Angry German Man Shouting about Unknown School (TURN ON SUBTITLES!!)

Mein Fuhrer, I have bad news. According to intel, SLT have caught on to us. At least 3 meme pages have been comprimised, and our identities are at risk We’ll be found out within the week. As long as nobody tags Team Fearless we’ll be fine Fuhrer, Spike… Spike has tagged Team Fearless on a post All three meme pages have been found. SRWAMemes, memesforwoodard, sememsawrs, stay. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. WE’RE JUST MEME PAGES, DAMNIT IS IT A CRIME TO BE FUNNY? NO! This is worse than Poland. Just because we’re not Team Fearless We’re literally their target audience! They should be taking tips from us! What can they even do anyway?! You’re at risk of expulsion or worse! They can’t do that! They can and they would! Then let them then, no fucking balls! This is a bunch of shit! I’m done! Just because my meme page isn’t a steaming pile of fucking garbage! Scanlon.mp4 did this shit, seriously?! I make a joke about a math teacher and I’m punished while half the class is fucking shanking each other and swearing Sorry that I’m not passing my GCSE’s, but don’t nooo don’t joke about fucking Scanlon! Is it so fucking much to ask, that I just do something become the best meme page in the school I mean Jesus Christ I get less stick for the fucking holocaust thing than I do for making a joke about a teacher doing simon says instead of actually disciplining because that’s too much to ask Don’t even get me started on the Computer Science department or should I say the one fucking teacher we can afford?! It’s okay, he’ll be fired soon. I could just delete the page Maybe become like Team Fearless post revision tips maybe that’d be funnier? I could post motivational comments, revision notes, old memes. basically a mouthpiece for the English department. SRWA memes are dead.

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