25 thoughts on “Anxiety disorders are like elephants.

  1. Hey! I found this video very helpful. I was just having a lovely evening of focusing on the shit… but really I just need to get back to work. And never pull another all-nighter…

  2. @rookmacher I'm glad you found it helpful and got back to work! Elephants love to eat all-nighters but, oh, the mess…

  3. You are amazing, u put u light hearted twist on all your videos and that makes me smile,it's not so "medical" ha! Thank u

  4. Thanks for your kind comments and for checking out my books! I hope they help. Definitely let me know if you have any questions.

  5. I beat it for some time now, I have made a very good path to victory over it, but it's very difficult to think all of it, one problem which my technique did not focus on I have now- brain cancer when people are bad towards me, positive thoughts etc. How do I continue? Should I use my method? Perfect it?

  6. I don't see it working anymore. It works like this: I answer to every single of my anxieties ( and bloody hell does that take huge amounts of energy) and thinking, as OCD is all thought, how it would be if I did do OCD and imagining 10 minutes in the future if anything has changed about what I am worrying about. I realise that nothing changes so I leave it. This does sometimes only increase the anxiety because it makes me feel hopeless against contamination etc.= Forgetting bout it is best.

  7. I get Anxiety disorder when I trying to remove OCD, is it normal? I feel scare and I wake up early in the morning, which is unusual, I really going to breakdown soon

  8. That`s very normal. Are you able to access treatment from a psychologist that can help you with Exposure & Response Prevention or Acceptance & Commitment Therapy? Trying to treat OCD on your own can lead to issues like what you`re describing, when we compulsively try to fight the disorder. Instead of trying to fight OCD, just try to live your life in a healthy way. Switch from reacting to OCD to acting according to your values.

  9. well, I am now under medication, treating my anxiety, I didn't know I shouldn't treat OCD on my own. I thought just ignore the complusion will do.

  10. I've been compulsion free for four years now and the way my brain works is so different to how it worked before. But it does take a lot of work and it's a lifestyle. A therapist experienced in anxiety disorder recovery can help you structure a program and give you the tools to eliminate the compulsions and learn to relate differently to the things in your head. It's like getting your body in great physical shape: it's lots of work, requires supports throughout your life, and a program that works

  11. I just stumbled onto your videos and I've seen about ten so far.  They are really a great alternative to the depressing and very dry descriptions and advice articles/books about OCD floating around.  You really are an inspiration!

  12. Thanks Mark, I agree with the comment below. Your videos are really encouraging and helpful and I will take your advice on board.

  13. I have HOCD, and it lately has been pretty bad (I thought I was gay but then learned it was just OCD) and ever since I told myself that it was OCD and not actually real thoughts it's been better but the thoughts are still there and the anxiety also. Like I go and constantly look up stuff to make sure this all just part of the OCD and I also see other stuff related to other disorders and see some of those symptoms and see I share some of those and freak out about them, is this typical OCD and anxiety behavior? I think it might be a reason my sleep schedual has been bad recently and could use some advice.

  14. Love all of your videos. As probably many who suffer from ocd/anxiety, I read plenty stuff on the internet about it. However, your videos somehow really are different, I guess because you lived with it for a long time as well. It really helped me to actually understand the real issues of ocd and what I can do agaonst them!

    Thanks again for these wonderful, helpful videos! 🙂

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