Angry Indian Restaurant Prank Call (ft. Rakesh and The Police)

(silence) *phone ringing* May I Help You? Hello Can I talk to somebody who can tell me hoppily hippity skilly hoppity screen saver? Sorry? Can I make one order please for pick up? sure will it be high quality or what? what do you Okay. . Do You I Buy The Naan It is not Good Oh Yeah? When Did You Come Last Time? I Buy It yesterday But I-I Try to eat it Not Tasty right? You did not like our quality, Then maybe try some other restaurant I cannot So I I cannot help if your food taste like SHIT What Am I Do it Okay Fine Fine Let me my food to be like Shit sure you put your shit face in the shit food. Right that is that is what you have do it. We are not making your order! And I am not giving you my food you’re supposed to flip the non and then
as you’re doing it saying nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah
nah nah nah nah nah man great like Batman but non man instead
listen you asshole mother fucker don’t talk to me like
that oh yeah… look ok I will take out the snake from my pants
charm it so it does not hurt me and then release it on you right Walmart yes set up a bit your mother fuck do you rate Noor MSN walked you know what walked off I fuck your a family all why younger and or and
or what your product on drop my fuck up pete Hoekstra mother
fuck do you like to try any such sure X Factor from I 32mm our company can from country where from the back rate girlfriend fuck yeah hi I’m fuel water mother fucker in the face right now I am got family you are mothers are collected of my body
I let it out fact come I don’t know throughout welcome to come pick up Falcons I have
do you have a big ball sack like me up hello I white girl you go through it
reached I want yep that’s all walk why do you have to talk like that
to me off you automated you are My Bitch but no after
all dorrance topic you stop it right no stop
it no I’m not stopping stop it you’re hurting my feeling great
no oh yeah okay appearing popular appear stock you are a snow cave
fuck you and fuck to your family great three-time not only to be oh yeah fuck to you you know what does that mean
walked fucking joke about all of sorts likely Winding Way of their top
commenter ok I’m coming to under burger coming
right now on my days in school right now you know what I’m calling I’m calling
the police right not to come outside my body of other I do ride comfort from the for I know what hi there how are you I’m great okay what’s your name brackish make your last name cue all okay what seems to be the issue here
what the I can I put in the market customer
relation and he cooks my family I’ll only one thing is for him to say
sorry that this it nothing difficult you want him to say
sorry cuz he says you through it no family that all my
guard all my a call art that is not true why can’t believe
you over him or him over you ok sam se what i’m saying is is not to
contact him anymore and not to contact the business anymore
all K or direct okay and I just got your last name again yes
it is Chris 21 sea otter your I S I S the all the only VAIO kristall the only for singer bucks pockets when you
get a butcher okay you are going to suddenly birthday
card or something SF no sir it just for our records so we can
document everything all get in case anything happens you or him
or can I describe you did worse great it is 10 October okay who 1972 ok it perfect all right sir ok good given the kiss are logged cambodia why you hang up on
me today doll we don’t have all the value of you
in the butt i fuck you today fuck you button below
it a pop your mother i know i i come and tell you lie to me
your whole family on the whole I’m just I put your commander we wish you were here for like her
second one right the lady slapped a haven oh my goodness you shouldn’t complain
that the time while me so like she I’m reaching you
write like she reaches age 22 she touches our age the crack of
bailment on public behavior

100 thoughts on “Angry Indian Restaurant Prank Call (ft. Rakesh and The Police)

  1. LMAO he freakn’ tells him to meet him somewhere so he can kill him and then when Rakesh says he’s going he calls the cops, what a bitch

  2. The cartoon captures the restaurant owner's anger accurately. Notice his eyes becoming bloodshot and engorged blood vessels on his forehead….

  3. Not funny why are you harassing Indian people? The Ones that are here in this country are very very nice! And the ones that own restaurants and make good Indian food are awesome… Why don’t you save this kind of crap for the scammers !
    You suck.

  4. Seriously most of the indian restaurants don't know how to make customers. Instead of apologising for low quality they are like gO tO AnOThEr ReStAUrant

  5. The animation is so spot on. That innocent smirk in the beginning after he says the gibberish πŸ˜‚ then the guys face like β€œwhat u mean high quality?” Lol

  6. Omg so illegal, threats, mischief, harassment, obstruct police officer… This is awesome! Wonder how many cops have been called on you and watched your vids haha greasy! Keep up The good work.

  7. You arsehole what did you expect a free takeaway you fucking prick.the guy is running a business & your pranking him…grow up you dick!

  8. Indians always talk about fucking the whole family πŸ˜‚ also, I wonder what the customers eating at the restaurant think when they’re having their episode on the phone lol

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