Ask_teacherwill: LOL (A Different Abbreviation)

In today’s video I want to talk about an
expression that you might have heard of haha “LOL” what does that abbreviation
mean. It means a laughing out loud and a person typically uses that abbreviation
is when they are happy they hear a funny joke or they’re feeling in a jovial mood
so do you “LOL” when you watch a video from Teacher Will I hope that’s a yes
but in this video I want to give you a possible another explanation or an
expression for lol are you ready “Learning Over Laziness” lol learning over
laziness learning it means to acquire knowledge so what are you doing
what are you learning to take your English to the next level over over
means that you surpass something over and laziness what is laziness means
laziness means inactivity idle you’re not doing the work so learning over
laziness that is the new expression that I want you to think of as it relates to
lol so if you liked this video click on that subscribe button hit that
notification and more importantly make a comment below to let me know if you
agree with learning over laziness don’t be an idle don’t be innate in active
learning over laziness

2 thoughts on “Ask_teacherwill: LOL (A Different Abbreviation)

  1. Oh, what a dynamic wethear behind you! Be careful, it looks like a storm is coming 🌪️🌪️🌪️. Now, straight to the point.. I definitely get over my laziness and started reading novels in English. Which is, oh, such a great pleasure, reading and, most important– understand something that was written for native speakers. Lol

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