Annoying Orange vs Angry Birds

[pigs snorting] -(bird) Whee! [grunts] [pigs chuckle] -(Orange) Hey! Hey, bacon-breath, hey! You got it all wrong. It’s supposed to be green EGGS and ham. [laughs, pigs snarl] What? You want some cheese to go with that swine? [laughs, pigs snarl] Hey, hey little piggies! You mind if we play a game? [pigs chuckle] Sweet! You hear that, guys? -(all) Yay! -All right guys, who’s going first? Hey! You should pick me. -Hey! Join the Little Apple army. Pick me! -No, you–no, you’d be very smart to pick the Grapefruit. -Hey, you should pick me, you know. -Yay! Pick me! -Um… yeah, I don’t really want to go, so you go ahead and pick somebody else. -Oh, pick me, I’m the Grapefruit, come on. I have the biggest muscles. -No, don’t pick them. Pick me! [all saying “pick me” at once] -Yeah, that’s a great idea. Pick him, that’s awesome, I like that. -Hey, guess what. We have the top three favorite Annoying Orange t-shirt designs that you voted on. Aren’t they great? Check your email to see if you won a free t-shirt or even better, the ultimate Annoying Orange prize package, and then tune into my video on October 21st for a juicy surprise! [laughs]

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