Are WWE RUINING Roman Reigns?! | WWE Raw 2 July 2018 Review

Roman Reigns is an awful character! Sasha
Banks and Bayley’s Counselling leads to nothing. And Kevin Owens blue himself. I am
Luke Owen, vote in the poll above my head to let me know your thoughts on this show
using this ratings system: In Awe, Cor, AvRAWge, Poor and Bore. This is the 2nd of July 2018
edition of Monday Night Raw… in about 4 minutes. Roman Reigns opened the show this week to
announce that he and Bobby Lashley would be taking on The Revival for the third week in
a row. He ran down Lashley for a bit when DolphIntyre came out to cut a promo of their
own. They all got into a fight, and Seth Rollins made the save. Quicker than you can say Teddy
Long, playa, Roman and Seth asked Kurt Angle if they could have a tag team match tonight.
Angle reminds them that Roman already has a tag team match for the show, but makes it
anyway. Two Roman Reigns matches in one night? Is it my birthday?! For the third week in a row The B-Team did
impressions of The Deleters of Worlds, and the Curtis Axel beat Matt Hardy in a short
match for the second week in a row. Have I accidentally put on last week’s episode?
Bray Wyatt wasn’t at ringside due to car crash he suffered over the weekend, so it
remains to be seen if this tag team match takes place at Extreme Rules. Remember those Dr. Shelby segments with Kane
and Daniel Bryan from a few years ago? Remember how we all sort of liked them? Well now we’re
getting them again – but with a twist. This time, it’s boring and rubbish. After arguing
in the waiting room in the first segment, Bayley and Banks then did lame and unfunny
impressions of each other in the second. And that was it. Nothing more, nothing less – and
it will continue next week. It must be my birthday. Authors of Pain squashed Titus Worldwide in
a dominating fashion that made them look cool. And Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins took on
DolphIntyre in a decent match. It was also announced that Rollins and Ziggler would face
off again for the Intercontinental Championship in a 30-minute Iron Man match at Extreme Rules.
Remember when Bayley and Banks had that amazing 30-minute Iron Man match? I ‘member. The
fou r men built brilliantly to a Roman Reigns hot tag, but The Revival ran out from the
crowd to cause a DQ. The heels all laid out Seth and Roman and left standing tall. Baron Corbin came out to cut a promo on Finn
Balor after their tag match last week, and Balor came out to make fun of his hair. Hey
man, male pattern baldness is no laughing matter! Corbin said that he was tall and Finn
wasn’t and, wait am I watching an episode of Smackdown Live from last month? Corbin
punched Balor, but Finn fought back and sent him packing. The Ruby Riott-less Riott Squad listened to
Elias play a song before pushing over some stuff. You know their antics really don’t
seem that riot-y when Braun Strowman is elsewhere in the arena flipping cars for fun. Liv Morgan
than lost to Ember Moon in a short match. Not sure what you do with the Riott Squad
with Ruby on the injured list. We then got our second Roman Reigns match
and fifth Roman Reigns segment of the night, when he teamed up with Bobby Lashley to take
on The Revival for the third time in as many weeks. And people say Raw is repetitive. The
story of the match was that Roman – despite being beaten up and wrestling a match earlier
in the night – wouldn’t tag in the fresh Bobby Lashley. This led to The Revival working
over Reigns until they got DQ’d for winning too much. Lashley walked away, and Revival
laid out Roman with another Shatter Machine. If Revival were going to stand tall, why didn’t
you just give them the win rather than this lame DQ finish? But a bigger issue is the
booking of Reigns. Later in the night Michael Cole said that there are two ways to look
at Roman: either as a “proud warrior” or an “egomaniac”. Well Michael Cole,
I’ve watched the show and I believe he is neither. He’s actually either an idiot or
a complete tool. He’s done nothing but whine and complain since Greatest Royal Rumble,
he acts like a complete dick backstage, and then looked like a total pratt in this tag
match when he wouldn’t tag in the fresh man to prove a point. Although he didn’t
lose so I guess he proved some sort of point. He then complained again to Kurt Angle backstage
and he’s facing Lashley at Extreme Rules. Maybe it’s just me, but this booking of
Roman Reigns isn’t working. This has to be leading to a full-on heel turn because
no one in their right mind would think this would get someone over as a babyface. Mojo Rawley then beat up No Way Jose for the
third week in a f***king row. Are the writing team on their summer holidays or something
because we’re just recycling the same angles over and over again! Has anyone noticed that
Oli Davis is acting weird? In an excellent pre-taped interview, Ronda
Rousey revealed that although she’s suspended from Raw, she’s not suspended from Extreme
Rules – not sure that’s how it works. Anyway she’s going to buy a front row ticket
to the show. Nia Jax then cut a promo on Alexa Bliss that basically buried WWE’s repetitive
booking, and beat Mickie James with the Samoan Drop despite Bliss interference. Earlier in the night Kurt Angle told Kevin
Owens that he would be facing Braun Strowman which Kev was less than thrilled about. In
fact he bailed on the match as soon as it started and got counted out. Braun chased
after him, but Owens cleverly hide inside a porta-potty. Braun worked that out though,
and dragged it back to the arena – where he rammed it off the stage. The crowd popped
big, and Owens got dragged out covered in blue liquid. That was at least a fun and wacky
way to end the show. The first two hours of the show, however,
were built around this new character for Roman Reigns, which frankly sucked. And then the
third hour was full of filler with only Braun and KO being the shining lights. It’s episodes
like this that really expose the lack of depth on Raw’s undercard, and the show didn’t
leave me wanting to see more. This week’s Raw was Poor.
Did Daniel Bryan really shoot on WWE’s lack of long-term storytelling ability? Find out
by watching the video on screen right now. I’ve been Luke Owen and that was wrestling.

100 thoughts on “Are WWE RUINING Roman Reigns?! | WWE Raw 2 July 2018 Review

  1. Roman is a has been could even beat a washed up Brock Lesnar who did the same move F5 13 times without being able to counter…it was sooo terrible bad what does his movies consist of? SPEAR and samoa drop? He should be a midcarder, THE MIZ now that is where all the talent is in the WWE and AJ Styles who does exactly what Roman does except adds a super punch, drop kick and a super kick once in a while.

  2. Asuka is better than them all. In a parallel dimension we are Married Asuka and I'm a Luchador/Ninja and Japanese like Naito.

  3. I think too much time was dedicated to Banks and Bayley but I actually thought their imitations were pretty funny.

  4. Haha! Its because it isn't your birthday! I get the joke! Those segments were really a treat though I get why you you'd feel why it would be. That's what sarcasm is right?

  5. I'm curious how people like Sasha would look when they're 80. Imagine the wrinkles, muscles loss, health problems, etc but with the same visual style. She'd look like a sick troll doll with a smoking problem.

  6. As someone who was actually in attendance at this week's Raw, I have to say the booking of Reigns did not help when half the crowd was chanting " No we don't" to the calls for "We Want Roman." Also, the company of the port-a-potty got a massive chant during the Braun/KO segment.

  7. I don't want see anymore matches between the Revival and the boring team of Bobby Lashley, and Roman. I also don't wanna keep seeing Matt Hardy losing quickly. I'd also really like for the Universal Champion to show up for once on tv or ppv. I know Lazy Brock can't be bothered to show, up because he's got to work on the buttcheck groove he's been working on his couch, and he doesn't want to get up and ruin it.

  8. How many tag-team matches were on Raw, last night? Sounds like a lot! Did anyone keep count? Five Roman Reigns segments? Sounds awful!

  9. Also what a great way to get Lashley started after that feud with Zayne. Make him lose vs. Roman (or some Bullshittery)

  10. WWE had ruined so many wrestler just to get shit (roman) over
    samoa joe
    Finn Balor
    Seth rollins
    Bobby lesley
    And list continue

  11. Ruining? Try ruined. His character is basically the same as Jason Jordan's…except way more annoying and whiny

  12. Look, it is real simple. Have him turn on Seth, be a strong heel and come back to face like every other truly great wrestler has. Very few remained faces.

  13. Not surprised..this was in my hometown and I thought about getting tickets, but glad I didn't..just another copy and past episode very poor. On side note KO gave interview putting our city over 🙂

  14. This has to be a potential heel turn. Because currently his whiny and entitled character fits a heel perfectly. Let's just hope he will turn heel soon. Nah, they will never change him. He's the BIG DOG!

  15. I was thinking the same thing while watching the highlights, is this last weeks episode? Did I click the wrong link?

  16. The answer is hell yeah they are!! For one thing, they are giving him and outrageous push, when he's not done enough for all these opportunities. And of course there's his image. Seth Rollins has his own image now, so does Dean Ambrose. But Roman is still rocking shield gear, hell he still has the theme song. His moveset is still the same too!! You trying to push a guy that has no image of his own, same bland moveset, and lame on the mic. The only time I seen him do a great promo, was when he got off script, after the elimination chamber, when Brock lesner didn't show up for work. His matches at this point are too predictable, and all around boring now. Get him out of the spotlight for a little while, focus on other performers, and then redo his image. He would be great as a heel, and let him do his own promos, because the writing team is killing this man. Y'all keep this crap up, and you will have to fire him, for a fuck up that ain't even his own.

  17. You'd rather watch 2 Roman reigns matches though instead of someone like The Great Khali in 2 matches though? Roman is a great wrestler

  18. WWE is starting to Listen to the Majority of the Fans They want Roman Reigns to be destroyed then people will cheer

  19. I couldn't even complete this weeks raw it was boring and today i tuned into SmackDown and i honestly forgot that aj was still champion but atleast SmackDown has daniel and kane's story going on

  20. Idiots complaining. Stop complaining. Stop watching RAW. Just watch the reviews in here… 😂 If it gets good and better. Tune back in.. or don't support the mcmahons.

  21. Um, WWE ruined Roman Reigns years ago. What they're doing now is refusing to try and fix him because they refuse to admit there's anything wrong, and are instead making it worse out of stubborn spite. You could almost feel sorry for the guy.

  22. He was ruined yes. If you want to build up a bad character, sometimes you have to break him down first.

    The B Team is getting old super quick. Their promo was hilarious 2 weeks ago. Last week made me chuckle. This week, their promo left me with a blank face. They really know how to drive something into the ground.

  23. Best part of the show was KO as usual..which shows the lack of decent booking RAW has sufffered from lately as Matt Hardy was once LEADING iMAPCT week after it's just short promo, short match & move on..I truly believe Matt should go to Smackdown Live..he'd fit in better & I'm sure he'd be able to do a lot more.. even though RAW has an extra hour..but of course RAW NEEDS that extra hour to have Roman cry that doesn't leave much time for anyone who is actually interesting.

  24. OMG!!!! How are you guys not seeing this. It's pretty darn clear Roman is what he is intended to be. A Darn Good heat magnet. Who else on the entire roster , with exception from Ciampa, get's that much heat?…Roman.

  25. Technically speaking, I'm not going to be surprised that they pull the tag match and have that at a later date.

  26. wwe writers simply suck! I only watch it cause of certain wrestlers like and make sure i dvr it to fast foward garbage matches and storylines. Triple H needs to take over.

  27. All Roman needs is a solid push. The fans still confuse him for other stars like CM Punk and indie darling Hugh Kantrisil.

  28. They already ruined him because they shoved him down our throats when he left the shield and ever since

  29. They're trying to make Bobby the new Roman as far as being hated and hopefully get Roman in a better spot with the fans. Am i thinking too much? Probably.

  30. Sasha and Bailey could be so much better if they stop holding them back!!! Sasha is s natural heel but WWE won’t let her be because merch sell would go down and we all know they’ve been more about selling gear than entertaining fans 😑😑😑

  31. I don't know if it's WWE or Roman himself I don't like him I don't like his character I don't like anything about him never have never will I think Vince is trying to make him be the poor man's Rock

  32. I truly thought I played the wrong week on my DVR, I dont mean in the opening segment. It was once it was about 20 min in and Hardy vs Axel was happening. I really thought I had accidently played the week befores show. I had to check 3x to make sure I hadnt.

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