Aromatherapy Essential Oils : How to Use Aromatherapy for Headaches

Hi, there. If you suffer from headaches and
are interested in how aromatherapy can help you, I can give you a couple of tips. I’m
Sundae with Natural Sundae. Now, aroma, aromatherapy is wonderful for helping reduce the pain and
difficulties associated with headaches, and there are a couple of different ways you can
use essential oils. The first way that you can recommend using them is through inhalation,
and this could be used either through an air spray that you put water and essential oils
in. This is a four ounce can and usually I would add four ounces of water, of course,
and about maybe fifty to sixty drops of essential oil, and you just spray it into the air. You
inhale those molecules, and then they start working naturally. The second way, very easy
way you can use it is for a facial spritzer. This puts the molecules in the air the same
way so you can inhale them. And also, actually the quickest and easiest way through inhalation
is using an aroma therapy inhaler with oil right in here. You can just stick it right
underneath your nasal passages and start inhaling those wonderful essential oils. Now, essential
oil that are best for headaches are the analgesics which take away pain; peppermint, rosemary,
even basil and chamomile. Those are wonderful. The second ways you can make a massage oil
with those oils in them. You want to use it on your neck and your shoulders since headaches
usually travel from these placed up to your head. You can make an oil with a one ounce
little jar of grape seed oil or jajoba oil which are very thin, gentle oils and put from
six to twelve drops of essential oil. Now, with this scented oil, like I said, you can
rub it on your neck and shoulders and on all the places that you feel your headache tension
like in your forehead and in your temples. So, those are two really quick and easy ways
that you can get rid of headaches using aroma therapy. You can inhale them, and then you
can apply them topically. I’m Sundae with Natural Sundae. Take care guys.

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