Anxiety: Why Humans Experience Anxiety

– We can learn a lot about mindfulness from the animal world, because animals are
naturally mindful creatures. Check it out. Here we have Billy the buffalo
enjoying a bit of grass, sipping some water and just
taking in his surroundings, if we could see his thoughts, they’d probably look something like this. – [Billy] Sure is a beauty out here. Boy this grass is good, the
dew is lovely this morning, mm. – Most animals are mindful creatures, they spend a majority of their time purposefully in the present moment. Of course when danger presents itself animals share an instinct
with humans known as, fight or flight response. This is a primitive automatic response that prepares the body to fight or flee from a perceived threat. Chemicals automatically
pump into Billy’s body and he’s able to run away quickly. That was a close one, what do
you think he’s thinking now? – [Billy] Ooh that was
too close for comfort. What if that lion ate me? No more grass for Billy. What if he comes back and
I can’t get away this time? Maybe I shouldn’t graze here anymore. Oh what if he finds my family? This is all too much to
handle, I’m stressed. – Uh, probably not. Billy’s thoughts look more like this. – [Billy] Ooh look, some more grass. Mm lovely. – You might think this makes
Billy a very silly buffalo but it doesn’t. Billy doesn’t ponder the future because well, that’s not
really what animals do. They would rather spend
mindful time in the present. In fact, did you know that humans are the only
known creatures on earth who spend time thinking about the future? Now thinking about the
future has benefits. Billy would not be able to plan for the next attack for example. But here’s the thing. Research shows that too much
time thinking about the future can lead one to dwell on bad
things which might happen and cause undue worry. And here’s the real kicker, not only are humans the only species to think about the future, they are also the ones capable of triggering a fight or flight response when there is no immediate danger. That’s right, you can be
sitting peacefully at home and one simple worried
thought about the future can throw your entire body into a chemically induced response built for stressful situations. Now the goal of mindfulness training is not to turn us into animals that do not ponder the future. Practicing mindfulness instead provides a way to think about the future in a calm, logical manner and more time to genuinely
enjoy the present. – Oh that sounds real good ScienceGuy. – Now that would definitely not happen. You can’t sit there. – Oops, sorry.

12 thoughts on “Anxiety: Why Humans Experience Anxiety

  1. …there are 17 different genes that express things like social psychological disorder, i know this is more of a behavioral study but i think a margin of people won't find this very helpful.

  2. I'm 12 years old and I have anxiety disorder and I just wanted to say thank you go zen sooooo much❤️

  3. humans think about the future because we have a more developed brain and have the ability to create detailed connections between neurons which is why we can solve math problems which other animals can't perform.

  4. This man is dead inside. I didn't think it was possible to sound more bored than the narrator of Daily Dose of Internet.

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