I’ve had a lot of people lately told me
that their financial situation is a main source of their depression and their
anxiety and that’s exactly where we’re gonna be talking about in this video and
how to get over it so make sure that you stay tuned what is up everybody this is
Chris from the rewired soul where we talk about the problem but focus on the
solution and yes money financial situations all these things are the main
source of anxiety and depression for most people like not some but most
people so make sure that you do me a favor when you’re done watching this
video or right now be sure to share it on social media so maybe some other
people can get some help for their depression and their anxiety when it
comes to their finances first off I want to say that I get it like most of the
videos I do here like I do them because I’ve been through them personally
alright I made this channel so I can provide solutions that have helped me so
now they can help you things like that with it okay but like my whole life like
I’ve never been financially like really like secure like never like a lot like I
never had my parents who like bought me the car you know or I didn’t even know
if we were gonna be able to stay in the home that we were living in you know
what I mean even as an adult like because of my
parents bad habits I’ve never learned how to save money properly costly in
debt all sorts of things so like I get it I get how this can be the main source
of depression anxiety for a lot of people but the thing is the thing is is
that right now as of today I make a lot less money than I ever did in my entire
life I’m making half the money that I used to make if I’m being honest less
than half the money that I used to make and I’m happier than I’ve ever been so I
feel that I have a little bit of advice that I can help you all out with when it
comes to your financial situations and what is keeping you so stressed and so
depressed the first thing the first thing that we have to address is how you
are working at a job that you absolutely hate to make sure that you can afford
the stuff that you don’t even need we have to talk about that and
please be sure to check out the info card I did a very detailed video on a
book called lost connections I dive a little bit more into this topic in a
different way so please go check out that video but one of our major issues
is that we live in this society where there is this line that has blurred
between our wants and our needs and it’s just something that happens in a society
that’s constantly telling us what we need what we need to get what we want
and who we need to be in what we need to look like and how we look better towards
other people like all these things this is constantly being thrown in our face
left and right with every single eye on earth as well as the fact that most of
us compare ourselves to other people we’re constantly thinking about the
things that we need need to make us happy so let’s talk about this real
quick let’s get really honest okay you won’t leave the job that you’re at even
though you hate it and it makes you miserable because if you left that job
even though it’s a good-paying job if you left that job how are you supposed
to pay for all these things that make you happy right like you need to make a
certain amount of money there’s that word NEET again pay attention we’re
gonna talk about a lot about needs like if I sat here I told you if I sat here
and told you that you need to take a ten thousand dollar pay cut today your
immediate thought would be that you’re gonna be homeless on the streets if you
stop making ten thousand dollars a year you will be homeless that is a fact
cut and dry that’s the way it is so how are you ever supposed to leave this job
because you can’t be homeless you have kids to feed
you need to pay for your car you need to pay for groceries how can you possibly
take a ten thousand dollar pay cut well let’s break it down real quick let’s
just use an example of I don’t know let’s say $60,000 okay you are making
$60,000 a year so if you made $50,000 you’d be homeless right let’s take a
step back let’s take a step back and really look at this situation okay let’s
look at the house you live in okay how much does that house cost you
where is this house is it a nice part of town or a bad side of town and what is a
bad side of town right and why do you have that house is it for you is it for
the safety because these are real things right like when we’re talking about
safety yes that is a concern but let’s really look at the situation all right
the car that you have you need a car how are you supposed to get to work if you
don’t have a car are you supposed to take the kids to soccer
to doctor’s appointments you know all these things if you don’t have a car but
let’s look at the type of car that you drive is it a car that is meant to get
you from point A to point B or is it a car that you really really wanted right
this car that you just absolutely needed there’s that word neat again right what
kind of car is it how much you paying for that car okay now that car that you
park at the house what’s inside your house what kind of furniture do you have
what kind of TV do you have what kind of other things do you have in that house
how much were those things how many of these things are there so they look nice
and they look pretty when other people come over so they know that you have
yours life together right you need those things don’t you
there’s that word neat again so again like we’re talking about here our brains
have a screwed up time trying to differentiate between wants and needs
wants and needs wants and needs right so the first thing I really really want you
to do there’s a very small simple task I teach my clients how to do this all the
time okay get a list get a piece of paper and have one column for wants one
column for needs okay write down all of your needs and then write all the things
that you want okay after you’re done writing this list I
want you to take another look at your needs and see how many of those you can
really move over to the wall side okay after that take another look at this
list look at that list take another look at your needs and see how many more of
those needs can you move over to the wants all right do this two or three
times see how many things you can start moving over to from the needs pile to
the wants pile now you’re starting to get some clarity now you’re starting to
see that that call you have is they want not a need it is they want right what
would happen if you sold that car and got a reliable car not an amazing car
not the best car in the neighborhood not the car that’s gonna impress your
friends and your family not that car but the car that takes you where you need to
go right the house that beautiful beautiful house that you’ve waited your
whole life to have what would happen if you downsized what happened if you got a
smaller place what would you what would happen if you
the same size place but in a different neighborhood what would happen as you
start to look at these different financial situations that you’re already
in and how you can possibly adjust them and see that your mental filter is
telling you that you need these things when you really just want them you’ll
start to see that you have a lot more room to breathe you’ll start to see now
that your needs are actually wants now you’ll start to look at your job in a
much different way you’ll start to see your job as something that you don’t
have to be at but you’ve been stuck under this spell that you have to be at
this job because of the things that you need to pay for because you need them
right so I really really hope that you practice this exercise but we’re not
done yet there’s one more thing that we really need to address okay the next one
I’m gonna have to clap at you real quick stop putting yourself financially bad
situations all right so this is something I need to make an entire new
video on but we’re gonna talk about it really quickly here okay because of what
we just talked about in the first segment right there about the difference
between wants and needs a lot of people are putting themselves in very very bad
financial situations I see this happen all the time
I see my friends do this constantly I see my clients do it constantly I see
all of you do it costly right you sad you’re lonely you’re depressed you’re
anxious you’re worried just all these different things going on in your head
then all of a sudden you see that car that car if I could just if I could just
have that car then everything would be fine right so you go out you go to the
dealership and oh my god they approved yet they approve you for that car what
you don’t got to put down a gigantic down payment that’s awesome but the down
payment is still a little bit more than you can afford right the next thing you
know we’re talking about monthly payments and you were thinking like how
how much can you squeeze into a monthly payment right how much okay cool I don’t
know $400 yeah I guess I can do $400 yeah I guess right but you know what
that salesman and the finance department they’re amazing and they take it down to
350 $350 oh my lord that is amazing right so you leave out of there with
this brand-new car you got the payments you wanted you do you have to put down a
fat down the down payment but now it’s three months later it’s three months
later and now you’re stressing about money and that car payment notification
comes through your email if you’re paperless or it might come through the
actual mail now you’re looking at this car payment hug oh my god there goes
$350 why did I get this car right so that thing you bought for that instant
gratification for that gratification that didn’t last you as long as you
wanted to now it is a source of your stress of your anxiety right and now
that you can’t afford it or now that you do pay but you don’t want to ruin your
credit right now you’re depressed now you’re depressed cuz you’re broke
now you are driving that sad vehicle everywhere you go this thing that you
just had to buy or that temporary gratification same thing with the house
right same thing with the house or same thing with that job you chose that job
because you can make more money and if you make more money you can buy more
stuff and if you could only buy more stuff then you would be happier right
but now you’re depressed to go to work you get into the car that you can’t
afford you drive to the job that you hate and then you leave work later that
day you have a sad drive home because you had an awful day at work you pull up
to the house that’s way too expensive you go inside you sit on that expensive
couch you buy it you watch that expensive TV and you are just sad and
depressed you see what I’m going with this you see how these things that were
constantly chasing after it’s like having that carrot at the end of the
stick right or just constantly running towards it that’s what a lot of us are
doing so something that we really need to do is reconnect with our values okay
we need to really reconnect with what is important with us we need to get
disillusioned from this idea that things and stuff and money are what’s going to
make us happy you know what I mean like I mentioned this in another video and
maybe someday I’ll do it maybe someday I will take this camera off the tripod and
take you on a tour of my neighborhood it’s not great it is not
great by any means I Drive a little Scion ia right like these are the things
that I do and I am just happier than I’ve ever been because I’ve been able to
separate my wants from my needs I’ve also figured out a way to work
through these impulses I have to buy things that I can’t afford because I
understand the poor financial situations that they’ll put me in I know that
buying that next thing is going to be a very temporary fix to my long-term
problem and once I can realize that I have already gotten rid of some of my
biggest triggers you know what I mean so again like I said at the beginning of
this video like please share this please share this with other people like this
is probably one of the most important videos I’ve ever made because so many
people struggle with this so quit being selfish make sure you share it with
somebody okay not even somebody just post it on Facebook dear thing on there
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walks list I think this is gonna be amazing
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start figuring out the difference between your wants and your needs and
I’ll see you next time


  1. Its funny how you mentioned everything in this video. I had that nice house, all newly renovated too (overextended myself financially) had a nice car, and had a good paying job too. In 2018 I lost it all. House, car, job, girlfriend….all of it. I'm now broke with my little savings and credit card debt living with a friend. I had to start all over until I get back on my feet due to many stupid financial decisions and losing the job didn't help either.

    When I think about it I didn't need that house. I could have rented for half what I was paying and saved up. That $600 a month payment on my car….that was overboard too. I didn't need that fully loaded Turbo 🙁 and all the renovations I spent on my house….well I did all of that so yes it looked good and felt good coming home looking at it.

    In the end I regret all of those decisions. It was all about making myself and insecurities feel good and doing it for others. Tired of making those stupid mistakes to appease my insecurities.

  2. I dont waste my money, only restaurants which is 7% of my income, I know I m doing very well but still I m feeling sad that I could do better. I m depressed but I use all my brain cells and all my limits to earn more and not like before but better. I need money to take care for my family, for my future kids that I can afford them everything and in if everythi g will get great than I would want to help talanted,poor kids to get education and money, to make this world a better place and with love. If u are broke u cant get family, help another. There is no happiness without a people to share this life with

  3. So much truth in this, you have explained my life to a T. And this is why I a have everything, yet I feel I have nothing. Greed = depression

  4. I drove a Mercedes that was a lemon that had a 365/mth car payment….I let the bank have it, best decision I made.

  5. buying junk food and stopping at at fast food places on the way home from work because i cant be bother to cook is one of my biggest mistakes

  6. I have anxiety like I don't like buying things from the store because I get scared and nervous and I'm scared to eat in front of ppl

  7. Im rich bitch!

    I live within my means, i make 25 an hour and live in a travel trailer with solar power and hold no debt. I am a minimalist, possessions do nothing for you. Money wont help your mood.

    Just live within your means. Stop chasing the materialistic world. If you dont need it, you fucking dont need it.

    My total bills every month, not counting food, is $600.

    I made huge sacrifices people, dont hate instead sacrifice, things take time and dedication….

  8. I'm depressed because I can't even afford the things I need. I'm 23 and I live with my parents and I make $10 an hour. I'm not making ends meet and I don't know what to do. I'm stuck in an endless cycle of low paying jobs and I have childcare taken out of my checks so I don't even make the $10 I would if I didn't have kids. I don't know how to get a higher paying job because I have minimal skills, minimal experience and only a high school education.

  9. These scenarios really don’t apply to me… I have a house that’s not a fancy house..I have a 2015 Honda Civic— I don’t make more then 40k- I don’t have expensive items in my house I do have cable and internet combined to be cheaper. Like I can’t relate :/

  10. Do to medical reasons my husband has been out of work for 2 and a half months, our tire blew out on the freeway and now his car doesnt work the little bit of money we had saved gone …every day since then has been a huge headache, sleepless nights and our 3 kids constantly asking why the fridge is empty and that they are hungry so here I am watching videos to help manage my stress..well my thanx for this video

  11. I know I need to paid for my house, car, insurance, phone…the important stuff but I just dont have enough income to paid for it. Honestly I try to apply for so many job but no one hired me.

  12. Another middle class person lecturing the poor about money for self promotion, I wonder if he has ever been really poor?

  13. Lol don't know what it's like to have allowance, money gifts or parents that can contribute to my studies… Don't even know what it's like having 1,000$ in my bank account FML

    I feel like I'll always be living paycheck to paycheck… Once the rent is paid and groceries bought, what is there left, like maybe 100$ ??

    I don't even have a car and live in a modest appartment….

    What's next ? Tricking myself into thinking I'm satisfied with that?

  14. He confuses "needs" with low income and as a results inability to meet basic needs. Let's break it down. Medical tech in NYC gets around $40000. So it's around $2500 a month after taxes. $1,000 at least for rent in NY, $200-300 groceries just rice and beans, at least $300 for bills, $150 for unlimited metrocard (if you are lucky to find work in Manhattan) , if not, at least additional $500 for car. Loans, credit card payments, unexpected expenses etc. That's for one person . What happens when you have to provide for your family. So of course, literally no money to save , no financial security, that's where depression and anxiety come out. Money doesn't make you happy BUT they solve 99% of your problems.

  15. Your mindset can help keep you motivated to fix your financial hardships. Rather than get stressed out by thoughts of never getting out of debt, imagine the amount of stress you feel decreasing as your debt load gets smaller and smaller. It’s important to believe in yourself!

  16. Oh man you are talking straight to me. I thought I needed a $60k Yukon, went to the dealership, shocked that I got approved and then ended up with a $920 car payment…..stupidest decision I’ve ever made! Still regretting it 3 years later and I’m $15k upside down. 😢 Sooo not worth the stress of making that car payment every month!!!

  17. Man I literally have the bare minimum of every single thing. I have cheap furniture, a 1990 car with no heat or ac…basically the list goes on and I dont have any wants and can barely get the needs so what's your advice for that

  18. Things aren't that simple. It's not about 'things', it's about rent. Rent alone in a cheap apartment is getting super expensive. …And the car is a piece of crap, the bare minimum to get to work. It still needs maintenance. Basic food and shelter and transportation are not luxuries.

  19. I’m 23, work part time, keep getting let go from jobs because I can’t do math, keep having panic attacks and waste peoples time. Live in an apartment by myself. All my money goes to bills. I have no bed, I sleep on a couch I got for free. I have no car. I’ve never been on vacation or left the city. I have no kids. I don’t drink or party or have any friends to go out with. Rent is due tomorrow and I’m 500 short. I turned down invites to thanksgiving, Christmas, and birthday parties because I’m too embarrassed to arrive empty handed. Everything is so expensive. I feel so broken and feel like I’ll never go anywhere in life. I spend money on fast food, books. I don’t need them but I feel like I have nothing else in life and it gives me some happiness. I cancelled Spotify because I don’t know what else to do. Its not a lot of money but I have nothing else to cancel or sell. I’m going to the bank tomorrow to raise my credit card limit because I don’t know what else to do. 😞 I’m not in debt. (Well, no credit card debt, I mean. I owe my brother $250, though.)I just have no money. Is this how I’m going to live forever? Seems like it.

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