Angry Drill SGT Responds to guy in  protest wearing a Navy Uniform

you a coward. You could be serving a way better purpose and you know it. i seen Somali Pirates look ate me like hey wanna kill me Now what really gets my goat about this whole video Is that it’s a navy dude. Makes me wannaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! what up Squid? you know what i love? when morons like you wear your uniform out to protests. it just means you want attention so let me give you some of that attention “how bout you serve something greater?!” he is serving something Stupid! he’s gonna spend 20 years trying to get a pension serving a community that he loves and lives in nice beard. you l=gotlined up but couldnt get that trimmed off when you put on your gosh dang duds? you stupid piece of trash you probably got dishonorably discharged from the freaking navy. tell him who he is! You a coward! did you just call this guy a coward?! you pathetic prepubesent puddle of piss. you had Somali pirates look at you?! I had somali Pirates look at me Look at me like they want to fucking kill me! LOOK AT YOU?!? im an Engineer and even i know that is some POG shit that just came out of your mouth. This guy is literally trapped among hundreds if not thousands of people. who hate each other, and you have the balls to call this guy a coward, and the best story you have is how 3 dude in a beat up fishing boat with a couple AK’s (motor boat sound) drove up past your naval ship and you looked at each other? Stupid Seamen what were you gonna do grab a rifle? oh wait i forgot! You had to go to the nearest Marine to protect you, didn’t ya? didn’t ya? you’re the type of guy that would probably claim that as PTSD. I bet the only time your boots touched the dirt is when you stopped off in Jbouti to get some gosh dang green bean. Speaking of Jbouti im about to get all up in yours son. you were in the horn of Africa its not even a combat zone. What kida ship were you on? the USS cant find a pair? The USS Gets scared alot? The Uss change my drawers The USS Scawdy Cat. The USS peed my pants But what realy gets my goat is the fact that you got the balls to go up to somebody two inches from their face, screaming obscenities, calling them a coward and make them feel like nothing because he has to practice restraint something you obviously don’t have, You’re a piece of trash.

33 thoughts on “Angry Drill SGT Responds to guy in protest wearing a Navy Uniform

  1. I hate how your hating on the navy and that's because my momma was a 20 year naval Intel and my pops did 14 as a navy diver…. navy ain't that bad bruhh but I get it

  2. Even though I'm in a Navy JROTC unit, this guy still brought discredit to anything sponsored by the Department of The Navy.

  3. Hmmm if and only if he actually saw any Somalia pirates was from the ships flir/video pod a hour later, shown in the galley after he was done scrubbing the shitters….

  4. Dude you have the best morals that i have ever seen anyone have, and for that iam greatful to know im not the only one who hates people that do this kinda shit, i got one of em in my family too, meaning someone who is a pog pos!!!

  5. Right. One thing to say. Imma request a letter to ask you to become a drill sgt in the Irish Defence Force. I need you😂

  6. I'm tired of navy and airforce members acting tough, acting like they seen some shit. Why dont you have a long convo with a ww2 marine or army vet and tell me how tuff you are again.

  7. It’s against the UCMJ to protest in uniform. Hope he got 45/45 and half months x2 from the captain if he was still in.

  8. “Pubescent puddle of piss!” 😂💀
    But seriously, when he spoke in a calm voice I dropped my phone and started doing push ups

  9. How dare that prick run to a marine for protection when that marine was probably in the middle of a delicious crayon lunch.

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