Angry Man – A YouTube Parody (original Particle Man – They Might be Giants)

Angry man, angry man
Yells angry things at a web cam What does he like? It’s not important
Angry man Is he an ass, or is he a dick? When he shitposts do we all click? Or does his shit stick him instead? Nobody knows, Angry man Taller man, taller man
Taller man hates angry man They have a fight, Taller wins
Taller man Insecure man, insecure man
Secretly thinks he’s a charlatan Usually mean to smaller man
Insecure man He’s got a dick in a zombie’s hand
Both a dead hand and a lonely hand When they meet it’s a fappy land
Minuscule man, insecure man Viewer man, viewer man
Replaced his brain with raisin bran Lives his life in a zombie clan
Viewer man Is he depressed or is he a mess? Does he feel totally worthless? Why does he watch angry man? Pathetic man, viewer man
Taller man, taller man Taller man hates Angry man
They have a fight, taller wins Taller man

15 thoughts on “Angry Man – A YouTube Parody (original Particle Man – They Might be Giants)

  1. Christ, I must have watched that Tiny Toons VHS hundreds of times when I was a kid. I'd forgotten all about it until now. Meeeeeeemories!

  2. This videos about me isn't it?……. God damn it…….. Oh well, could you review Skies of Arcadia? A lot of people talk a lot of hot shit about it and I want to see what your take is on it!

  3. I think i've watched this 6 times now 😀 Love the little details such as "Youtube Stadium" and the "Angry Man" poster. Lyrics are great (once I read them – I seem to struggle to hear song lyrics clearly!)

  4. But what about Hipster Man?
    Hipster man can shitpost hate on all the popular things, and get a boner for all the crappier more obscure things.
    Hipster man just hates on anything that's popular because his ego is wrapped up in the delusion that he's an enlightened outsider.

  5. Killer editing with this one. 👌 The lipsynch at the start must have been tough!
    Oof. The amount of whinging you get from Insecure Commenter Man makes me glad I didn't specialize in gaming on my channel. 😬 (Or maybe I'm just flying under the radar with an audience half the size of yours)
    Keep up the great work and don't let the bastards grind you down! 👍

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