Angry Indian Dad (Kannada Dad) Funny Accent

Karan:Hello Angry Dad : Hello Karan:Yeah who is this? Angry Dad : Ahh May I please speak Ayush Karan? Karan:Yeah who is this? Angry Dad : Bloody Rascal, do you want to
take my daughter for the date. Karan: Ahh what is wrong in that uncle? Angry Dad : What do u mean by what’s wrong
in that ? Karan:Sorry uncle Angry Dad : You are messaging her kochigo
cochigo in the night. Karan:Sorry uncle, I won’t message anymore. Angry Dad : Give me your Father number. Karan: No I don’t talk to him Angry Dad : You are not talking your father Karan : No Angry Dad : That’s why you are talking my
daughter. Karan : No.. I won’t, I won’t talk to her
now. Angry Dad : What you plan for today? What
are you going doing today? Karan : Just Nearby Angry Dad : Where Near by? Couple for ? Are
you going Ansur lake? Where you are going? Karan : I am really sorry uncle, I should
not have done that. Angry Dad : You have troubled my daughter,
what are you doing? Angry Dad : Give me father number Karan : Uncle you talk to me right, I mean
you talk to me I have already said sorry Angry Dad : Do not do arguement, if you are
not giving father number I am giving number to Police Karan : 812 ********** 80 Angry Dad : What is his name? Karan : His name is Sitaram. Angry Dad : Cheetah..? His is Cheetah.. Karan : Sitaram Angry Dad : By mistake I am thought he is
cheetah. What is he doing this Sitaram ? Karan : he is in SBI ( STATE BANK OF INDIA) Angry Dad : He is in FBI? America Karan : SBI SBI SBI SBI (STATE BANK OF INDIA) Angry Dad : ohhh I am thought he is with George
Bush. I am very sorry. Karan : Sorry uncle, I am very sorry for it
, I mean it Angry Dad : Next time if Malvikas came and
told you I am love you Just tell her sorry SISTER karan : Ok I ll say it, I ll say it now only
if she message Angry Dad : Who is Malvika? Karan : My sister Angry Dad : Who is Malvika? Karan : My sister Angry Dad : More I want with enthusiasm. You
are my SISTER Karan : You are my sister. Angry Dad : Once second Karan : You are my sister Angry Dad : i am your sister you rascal Karan : Malvika is my sister Angry Dad : Once again. Who is my sister? Karan : Malvika is my sister

26 thoughts on “Angry Indian Dad (Kannada Dad) Funny Accent

  1. hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. YES and now every guy in the world should make his daughter their sister. So the question is, who is his daughter going to marry when it is time for her to get married? Guys can't be marrying their sister, can they? I mean after all, if all the guys became MGTOW, then again the dad will find problems with the guys because no one is interested in marrying his daughter. It is at that time the dad will question the attitude of guys and accuse them of having too much pride. He will fool himself and accuse guys of having very high standards such as rejecting his daughter because of her education, job, skin color, etc. But the fact is, guys have joined MGTOW and no longer want his daughter or any girl. He can keep his daughter to himself and dream of finding the perfect guy for her. But the fact is, all the guys are either her brother, or they have become MGTOW and have no preference of females – and this means his daughter. And then, the father will be burdened with an unmarried 50 year old daughter who has now become an old lady. The father should have been happy because there is a guy who actually likes his daughter. The father should have considered himself lucky.

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