Anxiety attack Cured in 10 days By Kailash Mantry ( life coach )

Once I saw sir’s video, A new hope/belief arose in me. By seeing their confidence, even I became confident that I will become well and I will be able to change my life Narrator – Once the patient saw sir’s video, he gained a new hope, that he can definitely become well/normal. Yes. And you believe that Kailash Mantry will cure you? Yes, definitely , that is why I came here. My name is neeraj kumar singh. I am from patna. And I feel troubled since a long time. I am always over-concerned about myself. I suffer from “Health Phobia” I keep checking symptoms for related diseases, to know If I have contracted any
diesase or not Thinking about it negatively and thinking too much. I feel nervous all the time. I feel, a lot of fear and uneasiness. I, unnecessarily become hyper. My head starts feeling heavy, whenever I am out in public or when it is
time to perform. I feel shakiness from within. I am highly emotional. Negatively emotional. As in I feel like I am feeding it. Due to this, my business isn’t moving ahead. I feel out of place in this world. So that is my problem and its been that way since 3 to 4 years. I took medicines as well, but it didn’t
help much. So I came across this channel of yours on youtube, “CA Kailash Mantry” I had seen one of their video about anxiety about its symptoms. I found most of the symptoms relate-able. And so, here I am, to get cured, in Mumbai. Firstly, I think even think about “Why do I think too much”? Secondly, “why do I feel so much nervousness?” I myself am a Health sector trainer, So, I shouldn’t be having any fear regarding this. Narrator – Basically, you view everything with a negative perspective. Yes, I think that, If feel my head getting heavy then, my veins might pop out. I think as far as, “My grandfather had brain haemmorhage so what if its heridetary?” And my brother (Uncle’s son) was troubled by mental illness for many years. So sometimes I think that “Am I already suffering from the same?” I keep thinking about it all the time, it disturbs my work. Narrator – So basically, as said earlier you turn things in a negative way. Yes, I tend to think and turn small worries into big ones. Narrator – And all this started from 2013/2014? Yes, and… Narrator – Did anything happen to you in the past, that influenced your thinking? Well, in the beginning when I started going to seminars, there I used to feel heavy headed and felt like passing out or felt nervous. So from that time, negative thinking started developing in me. Even my muscles feel tensed; Tension in my hands. So I started thinking, “Are these signs of paralysis?” As in, I start thinking of the worst. What should I say. I am highly disturbed. Narrator – Could you let us know your symptoms, what do you feel are the symptoms? *Misunderstood question* Uneasiness, feeling fear. Sometimes I feel I might die from heart attack. I have also panicked 3-4 times. Yes I meant I’ve had panic attack 3-4 times. I was really afraid that I might die of a heart attack. Or if, some other person dies of a disease. Then I started to think, since he died because of that illness, what if I die due to it too? Narrator – Okay. So, what effect did all these things have in your life? A lot is affected, my work is halted Family members are also getting disturbed. Because….(Inaudible narrator) It is very difficult. Even family members can sense that I feel tensed as I don’t talk much. Actually, since I am living in fear, it becomes hard to live and laugh with family. So they feel disturbed as well just by looking at me. And I worry about my future constantly. As in, what will happen? Will I be in the same state as now? I have been stressed since many years. So, I feel like I am stuck in quicksand and I need to get out of it quick, that’s why I am here. Narrator – 100% you will get cured. Whatever negative approach you have, Narrator – Will be fully turned into positive. You will gain a positive outlook. Narrator – Now, tomorrow will be your first day of treatment. Yes tomorrow’s my first day. What do your family members think about your mental illness? They don’t believe it. They say that nothing has happened to you. Since the illness is mental and not physical, it is easy for them to dismiss it as a mere delusion. And even if I share about it with them, they don’t believe me. Narrator – Usually family members reject/neglect these illnesses. It contributes more to your tension about the illness itself. Narrator – Which can be the main reason contributing to an increase in your illness. Narrator – Family members shouldn’t neglect these things. Never. So as I was saying, they don’t understand. They say that It(my illness) doesn’t exist. You are all well. Why are you wasting your time by going to the doctor. Thank you, Mr.Neeraj, get ready for the upcoming 10 days. We will also make a video with you, “after” the treatment. Yes surely, Whatever shall happen in these 10 days I will readily give my honest feedback. Thank you. I am C.A. Kailash Mantry. I am a life coach and a mental health consultant. We are now at kasara, and here for 10 days treatment of Mr.Neeraj Kumar, Thank you sir. My name is Neeraj Kumar Singh. I am from Patna, Bihar. I have been in business since 7 years Now, my income early income is 10-12 lakhs. And since, 3 to 4 years my income has been constant/stuck at this level. Give or take 1 lakh rupees. I am unable to grow my income. And I feel that the culprit behind my problem, is anxiety disorder. *Inaudible* Since I’ve been here, I’ve obtained confidence and positive thinking So we set a target for me to earn 3 crore rupees yearly. And after this training I am 100% sure that I can achieve it. Ok so that just “your” target. How many others will you impart your knowledge on? And make them a “Millionaire” or “Billionaire” ?

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  1. Sir maa ka bohut khansi hua tha lagatar kansi hoti thi khansne ke bad maa ka sar ghumne lagta tha or ulty ati thi. Maine maa ko neuro dr dekhaya tha usne dono medicine diya hey.
    1. Zapiz 0.25
    2. Mirtaz 7.5
    Iss tab ke pahele iss dr ne or do tablet diya tha wo tab 4 months khake chor diya wo tab hey
    1. Srt 50
    2. Libortyp
    Maa bahut chinta karti thi, ab itna tension nehi karta.
    New tab
    Zapiz0.5 or mirtaz 7.5
    Ye dono tab raat may khane ke bad diya hey dr ne.
    Iss tablet ko lene ke bad maa ka over sleep ho raha hey or saradin thakan sa raheta hey or nind sa raheta hey.
    Sir up batayenge ye dawa lena thik hoga??
    Pls reply me sir
    Or ek baat sir maa ka all time high bp raheta hay, mathe pe chakkar ana, ulty ana, sine mey dharak iska ilach bataye?
    Pls reply me sir

  2. BRE afsos k bat ghar k log bilkul is problem Ko nhi samajhte chahe kitne bi pre likhe kyo na ho. In fact ek compulsory subject kr Dena chahe pshyology Ko

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  4. sir muje bhi anxiety,dipprestion ki pb h.muje heath pb bht rhti h.15yr se.weakness , ghabrahat , headache,stomach pb hmesa rhti h.kabhi chest pain.muje lgta h m kabhi thik nhi ho paugi.gher me hi rhte ,job Kuch nhi ho rha.saadi bhi toot gye.gher me Koi support nhi yhi kahte h ki Tum faltu me dr ke yha jati ho.sir m kaise thik ho paugi

  5. Good evening sir …Muhje v ya problem h daut and har time dar jaisa laga raheta h or happy v nhi hota hun or aals.or .. Negative shocna.muhje kya karna hoga sir please . Help me.. Please

  6. Sir i am from pakistan
    And i am suffering from depression and anxiety disorder with last 2 years
    Kindly one thing will be cleared
    In anxiety sometimes a man feel like blood smell in your nose or swelling in the nose its anxiety or anything else
    Please clear me..

  7. Mere hanth pair thandha hona aur pasina chalna jhanjhanahat sans lene me dikkat aur hanth pair pairalaij jaisa lagna sir bhari rahna gais ziyada banna negative sonchna dhankan achanak se lagta hai gir jaenge baithe baithe kya pareshani ho sakti hai

  8. Sir. Enxiety brain me koi gadbadi se hota hai ya ye hamara negative soch se hota hai. Please App ka no digiega

  9. [19/11/2018, 10:38 pm] Rukhiya Raise: Hello sir
    [19/11/2018, 10:38 pm] Rukhiya Raise: I just went through your video on YouTube regarding anxiety
    [19/11/2018, 10:38 pm] Rukhiya Raise: I would want to share a word with u regarding it
    [19/11/2018, 10:43 pm] Rukhiya Raise: Aapne jo pehla type bola tha anxiety ka,which includes dizziness,headache,rapid heart rate,tightening of chest,nd fear of death
    [19/11/2018, 10:44 pm] Rukhiya Raise: Mujhe aessa Anxiety ka problem hain
    [19/11/2018, 10:44 pm] Rukhiya Raise: Maine har tarah ki dawai lee hain,aur har jagah ilaaj karwaya hain,lekin nothing worked
    [19/11/2018, 10:45 pm] Rukhiya Raise: Aapka location bombay hain,aur mein mysore mein rehti hun,toh mera vahan aakar 1 mahina rehna namaumkin hain

  10. Sar main b bhut pareshan ho Maine dawae b li mgr koi faida nhi his mje Kya hua hai malom nhi bus ek hi chiz Jo pata nhi chalti usse Jane Tak chain nhi pasta mje or mere bacho ko b dhayan nhi deti magr main amir nhi ho apka ilaj mehga hugs bhut main bhut pareshan hu plzzz help me mje aap apne pas bolao

  11. Sar muze bhi panick problem he
    Hamesha kisi na kisi chiz ka dar laga rehta he ( bhay aur chinta )
    Inki vajha see bahot acidity rahti he.
    Bahot taklif se gujar Raha hu
    Kripaya margdarshan kijiye
    Aapki bahot meher bani hogi

  12. Kalash mantry how v get in touch with you r u at dubai at the end of sep if so love to know problem with heavy alcoholic vodka with out water no eating food not even drink water how to handle at home even anexy problem is there love to get in touch with u need full address and contact number thank u

  13. sir mujhe anxty ar dull feeling ki bhut problem h….mai bhut preshan esi feel hoti h jese ek movie chalrhi h….realty feel hi nh hoti h…dr ghabraht to hr tym bna hi rhta h…ghr s niklne m bhi dar lgta h…esa lgta h k mai pgl ho jaunga…plsss hlp sir

  14. Sir ki fees bhut hai sir aap grib logo k liye kch scheme nikalo garib log to bhut bajbor hai o b iss bimari k shikar hai plzzz sir

  15. Sir muje anixity hai teblet le raha hu s.selpra 10 mg.dily moring 3 saal ho gye teblet band problum stat kya karu sir batye plzzz…aap ka clinic kidar hai

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