach issues. I feel that's separate from IBS though. It's no fun but I'm glad you are going out of your comfort zone a bit. Try eating more frequent lighter meals earlier in the day if you know you are going somewhere new and avoid dairy for a few days prior and see if it helps. We are also looking more into genes that affect methylation since I found out that I have a double MTHFR mutation and some other issues and his dad has a single mutation of another and other issues. That means that there is an extremely high chance that he can't process folic acid well which is found in most flour products and vitamins. So now he takes natural folate vitamins.

  18. Yes I have the same symptoms Anxiety ( Social ) I B S & Celiac's & Extreme sensitivity To All Chemicals …..from Food s To Medicines & Environmental Allergies Thanks Great vlog Dan Thanks I have tried many things for G I Symptoms…….

  19. Some times when I have anxiety or extremely nervous I get IBS, I always feel as though it's a psychological thing, made up from anxiety build ups. (Extreme anxiety or nerves). End up in real pain, hot cramps in my stomach that come and go all day and feeling like I couldn't gain my breath. My mum would help me recognise and be aware of what my anxieties were over, and try and see them differently, this would help me
    Gain control. It still happens, but I know what it is. My GP also helped by confirming that it was IBS and stress related.
    Doesn't happen as much as it used to when I was younger.

  20. Remind yourself that large numbers of people do this everyday without there being problems. If you don't want to go into any particular situation or place at the location, you don't have to. In the unlikely event the car breaks down, you and Naomi have relatives and friends you can call to get you back home and arrange for the car to be fixed. If the car has a flat ti(y)re, you can fix it and go home only losing maybe 45 minutes out of the day. If you are late returning home, Randy should be OK. He may have relieved himself in the apartment, but that is about how bad it will get.

  21. i have ibs and autism and have same problems as u iv been told by doctor to look up fodmap diet it really does help plus im also on medication

  22. I definitely have anxiety-triggered IBS. I would strongly recommend looking into relaxation exercises like deep breathing or meditation, which probably sounds cliche but I've found that it works for me.

  23. HI Dan – I do live with chronic anxiety but don't have stomach symptoms BUT I do have some thoughts that might help. As anxiety I think increases stomach acid, you might want to change your food a bit on that day. Wheat, especially standard supermarket bread, causes acid. Rice does not (so that is why it is recommended for people with digestion problems). Also, fried foods are harder to digest, so maybe softboiled or poached eggs instead of fried. If you are going to fry, (my house mate taught me this) wipe a very very small amount of margarine (or butter – butter is actually easier for humans to digest) in the pan, turn it on low, when it is a little heated, crack your eggs in and cover it. then cook until the whites are white (and not clear) (maybe a couple minutes, sorry not sure of the timing). Also, eating steel-cut oats oatmeal is a good start to the day (and is not slimy like rolled oats oatmeal AND steel cut oats are whole grain) Perhaps try making your own bread with many different grains. It will be cheaper and healthier. there are many youtube videos on bread making. When going somewhere, find a place you can hang out where you have access to a loo. That can make it less stressful. Do take a vitamin B complex pill (it can't hurt) but take with food. Also, before you leave, eat slower and chew LOTS (count your chews – 20 for each mouthful is good) so that you are not swallowing air while you are eating, and by chewing lots you are making it less work for your stomach to digest. As for gluten, Mic the Vegan has a great video on gluten intolerance.

  24. This happens to me most of the time when i go out. The IBS condition is apparently co-morbid with ASD. Mostly I have to plan trips to have toilet access, and carry all kinda of "just in case" items for hygiene etc. Its a nightmare.

  25. I've had horrible symptoms that would come over me with no warning. As an adult I found out the symptoms were those of IBS. I continue to have problems with it, tho' the specifics of what makes up an attack have changed over the years. Sorry to say I have NO "secrets" on how to deal with it, and am very familiar with the need to avoid being too far from a lavatory, because "you never know what might happen".
    Sorry Dan, but thank you for addressing this and letting a lot of us know about the connection between ASD and IBS.

  26. It's Hard Being an ASPIE / Autistic It can be Such a struggle at Time's.
    I've been having some Issue's with Swallowing my Food for about a Month now and There's Certain thing's that I CAN'T Eat Like Chinese food, They cause a Burning Feeling in my Gut and Intense Itiching. If it Contains RED / BLUE Food Dyes in it For Example like "Cotton candy" , " I back ro the Dr On Monday June 25th, They may have to Use a endoscope Use a Camera on my insides to try and find out What's Causing the Problem's going on with Me. The Blood Samples Used to Test Allergies Came back Negative = No Allergies to Things like : "Pineapple" , and "Chinese Food" , "Red" & "Blue" Colored Food Dyes" , "Lemons" , and Certain other Types of thing's like that ( But Because I'm 87% Native American ) I Found out That I AM Allergic to Both indoor / outdoor Light and UV / Ultra Violet Ray's. Its From being A Girl and from a Northern Regin like "South Dakota" Which is where I Was Born Darn it .

  27. This video was so interesting! Especially since I’m on the spectrum, and I have very sporadic ibs. Unfortunately it doesn’t even seem to be related to anxiety, though whenever I’m really anxious my stomach almost immediately starts hurting. I just seem to get horrible stomach aches/ibs regardless and very frequently, even when I’m not particularly anxious. I’ve even tried the gluten free diet, and it didn’t help. I wish I could give some tips, but I’m honestly still trying to figure out better ways of coping too.

  28. yes, got ibs too… and is triggered by stress or social anxiety…
    Booze helps with the anxiety and delays the ibs a couple of hours to a day at most.

  29. Every super hero needs their kryptonite. With that said welp I've never talked about this one in a public forum. I take ranitidine (it helps) when ever I am expecting any change in my routine I didn't know this was an aspie trait.

  30. Thank you for posting this. I get some gastric pains myself, and while I know what is medically causing them, I am not actually sure what the triggers are and I have been suspecting anxiety as the trigger.
    I have for many years been doing breathing exercises and I find that if I catch it when it's just starting up and I start doing my breathing exercises, usually it goes away and doesn't get any worse. However, if I miss the very beginning, I have have to wait it out :/
    I know this won't work for everyone, it's just what works for me.

  31. Hi ya hope your good I’ve got asperges,ADHD,anxiety was diagnosed at 10 years old, the solution to the problem is lots vegetables and fruit foods that help digestion for example ginger in tea, apple cider vinegar, broccoli, apples, olive oil.

    Kinds regards

  32. Going to any place where there are doctors, therapists etc. will trigger stomach problems every time. I do travel but almost always to the same places. I use to get sick going to these places when I was younger but now I usually don't have problems. Travelling on an empty stomach helps too. I wonder if going back to the area where your uncle had/has his shop would be easier if you tried it again as now you know what to expect and it is a bit more familiar. Worth a shot.

  33. You should'nt be so harsh on yourself on how you are. Your just like every other military person i know you just like to be prepared for anything you mit need or incounter. It's called being Prepared bro. Another great video

  34. Love these videos and this channel. Being one on the aspergers spectrum, and being more comfortable with accepting it, I'm glad people like you spread awareness to this topic.
    Also, how can I explain my disorder to my new girlfriend in the best way possible?

  35. I get IBS as diarrhea when I'm anxious before a test. I usually drink smoothies (only) to keep it under control

  36. WARNING. Quite a few gluten free products still use WHEAT PROTEIN!!! Many ASD people like me are also wheat intolerant. Check the label before you eat or you could have guts from hell.

  37. I have IBS, but stress seems to trigger it more than my social anxiety. I usually take either Peppermint pills that dissolves in your gut vs stomach, or I drink peppermint tea. Of course I drink a lot of different teas.

  38. I know how you feel, and I wont go anywhere if there is no restroom very close of were I'm going, I also use my cbd oil 2 hours before I leave and bring an audiobook. Still is does not always work places with lots of people will always be a problem and my mind goes blank and I'm lost. It takes a lot of time to do the weekly shoppings 😉

  39. This just occurred to me that the thing that helped me the most to actually eliminate all of my stomach issues related to stress and anxiety and sensory overload was this : working out at the gym after work each day. I was working 7 days a week at the time 12 hours a day. Then I would go to gym for an hour and to go thru each muscle group, and focus on compressions and extensions, activating the weaker muscles to get in the game etc. There would be no space in my mind or body for any anxiety. It all died at the gym.

    The caveats for me though: had to be at 4am after work, and there couldn't be anybody else there but the cleaning lady or my wife (my girlfriend at the time). I was also living out of my camper at the time (vs a 60 mile commute each day to my house), so to get a shower I would have to work out.

    I had no gut problems at all then.

    I forgot to mention the awesomeness of your video clips in the segways. I can't even describe the elements, but its awesome.

  40. Our youngest has been diagnosed with high functioning autism (she's 5), but at the end of this month our 7 year has an appointment with the hospital for testing for celiac disease. She's always been a high strung and anxious kid, when she was 4 we came from NZ to Scotland and had a series of 5 panic attacks on the last leg of our flight, it was terrifying!
    I've taken her to Dr's before about her anxious nature and her stomach issues but they have never been linked previously until recently.
    Our youngest was at her first speech therapy appointment last week. The therapist was wonderful but asked about our eldest and she believes we ought to consider whether perhaps she has autism or autistic traits herself!
    We are not sure what to do about this as it has been difficult to be taken seriously about our 5 year old who is more obviously affected!
    Any advice would be welcome!

  41. Hey Dan, where does autism GI disorder stand for? I also get stomic pains if I have to go to new places. Its hardest if I go to school trips of camps. I am usually sick at least the first 1 or 2 days and then it usually goes a bit better

  42. I also get IBS due to anxiety/maybe and autism trait? I throw up everyday unless I’m just staying at home/going somewhere that I like or know well. One of the many reasons that I left school to be homeschooled was because I would throw up at least 3 times a day.

  43. I’m working with CAMHS and I’m going to be doing a ADOS in my next meeting I am playing different types of games do you know what I will be doing?

  44. Yes my son almost always gets IBS when his Anxiety acts up. It's happens when there's any kind of school testing. Or up coming Dr, or dentist appointments. He is almost 16 and I often wonder about him trying CBD oil when he is more older. To help him with his anxiety. But I'm still not sure about that yet. Well other then that just want to say keep up the great work Dan. ✌🏼

  45. Me too! I have this also. But in my case, I think it is a little different. I was diagnosed with Hirschsprung's disease when I was 18 yrs old and I went to surgery for three consecutive times. I struggled with this since I'm a child. Whenever I have a stomach cramps or constipation, I'm too scared to get out of our house. I'm also a late diagnosed of Aspergers /Autism (my doctors used to call me Autistic but I prefer to call myself Aspie. HAHA). Actually, It's so hard for me to accept the fact that I have Autism. Anyways, Greetings from Philippines! 🙂

  46. I too have ibs when going places especially places im not too familiar with. I have peppermint tea to try and calm my stomach 🤗

  47. I have ADHD and depression/anxiety. I work with a dietician for my IBS issues, and she is always trying to make sure I have stress relieving built in to my schedule and that I'm seeing someone for my mental health. Stress just like gluten (or other FODMAPs) can make IBS worse.

  48. I have found ice cream helps me cause I find that it calms the knot in the throat or if you can stand vix vaper rub under the nose it helps to calm the stimulation of the coming on panic. I have Aspergers to and just try and see if my helpers will help you. Much love from an Aspie mom.

  49. I forgot to add sauerkraut and raw slaw (fermented cabbage without mayonnaise) to my list of helpful foods.

  50. Just wanted to say that I think you did a great job of filming this. I know North Wales quite well and it was great to see it shown off in such a professional way.

  51. I also have the problem where I get bad stomachaches before I get on a plane. I have no idea why since I don't even get anxiety from it. I actually love traveling and being on planes so it's a complete mystery

  52. I was diagnosed aspergers syndrome when I was 25, I am 41 now and somewhere along the line I was also diagnosed with IBS. There is a link to digestive issues and Fight-Or-Flights. If you look up Fight or Flight response on the wiki. The chemical change causes digestive processes to be put on hold, which can affect how the digestive system reacts to food.
    Work arounds? I dont know of any. I just make sure I am near a toilet at all times.

  53. I get IBS sometimes. I find that having unpasteurised milk, live yogurt and kombucha helps. I also find staying away from grains and processed food helps. I try to keep food simple and eat little and often. I also look up toilets where I am going and have a radar key.

  54. Yeah, I have really bad problems with constipation whenever I'm on vacation or staying at a friend's. I can only "go" at home. It's extremely frustrating. Last time I went on vacation, I didn't go for 9 days. I tried but literally couldn't.

  55. Lets hang out in these shirts to improve Autism Awareness

  56. Your channel has me shook for real. I’ve taken the test in a previous video(I scored a 40). And I’ve watched a lot of these videos and I have so many Of the things. I’ve had ibs for years and this channel has honestly frightened me. I don’t know where to go from here to be honest.

  57. Ultra interesting! I really like this video. I think the root cause is a bit different, though. I think the root cause might be interoception. Issues with interoception can impair a person from identifying where danger is coming from. Because of this, everything within an environment when a bad thing happens can become a trigger. For individuals on the spectrum, this could easily be society (due to the common struggle of reading social information). Your body would then create a way of getting you away from those triggers (such as GI and IBS). The more effective GI and IBS are in getting you away from (or avoiding) this trigger (society), the more likely it is that GI and IBS will be used in the future. If the root cause is interoception, and this has caused the development of a conditioned fear response (GI and IBS) to a particular stimulus (society), your best bet might be to use a strategy designed to systematically, and safely, remove the fear (like systematic desensitization or cognitive behavioral therapy). Just a thought….

  58. I have autism and also have ibs. I have to take medication for it. currently taking buscopan. 10 years of ibs now. eating better helps but anxiety makes it happen anyway.

  59. Peter McKinnon is gonna sue you for steeling his music, etc, haha, all jokes aside like the new style homie 🙂

  60. It's been a few months since I was diagnosed with aspergers and I also have ibs. It is caused by my crippling anxiety so….not cool anxiety…..not cool…

  61. I have crazy ibs, i can mostly manage it with food I don’t eat. The list is very long so I’m not gonna write it here but it is basically exactly like the fodmap. Look it up.. for me the absolute worst is gluten , it’s poison for me. And I take Align it helps a lot too.

  62. yea i exaperience ibs i am suposed to be on meds all the time for it . maybe try mebevarine or buscapan or somthing

  63. im gluten and wheat intolerant ive cut out gluten and wheat from my diet since march as i noticed when i was eating gluten and wheat based products like brown bread or gravy or certain pizzas or pasta i was getting very ill very quickly

  64. Do you have tips for females who struggle with time management and staying on task but also limiting anxiety? For me, anything that I don't crave to do pretty much, anything that's uninteresting, I have a very hard time retaining the knowledge from those things I am wanting to learn 😡 Reading is easy as pie to me when it's fictional, but when it's fiction it's very hard to understand because for me they sound like they are writing info that's just spewing outa their asses xD

  65. My Dr told me this is something to do with the "gut brain " it's also the reason as well as IBS I get gastroparisis with my migraine disease. The brain and the gut are very well connected.

  66. Definitely experienced the ibs on a day out. I usually take Imodium and buscopan until I’ve arrived and calmed down. I always carry those meds with me EVERYWHERE. Hoping this helps.

  67. Wow, I am almost positive I have Aspergers. Got IBS at 16. ADD/ADHD diagnosed at 47. Have had panic attacks since my 20s. Meltdowns started in my 40s. Also am HSP, with fibromyalgia and chronic myofascial pain. OMG

  68. Marshmallows work for me! If you can't eat gluten or have a special diet you can buy the plant whole and use the sticky substance to settle your stomach. I used to get nausious during trips. My mom and dad where split up so we had to travel five yours every weekend to see my dad for a few years. I even got x-rays and they said everything was fine and gave me a prescription because the nausea was starting to be daily. For some reason, marshmallow is the best thing 😮

  69. I experience something similar; but with what feels like heartburn. I will burp up stomach acid sometimes to the point where I vomit when I am experiencing a new or stressful situation.

  70. My daughter has a rare gentic deletion in 4q35. ASD, Eating difficulties, possible IBS and ADD, Hypocalcemia, Low Muscle tone, and learning difficulties….
    I think your right about Autism/ ASD having links to gut acid, and upset stomachs issues like IBS and GRED. Your intro looks a lovely place to visit and even live.

  71. Sorry to hear it Dan, that must be annoying as hell. But yeah I have ulceritive colitis. I need preparation and alot of calm and quiet before doing anything. Travel is horrible.
    Due to anxiety I've been told it sends out way too much adrenaline, instantly affecting the colon.
    My colitis comes from an overactive auto immune system, sending out too much bacteria to the colon that starts attacking the positive bacteria.
    Colitis and chrohns disease are something you're born with, so don't panic.
    Basically the more still your mind is, the calmer you are, the less adrenaline is sent out. Either meditation, deep breathing or doing something that calms you that you enjoy can help. Preferably a week before so everything begins to calm. Due to my anxiety this is something I try keep in mind every minute, otherwise I panic and shake.
    Phew glad that's over!!

  72. I'm also autstic and the digestive issues are almost constant and probably the worst thing to deal with. I can only manage the symptoms, usually nausea, but I also haven't figured out naything that helps.

  73. Im stuck with ibs and insomnia because i decided To go To a fair and i passed my usual bedtime which is early 8pm. It really sucks. But i atleast got a really Nice hat. I have To wait till my body feels better because i cant fall asleep as soon as i try i Feel sick. Tommorrow is gonna be a really relax day.

  74. My suspected asd 6yo loves school but always has diarrhea before school. I thought it was every morning but realized it's not. I never thought of it being related to the social anxiety!

  75. I have Asperger's, IBS, and GI issues. I actually ended up having surgery that made things much better though far from perfect.

  76. I use fennel seed tea it taste awful but it works and it can help the smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal system relax and reduce gas, bloating, and stomach cramps

  77. Reducing inflammation in the body is an important step in helping IBS. I would go and get some tests done to see if you have things like SIBO which in small intestine bacterial Overgrowth. This is a common condition and causes bloating and gas. I would see a nutritionist and maybe a naturopath to rule out problems in the digestive tract. I had low stomach acid which caused reflux as well as inflammation. I would also ask them about taking pro biotics and if you have low levels of good bacteria . There is also candidia and so I would see someone who can test all of these things for you. I have had most of these at some point and I also experimented with the elimination diet . You keep a food diary and monitor how different foods make you feel. You may be sensitive to things like wheat and dairy and eliminating them could be enough to solve the problem .

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